NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 9-12

Here we are with less than a month until marathon day.  Mega congrats to all of the runners who raced their hearts out yesterday.  There was the Chicago, Portland, and Long Island Marathon and not to mention all of the half marathoners – Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Newport, R.I.

Yesterday wrapped up the 3rd round of training with weeks 9-12.  To recap, we’ve got weeks 1-4 here and 5-8 here.


Week 9 >> 9/12-9/18

Monday 9/12: PT Exercises + PT + Barre >> I posted my training recap on today’s blog and got some good feedback regarding rest.  As in I need it and often do too much on my rest days.  This is true but an absolute struggle to wrap my head around, especially in a city like New York – we walk everywhere.  But, for the sake of my body and the weeks ahead I need to make this happen.

Tuesday 9/13:  8 mi “Fartlek” total >> Biked about 20ish minutes to Equinox and then jogged a 2 mi warmup to intervals/speedwork. We did 6×800’s and while there was some shin/undershin pain, it wasn’t too terrible.  Actually I did feel as though my legs were dragging on the way up and my stomach was angry on the way down.  Yay for Tuesdays!

+ Afternoon outside Equinox sweat fest.  My friend Jackie received an email about the special session and who could turn down a dance/boot camp class near the fancy Brookfield Place?

Wednesday 9/14: 7.5 mi jaunt incl. NP_NYC stairs >> For fear of 1) getting burnt out on Central Park and 2) not wanting to shower at home, I biked/subway’d up to Equinox, dropped my bag off and set off for Gracie Mansion.  My pace was all over the place but what I’m hearing time and time again is that for marathon #1, it’s all about enjoying the process and just getting the miles in.  I’m glad that I made it to NP even if I was late, I still go tmy social hour in.

Thursday 9/15: Yoga + 30 minute core class because mine sucks.  If this class weren’t 8:15-8:45 I would totally be down to do it more often

Friday 9/16: 5.5 mile jaunt to the Highline on the west side only to remember/find out that it doesn’t open until 7. Cool.  I also am encountering some issues running and unhappy tummy so that needs to get figured out (meaning I need to pay more attention to what I eat and when I eat it the day before)

Saturday 9/17: OFF. For once I tried to truly take a day off.  Besides my PT exercises and some walking around Union Square, I was resting.

Sunday 9/18: NYCM 18-mile Tune-Up >> longest training run and longest run EVER.  The training plan said 16 but I decided to swap the 18 in a couple weeks for today.  Pacing (8:55) and fuel (Honey Stinger gu + water + Gatorade) on point and no need for bathroom stops.  I started out with a few NP people and I swear, running with folks that you know is SO much better than running alone. I also practiced zen-running, which I consider to be sort of methodical running or zoning out of the pain and just focusing on your surroundings in a more thoughtful way.  Sounds a bit hippy but it worked.


Week 10 >> 9/19-9/25

Monday 9/19: Oh my soreness.  Attempted biking to yoga but then it started to downpour.  Ended up doing PT exercises and an ab class instead.

Tuesday 9/20: Need for speed, except I’m still sore.  7 miles total with 3 miles of intervals thrown in with the bEAST river track club.


Wednesday 9/21: Everything hurts.  5 miles total at ~9:45 pace.  Waking up at 5a probably didn’t help my cause but I knew that working out would help me wake up, get in a good mood and I wanted to shower at Equinox anyways.  Cue bike to Columbus Circle, run up and around the reservoir and over to NP.  I honestly debated going to NP or whether I should just do my exercises at the gym.  I made it to Gracie Mansion because well, sometimes you just need some familiar and friendly faces and some social time.

So sometimes I forget how to have fun.  I’ve always been more of a goody-two-shoes that goes by the rules, does all the homework right away and goes to bed early.  Now that last one is actually clutch now because I can catch sunrises such as this.  But going to NP gets me to loosen up a bit. Sure maybe the bounce lasts a little too long at times but it’s going to these workouts that often reminds me that I can be goofy every now and then.


