Life of Late ~ 11.18.16

Last week was my 3 year work anniversary!! Can you believe it?  Or rather can I believe it since I’m not entirely sure who reads this or how many of you have been around since the beginning 😉  I am holding myself accountable for a few missing posts here – year #3 recap, a look at Halloweekend in Maine, and maybe a few others.  All in due time (hopefully) and today I ramble.  So enjoy!


It’s been about two weeks since I ran the New York Marathon and thankfully I’m almost back to normal.  While I never really altered my diet, I know the pressure of racing for four hours took down my immunity and so hello sinus pressure and body aches.  To be honest, I haven’t been that sore following a race in my entire life.  So after the box of DayQuil didn’t do the trick, I’m turning to some recovery foods and top natural remedies like lemon water, pineapple, and ginger.  Worth a shot, right?


What about mentally?  I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I just feel off.  Sure I am thrilled with how the race went.  I know there were some things I could have done differently – training and race wise – but hey, it was an amazing day.  I have a few fun runs and races coming up, so it’s not like I’m finished running but I’m feeling some of the “post-marathon blues”.  Christina (The Athletarian) – who I met at the pre-marathon shake-out – and Bethany (@babfitrunlife) explained their feelings perfectly here.

Need need need some control over my sugar habit, especially as we enter into the holiday season.  But really. Here’s to Well and Good and their potential guide to cutting out sugar (I’m talking the not so good kind).  At least I can try to be more aware, not so impulsive, and help my wallet by not frequenting the cookie shop.

Maybe this goes back to the mentally feeling off post above.  I love my November Project workouts, but something is different and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I’m not sure where my workouts should be taking me, how hard I should (or want) to be pushing myself, and what I want to take away after each sweat session.  Thankfully we have a skilled writer in the home tribe of Boston and his words so eloquently hit home. {“November Project Just Isn’t the Same Anymore“}


Remember those tests or quizzes that would tell you what type of job you should have?  What about what type of original thinker?  Kimberly-Clark came up with this fun little quiz to see how people challenge themselves and figure out which job might be best.  Hey, it’s never too late for a career change!

I signed up via one of my favorite bloggers (Whitney @ Sometimes Always Never) to be a letter writer.  Letters for what you might ask?  Whitney has started this fabulous program “To Love Ourselves” where women can write letters to empower women, encourage, support, uplift, and celebrate each other.

Fall is here and much warmer than in years past! This suits me just fine since I’m NOT ready for the chilly weather.  Yes, I’ve made it for three winters and the bitter cold gets me every time.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for Christmas in NYC because I am.  Seeing the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center is truly amazing and seeing it at 6:30a when I’m off to the gym is even better because there are no tourists in site and I have Mr. Fir all to myself.

And if any of this randomness didn’t brighten your day, watch all of the instagram videos in the search feature, take a lovely walk outside, and scroll through Buzzfeed’s latest adorable list.

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