When Mom and Grandma Come to Town

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend from Mother Nature to show my mom and grandma about town.  While my mom has actually been out to New York three or four times since I moved here, it was Grandma Nancy’s first trip since the late 80’s (or that’s about what we figured).  I wanted her to see the place that I have called home, the routes that I run, and simply see how the city has changed over the years.

We started out on Thursday night with a late dinner at the Flatiron Eataly.  She had encountered some trouble in Denver with the weather but still made it to Manhattan ready to take on the town.  I had taken Friday off so after a quick (terribly lethargic) run along the East River, it was time to meet them for breakfast and and begin our own walking tour.

For someone who has started to major in avocado toast, I want to nominate Maison Kayser into the running for their breakfast spread.  The spread known in French as “avocat & deux oeufs au choix” comes with {avocado, feta, sauce verte, quinoa bread w/ 2 organic eggs sunny side up}.  Now my main complaint from Le Pain (ironically located next door on Broadway) is that they don’t offer fried or sunny side eggs.   Sure you could get a hard boiled egg but it’s not the same.  Anyways, this point of this post isn’t about avocado toast.

Once we finished breakfast, we took the subway down to the 9/11 memorial, walked around the outside of the monuments, took a coffee break (I don’t nap…I just drink more coffee) and then finished up by the Statue of Liberty.  Nance had been to the statue twice before and while we didn’t visit the statue, it was a fun sight to see again.   Being the history nerds that we are, we also wandered through two graveyards (one of which is where Alexander Hamilton is supposedly buried) and St. Paul’s Chapel, the oldest surviving church in Manhattan and a location that actually offered a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the WTC site.

Friday afternoon was filled with a fascinating Tenement tour, some R&R, and then dinner at the nearby MidWinter Kitchen.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this farm to table restaurant and really should write a review just for my own personal enjoyment.  I failed to take adequate photos since the lighting wasn’t great but the prices and portions are amazing and it very well may be my pre-marathon meal.

On Saturday I set out for 13 miles around Manhattan and finished on the east side of Central Park where I met Nance and Mom for some breakfast.  Nance and I visited the chaos that is Pick-a-Bagel and she got a complete kick out of the Saturday morning breakfast madness – she even was cracking up over the massive amount of cream cheese that they scoop on every bagel.

She ended up scraping most of it off but I didn’t mind since it went perfectly with my cinnamon chocolate chip scone (oh yeah and bialy w/ bacon + egg + cheese and almond milk iced latte).  Probably 2x the calories of what was just burned running over bridges and through Central Park but tasted so good.  We then met my mom at Joe Coffee since she is obsessed with the joint – I don’t blame her since it’s the best in the city and I’m glad that I could provide such an experience 🙂


Later in the day after running errands and visiting the Strand Bookstore, we split up for some relaxation and then got ready for our third and final night on the town.  Around 4, we traveled up to the Plaza, saw the portrait of Eloise located next to the main tea room, and sat downstairs for dinner at the Todd English Food Hall.  Now maybe it’s the time of year and maybe I was in a bit of a mood from my run (does anyone else find that long runs play with your mood?) but I was just about over all the tourists barreling through the place.  But I digress.

If you haven’t been downstairs to the food hall, you really must check it out.  They have a wide variety of options and one of the most gourmet froyo corner that I have ever seen.  It truly is giving 16 Handles a run for its money and I may solely go back for the purpose of frozen yogurt.

Our actual dinner reservation wasn’t until 5:45 but since we were there, we decided to sit down and start in…at 4:50.  I guess you could call that the early-early bird special.  Again, the meal went mostly un-pictured (besides the brussels sprouts above) but was delicious.  Once finished we took the subway down to Times Square and promptly walked back up to where our musical was located.  Yes, instead of walking 6 blocks down, we took the subway and then walked 11 blocks through Times Square madness. All in the name of showing Nancy the sites and sights 🙂

We went to see Fiddler on the Roof and OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO GOOD!  I totally didn’t realize that my mom used to sing some of the songs to us as kids and adored all of the singing and dancing that went on.  The father character – Tevye – was phenomenal and it was the perfect end to our night.

The entire trip was absolute blast and left me with so many fond memories.  I know that I’ll see my mom and immediate family in just 6 short weeks for the marathon and Nancy in December for Christmas, but it doesn’t mean the goodbyes get any easier.  So for now, I’ll look back at all the fun that was had and ahead to the adventures that await.

4 thoughts on “When Mom and Grandma Come to Town

  1. Kaitlin…..You are a lucky young woman….I’ve been extolling your Jesuit training,when really it is your wonderful family..mike dooling

  2. I especially enjoyed this posting about your mom and Nanc’s visit.
    Of course I always enjoyed reading about your running, and the food adventures too.

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