Life of Late ~ 12.16.16

Ho ho ho, the holidays are in full throttle with less than 1 week to go until Christmas Day. I must be losing it because I originally published this as the 15th not 16th.  That has been updated. Well, I personally like the build up to the actual day of Christmas best but that’s just because when Christmas is over, we enter this dreary season of January and February chill.  Anyways, both Christmas and  Hanukkah happen fall around the same time period, which means celebrations at the same time for most people in the city!  Our apartment is all decked out with a baby tree, stockings, Hershey’s candy, and pine-scented candles (though my mother does not approve). 😉  Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on in NYC this week.

Watching ~ Plenty of Christmas themed content.  Between holiday specials and SNL’s annual holiday medley, things are rocking in my neck of the woods.  Also hoping to go see La La Land, Moana, Magical Beasts, Loving, and a few more.  The likelihood of that happening?  Very slim.

Running ~ In the freezing cold.  The picture above is from last week’s 15k, which was a whopping 50 degrees colder than last year’s 15k.  Yes, last winter was a total fluke and sadly I don’t think it’ll be sunny and 75 around New Year’s this year.  Buuuut in neat news, I only ran about 50 or so seconds slower than last year and I would attribute that to the mini outfit change I made around mile 4.  Taking a zipped jacked off while wearing a zipped vest and your bib pinned to it isn’t exactly easy.

Working ~ Or volunteering rather at the annual CNN Heroes event.  This was the 10th year that CNN has hosted the evening honoring individuals who go above and beyond helping out the communities around them and around the world.  Sure, it was a semi-star studded event but it also brings you to tears realizing how these individuals go above and beyond, often putting so many others before themselves.

Eating ~ Epic bagel sandwiches.  This beauty is from Tompkin’s Square Bagel (cash only folks) and boy was it delicious.  I have been avoiding grocery shopping lately though it will have to happen this weekend.  The fact that I now only have IPAs, almond milk, and raw coconut in my fridge is a problem.

Dreaming ~ Not of a white Christmas.  This girl likes it sunny and 60 during the holidays or maybe 40 at the lowest.  But when it feels like 7?  No thank you.  This weekend won’t be too terrible since I can light a festive candle, listen to some holiday tunes, and craft the afternoon away.  Oh, and then Sunday is in the 50’s.  Thanks global warming.

Enjoying ~ Holidays in the Big Apple.  There really is no place like New York for fall and the holidays.  With lights on almost every tree and plenty of boozy (and non-boozy) beverages to go around, it’s truly a winter wonderland.  Lindsay and I got the opportunity to hang out with our friend Sara who was visiting from California!!  ‘Twas quite a treat since I really only get to see her once per year.

What’s on your schedule for this weekend? How do you celebrate the holidays?

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