Life of Late ~ 2.3.17

Looks like I’ve been doing an excellent job at keeping my blog updated. Not.  Maybe it’s a blogger burnout or a sugar crash that I’m experiencing right now maybe it’s too much screen time.  Really though, who wants to go home after sitting in front of a computer and under florescent lights for 8+ hours, and then stare at another screen?   Ok, to be honest, I actually go home and immediately have my nose in my phone while watching TV.  (This generation is certainly going to have eye/back/neck problems and carpal tunnel. )

So maybe it is the winter blues that are casting a cloud over my thoughts.  I was talking to Lindsay the other day and we just don’t feel as positive when it’s cold outside.  It feels as though something has been off kilter recently and instead of waiting around and complaining, I just need to buckle down and change my mindset.

It’s a new month.  Most days are in the 30’s/40’s, which means we are closer to spring! (Sorry Mr. Groundhog but I think with global warming, we are closer to spring than your shadow indicates).  Running in this weather isn’t terrible but I do find that my runs are slower and I still feel like a marshmallow (thank you Abby for then telling me “well then you are obviously sweet!”).  But, the benefit to running in Central Park or my new Thursday runs is that I get to see puppies.

^^ Meet Chelsea, the CUTEST workout mascot that there ever was.  Some people go gaga over babies but instead, my heart melts when I see this dog (yes I will dog sit and no, this isn’t creepy. Good talk)

There have been plenty of excellent eats (mostly weekend adventures noted above) and plenty of money saved by weekday meal prep.  I do my best to bring breakfast and lunch to work, eat dinner at home, and enjoy the weekend to the fullest.  Last night’s Restaurant Week at Stanton Social was an exception and I may have spent just as much as I would on groceries (insert shocked emoji face…if only WordPress had emojis).  I have also been doing a better job at eating portions and healthier foods during the week but again, last night’s late night and this morning’s early wakeup lead me to the weekly bagel/muffin bar at work…but at least I’m consuming my daily amount of Apple Cider Vinegar (re: #ACV28 challenge)

In terms of foodie adventures, Blake Lane on the Upper East Side is a MUST and so is the Golden Mylk Latte (turmeric + almond milk).  I may have discovered an excellent bacon/egg/muenster/croissant sandwich from a bodega, and who knew Brooklyn had excellent pizza?  JOKE joke on the last part.  Everyone knows Brooklyn has some of the best pies in town, Emmy Squared is just offering a different take on the classic NY slice.

Other than food, there have been runs in Central Park, the East River (despite the track flooding), and even the streets of Manhattan.  I did partake in the women’s march a couple of weeks back, which was quite an eye-opening experience.  I had never participated in something like that and hope I can find more ways to stand up and make a difference.

As for this weekend, I’ve got a rager of a Friday night planned between laundry and some reading or more likely some TV.  I have catching up on Quantico, This is Us, and starting Seinfeld + The Mary Tyler Moore show from the very beginning.  I don’t know why I haven’t started those sooner because 1) Seinfeld is just too darn funny and 2) Mary Tyler Moore is my new hero.  She is so funny and hey, she can make it after all!

Tomorrow I’m planning on 14/15 miles, baking for a Peanut Butter Palooza, and wrapping the weekend off with volunteering at Sunday’s Central Park race + of course Super Bowl!!  Any recommendations on places to brunch and munch in New York that I haven’t hit yet?  How about Super Bowl plans?

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” Mary Tyler Moore

3 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 2.3.17

  1. I definitely go through ups and downs with my blogging and with feeling motivated in general. The winter can be hard…not so much because of the cold for me, but I have a hard time with the darkness. Loving that the days are getting longer now!!

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