Giving Thanks ~ 2016

In a perfect world, I would remind myself of things – people, places, events, etc – that I am grateful for on a daily basis.  Whether it’s when I wake up, before bed, on a walk around the city, it’s possible.  Maybe it’s written in my phone or on a piece of paper or even repeated like a mantra as I run, it’s possible.

For now, we prep for the day of thanks, feasting, and a day with friends and family.  I won’t be traveling to California this year but rather spending it in New York and New Jersey with some good friends 🙂

Without further ado, some of what I am grateful for:

  • A supportive family that believed I could make it across the country and will respond to my random questions and thoughts (sorry for blowing up the data plan…)
  • My work environment that has provided me with some excellent work friends/family
  • Access to a wide variety of food to feed and fuel our bodies
  • Technology that connects so many of us together though we are miles apart
  • A healthy body that can carry me for 26.2+ miles
  • Friends that understand me and my quirks, challenge me to be better and also to relax 😉
  • Workout groups like November Project that have turned into my east coast (and global) family
  • My family again because they are that cool.


{Well, the turkey visor will be making its east coast debut tomorrow but sadly I’ll be dressed in about 5 more layers than I was four years ago…ah California}

“I’m thankful for every moment” – Al Green

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