Moving and Grooving in the Office

It’s safe to say that I love to exercise but haven’t managed that whole exercise/move throughout the day concept.  Like many other millions of people in the world, I have a desk job.  Sitting and staring at the computer for hours on end is what I get paid to do, as well as talk with clients and coworkers of course.

We’ve all been bombarded with articles about how “sitting is the new cancer” and as if we don’t have enough in the world to worry about, we have to be concerned with our desk jobs.  But in all seriousness, I have noticed a difference in the way that I move now versus when I was attended school and would get up and move about between classes.

So what about those magazine and online articles that recommend squatting it out or throwing down some push-ups at work?  That may be a tad bit uncomfortable in my dress and flats or even when the CEO and sales managers are walking down the path behind my nook.  For those who work in a smaller company, have their own office, or even work in the fitness industry – you are lucky lucky folks.  For me, I have to stick to some other methods of keeping active, especially since marathon training has me moving like a sloth and slightly sore on a daily basis.

  • Keeping my snacks in the kitchen >> I try not to keep too many snacks at work because I tend to eat out of boredom rather than necessity. But when I do bring food, putting it in the kitchen requires me to get up and walk around rather than reach into my desk drawer.
  • Get a stand up desk or stability ball >> Again, working in a corporate environment may not be conducive for this (they can’t really accommodate the thousands of people who would request a desk) but try standing up every so often.
  • Make a goal to re-hydrate >> Keep a smaller water bottle at your desk and remember (key word “remember”) to get up. Set a reminder in your calendar if need be!
  • Be social >> I have friends on other floors and I try to make it a goal to socialize or even better – network with folks that I don’t know so well.
  • Midday workout >> I happen to belong to the gym downstairs and so I try to coerce my coworker friends into a midday workout (if the load is light) or even just a walk outside! We work near Central Park so not only are we not taking advantage of that view but who can say no to some extra Vitamin D?
  • Dress Comfortably >> Since I can’t wear yoga pants to work (sad day) I may as well select something that I know enables me to move and groove.
  • 10 Minute Recharge Breaks >> Do all of the above (water/tea, walk to be social, RECHARGE…maybe you will have a moment of AHA!)

Who knows, maybe the next company you work for will be more millennial/GenZ accommodating and have a time for plank-offs, walking meetings, or standup desks!

What are your tips and tricks for staying active during the day?


5 thoughts on “Moving and Grooving in the Office

  1. The last few years as a teacher I was constantly on my feet. This year as a special ed director, I definitely sit a lot more. I try to go visit classrooms a few times throughout the day and I always send things to the farthest printer (even though I have one in my office) which forces me to walk down the hall 🙂
    I would love a stand up desk though!

  2. Seriously if your company doesn’t have some interest in a program that keeps both your body and mind fit during the workday. You should push for one. Cheers DAD

  3. I have to tell you, even though I work at millennial company, I’m still guilty of sitting all day and forgetting to utilize my stand up desk. One trick we should try is setting an alarm to take a break. 🙂

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