#runtoeat – San Francisco Edition

I may have given a quick rundown on my west coast travel earlier this month, but I left out some crucial details about the FOOD!  Maybe I’m losing my touch especially seeing as my passion for blogging did start with food.  Just kidding, I specifically left it out 1) there was too much going on and 2) this would be a fun post of its own.

So what to do in a quick 72-hour trip?  Goodness knows there are thousands of items to be scoured, savored, and consumed.  I’ve had my fair share of trips to SF (Labor Day Weekend ’14 + many others) where we did the touristy Pier 49, Boudin Bread, and Ghirardelli’s chocolate.  This weekend was about finding the newer hotspots either found through Instagram (yay social media) or simply by chance.


Farmhouse Thai – A very last minute find on Sunday night but SO WORTH IT.  Tucked into the Mission district, Farmhouse has authentic dishes (generous portions) with a very lively atmosphere.  Reservations are highly recommended and while not many folks were eating around 5:30, it was hopping by the time we departed at 6:45. {Pictured: Yellow curry + table vegan fresh rolls}

Sidenote: I was not a Thai person before this.  I am not searching for the best (and affordable) Thai in NYC.  Any recommendations?

Plentea – Because boba is so much better when 1) it’s in a glass bottle and 2) you can KEEP you can keep the glass bottle.  Overall eh.  Maybe I didn’t order right but without my normal passionfruit syrup and no straw (my bad), it wasn’t anything to remember.  Oh and the glass bottle that I brought back shattered when I got to work.  Cool.

Soup Dumplings – A booming trend ‘round the country (and world?) that I would not know how to order had it not been for Liz!  Tip – this joint likes to have you eat and leave so if you are thinking of chatting for a while, keep some food on the table (at least to look like you are still eating). 😉

Smitten Ice Cream – Best dessert of the trip.  I am, hands down, obsessed with ice cream.  My palate has progressed from the soft serve to the froyo to the artisanal varieties.  Yes, I’m an ice cream snob and proud of it.  This stuff was definitely something to write home about.

Fun story behind this company! Back in 2007, Robyn Sue Fisher took a few years (and her life’s savings) fiddling around and creating a one-of-a-kind Brrr-MACHINE!  This fabulous contraption is basically a double helical mixer that utilizes deep-freezing (talking -321F cold) liquid nitrogen to freeze your ice cream to perfection.

House of Nanking – A delightful dinner with my college friends and it just so happened to be right next to the dumpling shop (above).  Certainly a place to order family style and you MUST order the onion pancake.  It’s supposedly one of the top dishes in SF.


Big Chef Belly Burgers – A burger place sans beef options.  After the race we were hankering for a burger and found this place on Yelp.  The inside was more like a deli, nothing to really welcome you in and make you want to stay but after a bite of that chicken sandwich, you might change your mind.  Hands down BEST crispy (fried) chicken sandwich of my life with excellent value for the fries and onion strings – I would recommend ordering 1 for the entire table.

Bacon Bacon – Just what Meghan and I needed and wanted after a 9 mile run in Golden Gate Park.  We split the “Almost Veggie Sandwich” {fried egg, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, bacon, provolone, sriracha aioli, all on ciabatta} and the “Breakfast Bowl” {scrambled eggs, pulled pork, chopped bacon, cheddar cheese, and a half-a$$ scoop of avocado…come on California}. Deeeeeelicious.

 You had me at bacon.

Seed+Salt – A vegan adventure that looks much better on Instagram.  I would show you my salad but it was your basic pre-packaged (faux) cobb.   Meghan’s selection of falafel and collards green wrap was the better selection.  Worth exploring if you are looking for something uber healthy!

Swensen’s Ice Cream – A Bay Area classic but not as memorable as Smitten.  It’s more like your classic Edy’s or Breyer’s variety with way too many flavors to choose from.  This usually leaves me anxious and with food/flavor regret.  What if I had gotten XYZ…We should call it the “Cheesecake Factory Dilemma”.

Other Places To Check Out that I Couldn’t/Didn’t

Reveille Coffee Co
Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
As Quoted (known for their toast – new expensive trends)
Jane on Fillmore (salads, coffee, bowls & more)


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

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