Wednesday Wisdom

Well it’s been a little while since I shared some wisdom or had close to a heart to heart on the blog.  I probably still won’t be going in that direction today but here are some of the links that I have been bookmarking over the last few weeks – maybe it provides a little insight into how my brain works or helps you figure out something in your own life.  A place to visit, a reason to relax and not worry too much about the future, a recipe to make with this last weekend of summer.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to scroll scroll scroll.

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Sometimes Always Never Blog ~ “Are You Hustlingyou’re your Worth” ~ Very good read.  Remind yourself to truly pursue a passion and don’t hold back.  But also know that you won’t solve the world’s problems in one day.

No Manhattan is an Island ~ This is a charity “celebration” (run) put on by a good friend of mine.  It’s only one morning – 10th and if you are in New York, I highly recommend checking it out.  “In this city where so many live so isolated, I have found people who will inspire others to go just one minute further. Sometimes that’s all we need.” 

Well + Good ~ “How to Stay Calm During Stressful Situations

Self ~ 5 Things Nutritionists Do Every Weekend

Runners World ~ “The Problem Is Not Women Running Alone” ~ Even while walking down the street at lunch, some random guy whispered to my friend “you’re beautiful” and walked away.  Some see that as flattery.  I do not.  Another time that I was running with a group and some homeless man told my friend to watch out for her belly button.  Really?

Womens Running ~ Emma Coburn First Steeple Chase Medal ~ Because she is awesome and we need inspiring women in our lives.

This Runners Recipes ~ “4 Myths of Racing Weight” ~ This is a tricky subject.  From magazines to social media to the chit chat and cliques in the office – you hear about losing weight to look good and dieting to hit that sweet spot for your PR (personal record).  I admit that I’m bad and joke with myself about #runtoeat and #raceweight.  Sure, if I lost a few pounds I might run a little bit faster and fit more of the media’s depiction of “attractive” but I’ve accomplished some neat things.  But you know what?  I’ve run fast with this body and have learned to appreciate my assets.  Every body is different and I now fuel to feel good.  Of course I still have a bit of #runtoeat from time to time.

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Project Inspo ~ “The 9 Most Expensive Cities to Live In” ~ Cool. Between rent and coffee (oh and road races and eating out occasionally) it makes sense why I live paycheck to paycheck.

Explores More ~ “A Guide to Traveling On A Budget” ~ Because we can all use some money saving tips. **Sharing food and splitting food is always one of my favorites! That and walking

Bloglovin’ Travel ~ “Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible in Your 20’s” ~ The exploration of culture is key.  You are so much more open-minded after venturing near and far and certainly more grateful.

Cupcakes & Cashmere ~ “Healthy Updates to Childhood Snacks” ~ If you are feeling nostalgic, read this one and immediately go make some dirt cups!!  Ah the good ‘ol days.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. You know I’m all about the link love. I needed some of these today! And YES about the race weight thing. I sometimes will say I want to clean up my diet a bit and slim down before a race, but at the end of the day, I’m not really competing for anything other than pure enjoyment. And I love ice cream. We’re healthy just the way we are.

  2. Read like two of these already but am clicking on ALL the others. We are on the same brainwave and YES I’ve been telling people despite living paycheck to paycheck (plus student loans so technically in debt, eek) I am trying to travel as much as I can the past few years and wil continue too. And ugh I love food too much to try to slim down-I always think of what if something happened tomorrow and I didn’t have that pizza and dessert for the sake of losing lbs.

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