Life of Late ~ 9.30.16

So initially I wrote this post thinking that it would be October 1st.  Yeah that wasn’t right but at least it’s actually fall and I can officially say it’s time for the games to begin and celebrate ALL THINGS PUMPKIN. Or if you would like to be less basic, simply celebrate the joy that is fall.

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Marathon Training Tips for a Newbie

Part of the fun of this marathon is that it (somewhat) celebrates my 10th year of running.  I started running after school back in 2006 around the track simply as a way to pass the time before my mom could pick me up. It was also a way to keep in shape for soccer.  One thing led to another and soon found myself running every morning at 6am training for cross-country.  Fast forward 10 years, 13+ half marathons, and countless other races later and it’s time to run a marathon.  Having lived in New York for 3+ years and volunteered for the New York City Marathon twice, I thought it would be the PERFECT race to run.  Not only that but it happened to serendipitously fall on November 6th – my half birthday and halfway to 26.

Once I decided that I wanted to run New York, I knew that I wanted to earn my spot by running NYRR’s 9+1.  Sure running 9 (or more) races starts to add up but it was a wonderful experience and I thrived on the racing culture.  I have learned that last year was a crucial year of training because it got me motivated for the full, helped me earn the guaranteed entry into the full, and (sometimes) kept me from getting injured prior to actual marathon training.


So we may not be running right now but finding November Project and fellow runners such as these gals have truly transformed my outlook on running. 

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When Mom and Grandma Come to Town

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend from Mother Nature to show my mom and grandma about town.  While my mom has actually been out to New York three or four times since I moved here, it was Grandma Nancy’s first trip since the late 80’s (or that’s about what we figured).  I wanted her to see the place that I have called home, the routes that I run, and simply see how the city has changed over the years.

We started out on Thursday night with a late dinner at the Flatiron Eataly.  She had encountered some trouble in Denver with the weather but still made it to Manhattan ready to take on the town.  I had taken Friday off so after a quick (terribly lethargic) run along the East River, it was time to meet them for breakfast and and begin our own walking tour.

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LDW 2016 in Review

When I wasn’t spending the time unpacking box after box of clothes and kitchen items that would no long fit in our new apartment, I was out and about on the streets of New York.  Friday evening was spent with a few friends in Midtown at a happy hour, where I stayed for one drink and then dragged myself home to hydrate and rest my legs before Saturday’s long run.

Within the last week I have started to watch the Lifetime series UnREAL and I’m such a fan.  I don’t exactly follow the Bachelor/Bachelorette series to a tee but I do listen in every week as our apartment watches. (Generally I’m walking back and forth and packing up for work the next day)  If UnREAL sheds any light on what could be happening behind the scenes, man oh man I really would never sign up.

To be honest, this was the first week that I was truly dreading my long run.  My body had been aching from the red eye flight, sitting so much at work, and moving various boxes on Thursday night.  I still got my butt up and out the door by 7, wrapping around the bottom of Manhattan and ending in Central Park.  I then proceeded to treat myself to avocado toast at Bluestone Lane Coffee (highly highly recommend this plan of action) and then biked home to take an ice bath.


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Life of Late ~ 9.2.16

Now that we have all gotten over the shock that 1) summer is ending 2) it’s already September and 3) it’s Labor Day Weekend, we can move on with our Friday.

But wait, there’s more.  I’ve been living in this city for 3 YEARS! To me that’s insane.  I have even lived in the same apartment for three solid years – something unheard of in the city.  So while I’m not leaving Manhattan just yet, we are leaving our original apartment and moving a whopping two blocks away.

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