Thursday 9/22: YOGA.  This is supposed to be a cross-training day but seeing as my “off-days” are essentially cross-training days

Friday 9/23: Lethargic 4 miles and then walking with my mom and grandma 🙂

Saturday 9/24: 13 long and slow miles over the Queensboro Bridge + parts of Central Park.  Still forgetting Glide, which means mega-chaffing.  For some reason I was in a super cranky mood following this long run.  Does anyone else have a mood-shift post run?

Sunday 9/25: PT exercises + walking with Mom + vinyasa yoga.   It’s struggle city when it comes to rest days.  It seems as though my body AND mind were not thrilled with resting and my anxiety was through the roof.  Thinking about life here, family, running, and all that fun jazz.  A little bit of flow yoga and chatting with my mom helped.  Time to just CHILL OUT.

Week 11 >> 9/26-10/3

Monday 9/26: Vinyasa yoga (+bike to Equinox).  I had planned to do barre at lunch but of course a work meeting was scheduled for 12-12:30. Cool.

Tuesday 9/27: Track Tuesday with a lovely 5am wakeup call named quarter-life crisis/anxiety. 9 miles ultimately at 8:21 pace (pace brought significantly down by track…my warm up and cool down leisurely stroll)

Wednesday 9/28: Runchat with some girlfriends. one loop around the park at 8:51 pace

Thursday 9/29: Swim swim swim (only 30 minutes since I get antsy)

Friday 9/30: Slow easy miles uptown to the NP_NYC workout

Saturday 10/1: LONG RUN!  19 steady miles around Manhattan with my friend Alex – 10 of those with our other buddy Amanda.  My overall pace tracker has been steadily increasing but I would rather finish this race with minimal to no injuries and enjoy myself so all pace thoughts need to be cast aside.

Sunday 10/2: Nothing but walking.  I had planned to go to yoga but too much red wine on Saturday night prevented me from this.  I’m realizing more and more that drinking isn’t always my scene. Never once did I wake up the next day saying “wow that felt amazing”.  Also my body has taken at least 2 days to recover and my mind is still in the hangover blues.

Week 12 >> 10/3-10/9

Monday 10/3: Surprisingly my training plan had me down for 4 miles easy.  Well I took this to NP_NYC bridge day and ended up running home with a friend instead of biking.  Now my legs are not happy.

Tuesday 10/4: BRTC – 6 miles total with 3×1600 intervals (7:35 – 7:30 – 7:28)

Wednesday 10/5: Off/PT/barefoot barre-like class.  Surprisingly my butt is sore from this.  I’m not doing a good job foam-rolling…

Thursday 10/6: Pseudo long run around the park.  I wasn’t feeling it but after biking to the gym, I set out for 9 miles.   Few accidental tempo miles and couple of pitstops later and I was good with 8.7. Pace ~ 8:40.  Also decided YES on music for Sunday’s half.  I need it for the speed.

1 MONTH UNTIL RACE DAY!  One of my NP friends writes these countdown tips for all the NYC marathoners.  He includes tips about the course, fueling, and not being so hard on your body.  It’s quite surreal to read them on the side of a soon-to-be marathoner.

Friday 10/7: Day off and I was uber antsy.  I slept a full 8 hours and still woke up at 6…

Saturday 10/8: Day off again + drive to Connecticut.

Sunday 10/9: Woke up to portions of Hurricane Matthew hitting the coastline.  I figured despite the weather, I need to get the miles in and race day may not/probably won’t be sunny and 75.  Despite going out a tad fast, I really felt good and held consistent splits (average 7:57) throughout the race.  No music and 1 gu and plenty of gorgeous mansions, finishing with a 1:45 time.

Onto the final four weeks of training! Goals include – foam rolling, sleep, better eats, and not going out too fast!

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