Life of Late ~ 9.2.16

Now that we have all gotten over the shock that 1) summer is ending 2) it’s already September and 3) it’s Labor Day Weekend, we can move on with our Friday.

But wait, there’s more.  I’ve been living in this city for 3 YEARS! To me that’s insane.  I have even lived in the same apartment for three solid years – something unheard of in the city.  So while I’m not leaving Manhattan just yet, we are leaving our original apartment and moving a whopping two blocks away.

I’d like to say this is the quintessential New York apartment.  No A/C, tiny rooms, even smaller kitchen, and it has a fire escape.  My friend Lindsay was dying for a brick building and porch stoop but since we weren’t able to afford the West Village (even with our life savings) and Brooklyn was out of the question (sadly), we had to let that dream go.  But I mean, fire escape, good living and good to know that we have easy access to the street.

I wish I could say that I’m jetting off to some cool place for the weekend but alas I have to stick around for the movers to schlep our boxes into the new unit.  It will be nice to get things in order before the week but I hope that I can at least escape to the beach or a mountain hike.  Until then, life has been pretty good.  Lots of running, a wedding celebration, and more running.




Taking a red-eye back from California was tough because my sleep has been messed up all week. Buuuuut views like these where I get to start the day on the right foot and see the sunrise make everything worth it.

I try not to run too many days in a row for fear of injury or fatigue.  Marathon training is going pretty well but I am regretting this 4-day-in-a-row week.  It’s day 3 of 4 and the legs are not too pleased.  Ah what we do to achieve our goals (and pressure ourselves into the pain of running)

^^ But runs like these are why I keep going.  Running with some awesome people, goofing around, showing off Janji, and eating back all the calories that were just burned.  Distance running is fascinating because while one would think running = skinny and svelt, that’s not so true.  The issue comes in when you eat more than what you burned off.  My goal is just to stay even for the time being.

^^ So to stay balanced, these are what my typical lunch and often dinner meals look like.  It’s really just the weekends where I go on a runventure to eat after my run.  Trust me, about 75% of the food snapchats that I send, I do not eat. But that 25% is oh so enjoyable 🙂 We all got to live a little, right?

Speaking of living a little, I’ve been uber social the last few weeks – first going out to three bars in one night and dancing like a maniac and second going to my college friend’s wedding and again dancing like a maniac.  Do you see a trend here? I love to dance.  I even think that I could be an excellent wedding-date-for-hire to simply get the party started.  I love talking to people and have no qualms about getting out there too dance. #noshame

^^ So the picture on the left is of me and my college friends (bride in the middle) at the rehearsal dinner (excellent candy and dessert spread on the bottom).  The now married couple is actually more into candy than they are regular desserts hence the decorated “E” set.  I had run 15 miles that morning and apparently hadn’t refueled properly and despite the delicious taco spread, I had shoveled 3 of the caramel shortbread peaks into my stomach by the end of the night.  #balance

So back to the top pictures.  I thought I did a solid job getting dressed up and I even wore makeup AND wedges.  But then the next day, we all got ready at the house and had our hair and makeup done and well, it was no comparison.  We looked AMAZING.  Again, #noshame in saying that.  Everyone asked me how the wedding was and I swear, it was phenomenal.  All the props to Liz and Eddie’s family for what they put on – from start to finish, I was so grateful to be a part of it and hope I can see them soon!  Sucks that we are a couple thousand miles away but that’s the beauty of our friendships, we may come and go, but when we are all together, it’s like we never left.


Any weekend plans for Labor Day?  Enjoy this last bit of summer!!

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there” – Old Saying


1 thought on “Life of Late ~ 9.2.16

  1. You looked SO pretty! I’m obsessed with that dress you are wearing. I might need to steal it some day hahaha what fun is running long mileage if you can’t eat the good stuff?;)

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