Life of Late ~ 12.2.16

Too soon to say Mele Kalikimaka?  Nope.  Since Thanksgiving is already in the rearview mirror and we are 1.5 days into December, I say it’s time to get this festive party started.   New York has actually been in full decorating swing for the past two weeks and I’m sharing this sweet gem that Lindsay took with her friend at Wednesday night’s tree lighting.

There are tons of decorations up and down Manhattan, Brooklyn, and probably every other borough.  I went skating in Central Park last weekend and am lucky to have seen all the shiny stars along 5th Avenue.  To be honest, I prefer and HIGHLY recommend touring these spots early in the morning (like 6 or 7am) when no tourists are around.  My personal favorite is to go to 30Rock before my workout class and walk past the Today Show, Christmas tree, and skating rink.

LinkedIn ~ “Career Advice I Wish I Had at 25

CNN ~ When you are never too old for a job.  This guy’s desire to keep moving and avoid boredom is inspiring~ “Don’t just sit there and be bored, try to do something about it”

PureWow ~ “The Ultimate NYC Christmas Checklist

Time Out ~ Walking in a Gingerbread Wonderland

PureWow ~ “The Best Holiday Markets in NYC

^^ The November Project documentary “Showing Up” that follows 8 individuals finding a community, identity, and why it matters to be a part of something. ~ “Watched All of the Gilmore Girls Revival?  Let’s Talk About It” ~ I did enjoy the comforting characters in the new episodes but this writer makes some very excellent points. **SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE

(All the tears) News of a high school runner DQ’d for helping a foe. Worth the watch but grab some tissues first.

Facebook memories reminded me that in 2007 it was popular to post every single thought and feeling.  Turns out that I felt Southern California winters were too cold to run in (probably 50’sF). Oh Kaitlin, just wait about 9 years and you’ll be gallivanting in 20’s (still cursing the cold but feeling more weatherproof from it).


^^ Delectable find in Brooklyn following the fun run with Resident Runners.

Anyways, I happen to be back on the west coast this weekend and am in the bay for the first time since I graduated college!  (well with the exception of one Labor Day layover in SF…so technically since graduation).  I’m very excited to explore some of the lesser known to me areas (probably still considered touristy) like the Painted Ladies, Haight and Asbury, Seed+Salt, Jane, and of course Golden Gate Park.  Not to mention the fact that I get to meet up with a couple of my college girlfriends – one who I haven’t seen in at least a year and another who I haven’t seen since her wedding!

The November Project workout this morning is/was at Twin Peaks (time reference depending on when this goes live or people actually read it).  Since I may or may not be able to catch an epic view for Instagram, I’ll leave you with this picturesque shot.

Until next week friends, go out and enjoy the weekend!

Never Stop Exploring.

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