Year 3 In New York City

Another post that’s better late than never.  The past year was spent traveling, running, and exploring all of New York – sounds a lot like year #1 and #2, right?  To be honest, there wasn’t too much change.  I continued to work for an awesome company, expanded my friendships within November Project, and squeezed as much out of my free time as possible.  As I mentioned on the 31st, I learned a little bit more about myself, appreciated my body thanks to the I Run This Body movement, and learned when to let go.  This last bit was tough in the sense of FOMO and friendships, but I realized (through many discussions and Elite Daily articles) that we can’t do it all and there comes a time in our lives that makes us realize what and who is important.

But here’s a look at what made my third year in New York City so wonderful and memorable.

~ SEPTEMBER 2015 ~

Oh so much to start off my third year on the East Coast.  There was a Labor Day trip to Charleston + Running galore + birthdays around the boroughs (absolutely love the trifecta of Royal Palms, Ample Hills Creamery & Dinosaur BBQ) + Wanderlust Brooklyn + NP Summit trip to Park City, Utah (run-on sentence complete…)

~ OCTOBER 2015 ~ 

Apple picking + visiting the Statue of Liberty (+taking a trip to the crown!!) paired nicely with meeting Deena Kastor (again) + back to back half marathons (Central Park + Staten Island) and celebrating all the folks getting ready to run the NYCM.

~ NOVEMBER 2015 ~

I managed two trips home this month between a high school friend’s wedding (which inherently included November Project workouts) and also for Thanksgiving!  In between included plenty of coffee and avocado toast dates and volunteering for the New York Marathon!  I’m sure you’ve heard this before but if you are losing faith in humanity, go watch a marathon.  

~ DECEMBER 2015 ~ 

Oh the holidays!  Lindsay lucked out with tickets to Jimmy Fallon and we were able to treat her brother and my friend Jen to an afternoon of laughter.  Also, bucket list CHECK!  This month brought a heat wave to NYC (yes, we all ran in shorts for the Ted Corbitt 15k race! comparatively to this year’s 20F weather…) and of course perfect weather for NP_LAX workouts while home.

~ JANUARY 2016 ~

Bring on the cold weather.  While the frigid temps only last two (or so) months, our running and bRUNch must go on.  Luckily last winter wasn’t thaaaat bad and yes, there were some days we were in shorts.  Also have to love the couple of times that we went to Broadway Bodies and danced our hearts out to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.

~ FEBRUARY 2016 ~

Two trips to visit friends >> The first to North Carolina for President’s Weekend and the second to Phoenix for fun in the sun and of course a race.  Phoenix Half Marathon was almost a PR and the weekend was an absolute blast!

~ MARCH 2016 ~ 

Self explanatory between weekend run + brunch, loops around Jackie O Reservoir, and completing one of the top half marathons – the NYC Half Marathon!

~ APRIL 2016 ~ 

Another travel race in the books with a trip down to Washington, D.C. for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  The weather didn’t exactly cooperate and we saw many more trees than cherry blossoms but it still was a blast! Ok, besides the fact that the train stranded us and we had to rent a car back home…Anyways April was a month full of running from Williamsburg Take the Bridge race to road trip to Boston for the Boston Marathon.  I capped it all off with a North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay up at Bear Mountain.

~ MAY 2016 ~ 

A trip to Queens to see our LA Dodgers play the Mets (GO BLUE!) + Meghan’s college graduation + Brooklyn Half + Celebrating Jess’s 5th Year in NYC + my birthday.  The best gift of all was a lunch with some of my girlfriends (all met through November Project) at Sidecar.  They were oh so generous and obtained two amazing cakes, one being a gourmet ice cream cake because they know me and my sweet tooth so well.  It may have taken me years to find friends who will take you for all of your quirks but once you do, life is golden.  Lucky for me I have some great friends from coast to coast!

~ JUNE 2016 ~

June brought a brutally hot half marathon for Lindsay (where I was the race sherpa), an epic bike ride to the top of Manhattan, picnics in the park, and more running.  I also was lucky to be on the Good Morning America filming (yay November Project) and we met Molly Huddle! (<< not at GMA but rather the NYRR Women’s 10K)

~ JULY 2016 ~ 

July was the month of the family trip and what an experience that was!  We spent two weeks in Alaska ( 1 week on land + 1 week on the water) with a top afternoon on the well, top of a glacier.  Back in NYC I hiked, ran/raced, watched the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks, and tested out two well known restaurants (Parm + Hometown BBQ)

~ AUGUST 2016 ~ 

I was lucky enough to be in my college friend’s wedding (my first official wedding) and had a blast between the bachelorette party and wedding itself.  The event from start to finish was gorgeous and I felt so touched to be included.  As someone once reminded me, good friends are like stars – you don’t always see them but know they are there and this year reminded me of that.

Then there was the start of marathon training (hello 14 week plan) and plenty of miles, sunrises, and #runtoeat adventures.

Onward to making memories in 2017!

3 thoughts on “Year 3 In New York City

  1. I can’t believe you’ve lived on the east coast for more than 3 years now! Time seriously flies. You make more out of your life than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s so awesome. I wish I took advantage of where I live as much as you do and traveled to so many new places! I need to just start tagging along with you. I say that all the time, but I mean it haha

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