Life of Late ~ 1.6.17

Isn’t it lovely to wake up and see that the temperature has dropped 10+ degrees?  100% sarcasm right there.  I had planned out my weekend thinking “ok, 11 miles in the cold isn’t that bad, it’s only 27 max in the morning”.   Then I woke up and the HIGH for the weekend is in the high 20’s, which means ~10F/15F for the morning.  Ah the joys of running in the winter.


Stillllllllll drafting my year 3 in review + goals for 2017 + Maine weekend recap and while posting here may hold me accountable, I’m not promising anything (really to myself and my grandparents – sorry guys!) just yet.

For now, enjoy some of my favorite articles and videos from the last week:

Mashable ~ Mascot Attempts to Stay on Feet During Ice Rink Commercial Shoot ~ Oh my, this is right up my alley in terms of sense of humor and I was dying…you must watch until the very end.

Bon Appetit ~ Iced Turmeric Latte ~ Yes I love kale and am starting to love beets but a turmeric latte?  I may stick to my turmeric + vitamin D pills and call it a day.


^^ This on the other hand is always a happy day.  My sister and I used to fight about who would use the nut butter or butter first.  Good family memories, right? (source)

Cupcakes and Cashmere ~ “How to Make the Most of Your Career Goals This Year” ~ Tip: LinkedIn is a HUGE help but make sure not to treat it like your Twitter or Facebook feed.

Adidas ~ Break Free ~ Aw worthy in the adorable old person sense.

Grubstreet ~ Top Thai in New York ~ Because my friends are awesome and found this list to satisfy our Thai craving.


^^ Not related to Thai, but tacos are also tasty. 

PureWow ~ James Corden vs. Usain Bolt (and Owen Wilson) ~ Because days are made better by watching this content.

As for the rest of my weekend, I’m looking forward to a new-to-me Thai restaurant tonight, spin+birthday parties tomorrow, and a long run + movie on Sunday.  Surprisingly I’ve been to a number of movies – La La Land (hello Ryan Gosling), Star War’s Rogue One while I was home, Sing last week, and Hidden Figures this weekend.  Possibly the most exciting thing on my calendar is to visit the not-so-new-anymore Target downtown.  Yes, this is what weekend dreams are made of when you are an adult.



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