A Basic Break for this SoCal Gal

Hopefully everyone had a grand New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  While a majority of folks are off from work today, I’ll be making my way back into my normal routine with one of my favorite strength workouts and then off to work.  Luckily I can try to tune into the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game to keep my mind off of those Monday blues.  So while I’m off responding to emails, here’s a little look at what I did back in California.

My usual trips home pretty much go like this – run, eat, walk, explore, eat, walk, sleep.  There isn’t much sleep unless you count going to bed around 9:30.  Yes, some may think that this is lame but man do I love running in the mornings and being able to watch the entire Today Show at home.  Sometimes we throw in a road trip or a visit to some family but between working out and eating, it’s a pretty solid schedule.  This time around we were able to sample a few new hotspots, including three trips to Downtown LA or DTLA as it’s known and boy have they revamped the area!

Mom and I were pumped for our first (my first?) Grand Central Market Fare:  Unfortunately, the Eggslut location, which tends to get the most press, was closed but my Thai curry and Thai tea was an excellent second choice.  We of course had to follow up with a sampling and scoop of McConnell’s finest.

For those who aren’t familiar with McConnell’s, it’s an artisanal ice cream joint from Santa Barbara with excellent and unique flavors.  A single scoop offering gets you two flavors so I went with holiday peppermint and a dark chocolate to make the perfect peppermint bark pairing.

Christmas breakfast was split between a french toast egg-bake (bit of a disappointment in comparison to our homemade cinnamon rolls), which was post-run and pre-presents and then egg scramble (+ avocado toast) for lunch.  We are quite a family of habit.   You can also take notice of my very basic breakfast at the bottom right – why change what’s working?

Then there was Philz Coffee, a coffeehouse that started in San Francisco and has since extended beyond the bay.  While known for many of their unique brews, I was geared up for the ever so popular Mint Mojito Iced Coffee…oh my, it was heavenly.   I even lucked out with 2-for-1 since the barista had to wait for the coffee to brew and apologized for taking too long.

Last but certainly not least was Salt & Straw, an ice cream joint that originated in Portland and offers eclectic flavors such as black olive brittle + goat cheese and avocado + strawberry sherbet.   This was our reward for a 6.6 mile trot in Santa Monica, post tasty taco Tuesday of course.

Meghan took us to Downtown LA to eat with the grandparents at Blue Cow.  As my grandpa always likes to say, the food was excellent, but the company was even better.  But really in terms of the food, every presentation was on point and I had one of the best chicken+BLT sandwiches in my life {Billionaire’s Club brined & slow poached mary’s free range chicken breast, billionaire’s bacon, butter lettuce, heirloom tomato, avocado, aioli, buckwheat bread}.   It was so big that I was only able to eat half and ended up with the other half for my flight back to NYC.

We also took a few hikes around the local mountains, played 1.5 rounds of golf (where I played terribly…that’s what I get for playing 2x per year), and created our own walking tour around DTLA.  It’s always grand to be home in the sunshine state but now back to reality and onto 2017 adventures on the east coast.

~ Carpe Diem ~


1 thought on “A Basic Break for this SoCal Gal

  1. Sounds like such a good trip – Just googled my proximity to all of these spots for my upcoming trip and my hotel’s 5 minutes walking from Blue Cow and 10 minutes walking from Grand Central Market – definitely checking them out 🙂 Also so curious about salt and straw if I get some extra free time!

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