Life of Late ~ 10.21.16

Here we are MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH OCTOBER.  Just leaving that there to think about.  We soon-to-be-NYC-marathoners have hit the highest week of mileage and I have run my longest run to date.  There are plenty of things that I feel as though I should have done better – namely eating, core work, not drinking, and less ice cream, but it’s all been a great training process and I’m ready.  The best part of this experience has been training on the streets of New York and running with all of my New York friends.


There was a point last year where I thought I was moving home to California and I would be training for the NYCM on my own.  Sure, I’d have some friends through my sister (though they are all too fast for my own good) and I would inevitably find a running group, but it wouldn’t be the same.  The streets, the course, the opportunities to meet Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan (YES! that’s coming up next week!!), and the sheer atmosphere of the city itself.  It’s intoxicating.  I fall in and out of love with this city every day.  I bike to work in the early hours of the day before the sun is up.  I may pass trash piles and folks sleeping on the sidewalks, but I also bike past the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, and I run in THE Central Park.  It’s the moments where the sun rises over the reservoir and I’m just so happy that I decided to stay.


^^ Our weekly track sessions photo shoots.  If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.


This here was once of the most scrumptious pasta dishes that I have had to date in the city.  I was down near Wall Street at Da Claudio for a client lunch and the moment I saw squash, I had to commit.  I’m always torn on how to eat healthy when the bill is being picked up by the boss (Thanks Ted Turner) and thankfully this wasn’t too far on the “oh my gosh what did I just do” scale.


Digging those November Project sunrises.  I haven’t been nearly as dedicated during the last 14 or so weeks simply because it doesn’t fit in my training plan.  I’ve been a bit nervous about the stop and go running and would rather be on the overly cautious side of running than not for my first marathon.   My dad keeps saying “this may be your only marathon” which is a funny thing to say.  I know it puts a lot of strain on the body but man do I thrive in the routine.  I love training and I hope the next time I do it, I can take some tips and tricks from this training and put those into play.

For now, it’s off to eat my free bagel, get pumped for my first hockey game tonight (Go Islanders!), and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?  Any tips for a first time marathoner?


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