NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 13-16

This is it.  The last round of training posts for the New York City Marathon.  I plan to do a mini post on the marathon itself, but let’s dive into 13-16.

Week 13 >> 10/10-10/16

Monday 10/10: Bike to PT

Tuesday 10/11: 6.5 #BRTC – Track workout with 4×1600 (8:15 + 7:43 + 7:29 + 7:28)

Wednesday 10/12: 5 mi run to and around NP + biking to gym/from NP

Thursday 10/13: 6.8 miles around the park with my friend Lauren. Solid runchat.

Friday 10/14: Bike to barre and plenty of carbs (actually just this amazing croissant from Maison Kayser…almond chocolate croissant for the win)

Saturday 10/15: 21 miles in the books. Longest run EVER.

This run was a humbling experience, realizing what your body can achieve and how it can hurt to get there.  My friends and I joined the Alzheimers Association group with 20 or so miles from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens.  I ran without music because I wanted to simulate the actual race (in a few ways, including my race outfit).

I tried to keep our pace relatively consistent and with the exception of the Queensboro bridge, we did an excellent job.  Now I just need to be able to run those last 5.2 miles.  Hopefully the adrenaline and nonstop movement (aka no 1st avenue stop-and-go) will carry me through.  Oh and everyone running in the same direction – only two women yelled at me for not paying attention.  Cool.

Sunday 10/16: Walking around the apple farm


Week 1 >> 10/17-10/23

Monday 10/17: Bike >> Swim >> PT. Attempted to go to yoga but work got in the way.

Tuesday 10/18: 4 #BRTC – Track workout with 5×1000 + POW arm workout

Wednesday 10/19: Bike to Equinox >> 6 mi run to and around NP + subway/yogging back to Equinox + lunchtime Barre Burn

Thursday 10/20: Power Yoga + dancing at the client happy hour (didn’t exactly feel/need the Moscow Mules but when it’s free…)

Friday 10/21: Bike to Equinox + 6 mi loop of Central Park with friends.  I was surprised that my body was feeling alright (see Thursday’s shenanigans + only 5 hours of sleep) and we ended with a sub 8:40 pace!

Saturday 10/22:  Walking around. Day “off”.  Nice 30 minute roll sesh at the gym.

Sunday 10/23: 13 mi around 9 min pace with my friend Maura.  We headed up the West Side along the Hudson and it was GORGEOUS! The time flew by as we chatted and despite the wind and terrible arm chafing, it was a wonderful morning.

Then later in the afternoon ran 2 more miles because I forgot cash and had to run home from lunch, take out cash, and run back to get the bagels.

THEN later on I did a “restorative flow yoga”, which was pretty much a stretch class.  Amazing.


Week 15 >> 10/24-10/30

Monday 10/24: Considered an AM “Whipped” full body class or swimming or yoga.  Nope, needed that extra hour of sleep. + Barre at lunch. Feel the burn.

Tuesday 10/25: BRTC Yasso Workout.  Supposedly the average of your 10×800’s pace is the time that you will run the full marathon.  My friend Jess was about 10 or so minutes off and that’s pretty clutch.  I don’t think I’ll be this fast but it was fun! >> 1 mi warm up + Yasso (3:39 + 3:30 + 3:28 + 3:30 + 3:29 + 3:28 + 2:26 + 3:27 + 3:25 + 3:16)

Wednesday 10/26: I woke up to real feel 38F and was not impressed.  Stupidly forgot my gloves, biked to the gym, ran with my backpack to the 102nd street bridge, finished my 5.5 mi and biked down to the gym once more.  That ride back to the gym was PAINFUL.

Thursday 10/27: “EH” pilates.  Should have gone to yoga. Oh well.

Friday 10/28: Biked 3 to the gym + 5 mi jaunt (stop and go taking pictures of the sunrise to remind myself how freaking cool Central Park is) and eating my weight in cake pops hoarded from the Halloween party.

Saturday 10/29: 8 mi run (

Sunday 10/30: Walking around Maine.  The carboloading has begun and I don’t think it’s the “right carbs”.  Let’s just say I’m in a sugar coma…


Week 16 >> 10/31-11/6 … THE LAST WEEK OF TRAINING!!!

Monday 10/31:  Woke up around 4 to flight back to NYC from Maine thus skipping any morning workout >> Evening vinyasa flow instead.

Tuesday 11/1: BRTC ladder (2×400 – 800 – 1600 – 800 – 2×400). Untimed oops.  Definitely think the fastest part of the workout was on the way home in order to shower and make it to the pop-up Lululemon Sweatbox in time to get a free pair of capris.  ‘Twas a success.

Wednesday 11/2:  Bike to/from NP with a 3.3ish jaunt at PR day.

Thursday 11/3: Bike to gym + power yoga.

Friday 11/4: Bike to gym.  I was planning to run to NP (Bethesda Fountain) and then back to Columbus Circle for a shakeout with Shalane Flanagan.  Then I saw ALL of my friends there AND Kara Goucher.  Minimal workout, maximum love.


Saturday 11/5: Short shake out with Kelly Robert’s crew and #werunsocial.  Then about 8 miles of walking with the family…oops.

Sunday 11/6: RACE DAY RACE DAY.  26.2 in 3:54:04.

“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.” – Kara Goucher

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