The Final NYC Marathon Countdown

Every time that I go to blog, my mind goes blank.  I create excuses about not wanting to spend more time on the computer or actually having to do work. All valid I guess.  Well, I also realized that I definitely want to have something to look back on for this 2016 journey.  So without further ado, here are some thoughts, fragments, and bits of information for this Sunday’s big day!


I sure have seen my fair share of sunrises along the reservoir as I trained for this race.  Some people have asked how long it took me to train for this race .  Well, let me just say that it’s a whole heck of a lot more than the 16 week training plan.  For my journey, it took a year of running (and paying for) 9 New York Road Runner Races, getting into the base shape where I felt comfortable training.  I don’t really want to look at how much I have spent to get to this point…#yolo

Luckily I’ve been surrounded by friends (from east coast to west coast) who are either training alongside me for NYC or are just willing to put up with me on my long runs (thaaaaanks Meghan and Sarah 🙂 )

Not to mention the AMAZING opportunity to visit New York Custom Physical Therapy for the ENTIRE training process.  I’ve learned how sucky my hips are, how weak my core is, and how to adjust all those little aches and pains I get during my long runs.  I’ve taken away a different mindset towards running and am working on having more fun.


Sunday is pretty much like the Super Bowl of New York.  (Granted we did host the Super Bowl a few years ago but it was technically in New Jersey…)  Pretty much everyone is either watching on TV or in the streets with coffees and warm beverages cheering for hours.  For some it’s the start of happy hour and for many others, they are just happy to be finished with one long training season.

From around the web:

Final thoughts:

  • I feel as though I’m eating as if I’m running higher mileage (ok maybe my diet didn’t change that much but the nut butter intact has been through the roof these months) – marathon training does NOT equal weight loss just FYI
  • Race day jitters are real and so are the phantom stomach aches and leg pains
  • Excited for my family to come into town!
  • It would be neat to get a negative split and win a Strava challenge.  Will need to strategize this.
  • Pumped for the expo, despite the chaos that will be there.  Also ready to purchase ALL THE SWAG.  I mean, it’s my first marathon so I have to, right?
  • Let’s do this New York.

(*they play this at the start and I’m pretty sure I’m going to start bawling)

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