Treat Yourself Kind of Weekend

First let me just say this weekend FELT LIKE SPRING!  Even if it only was a global warming tease, it felt wonderful.  The moment the sun started to shine and the warmth of the air touched your skin, you felt like a brand new person.  I’m sure the suffering through colder temps makes you appreciate the warmer weather that much more or maybe it’s because I just love spring (and summer) weather all the time.  Shorts > pants (unless it’s yoga pants)

So how did I soak in some of that spring-like weather?  Well, I treated this three-day weekend like a full treat yourself escape.   Friday night started off with some reading and then Thai take-out, although I didn’t realize I had ordered from the wrong place until I walked in looking for my order and it wasn’t there.  Turns out it was about 3 avenues and 6 blocks away.  After a quick walk to retrieve my curry and Thai tea, I was all set to relax.

Saturday brought sunshine and a nice long 16 miles.  Now typically my long runs are either with friends or with some variety of Pandora playlist.  While I do love that Pandora is free, the whole switching songs and stations is a pain and usually leaves me frustrated and fumbling with my phone.  I tend to have music ADD and feel the need to switch channels every few moments (my sister can attest) and this was not going to be good for a 2+ hour run.  So this weekend I decided to test out a podcast and lucky for me Ali just released her very own called the Ali On the Run Show (oh so aptly named).  Oh man GAME CHANGER. I’ve run with Ali a few times and it was like she was right there! Not to mention how much I loved listening to the Inspirational Alison Desir in episode #3.


Yes, once the long run was in the bag, it was time for FOOD FOOD FOOD.  I met up with some girlfriends on the west side near Zucker’s bagels, where the seating may not be nice (cold and cramped) but the bagel sandwiches are divine.  We sat and chatted for awhile and then decided to make a trek to Chinatown for massages.

As we parted ways, I checked my hunger levels and decided to splurge on a treat.  Truthfully I probably didn’t need what was coming next buuuut I happened to be in the prime location and had it on my bucket-list, so no time like the present.  Yep, I went in for the full ice cream experience with the widely popular Tayaki fish-shaped ice cream cone.  I guess I went partially for the ice cream and partially for the Instagram picture and I wasn’t the only one in that shop gearing up for a good shot.  I just set myself apart by being dressed head to toe in running gear, no makeup and thankfully no longer sweaty.  Cute Kaitlin, real cute.

Oh and while we are somewhat on the topic of running, man long runs are tough week after week.  I end up ravenous (not always leading me to the best food decisions), I sometimes have back tension, my legs have grown at least one size, and it just wears you down.  I certainly going to be a-okay with half marathons and yoga and other workout classes once this marathon is finished.  Buuuuut no complaints because I’m grateful my body is able to do it and the race will be absolutely gorgeous.

Let’s talk about treating yourself – some people think you have to wait to go on a date or have girlfriends go out to dinner/plays/musicals with you.  Well due to the nature of dating in the city or lack thereof, there’s no time like the present – carpe diem!

So after chilling out in the apartment and recovering from my sugar crash, I went up to Lincoln Center and watched the New York City Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty.  I had only seen The Nutcracker back in high school when my friend performed so this was very different.  I also ended up sitting next to a dancer who seemed to be critiquing the entire performance and its choreography.  But I attended so that’s a bucket list check!


Sunday’s escapades included finishing one of my books, a load of laundry, yoga, and an overpriced brunch at Le Pain.  I never know why I go back to that place since the service usually sucks and amount of food to price ratio is poor.  In the end I tend to make up for it by going to town on the extra spreads and call it even.

From there it was off to see the musical On Your Feet! and while it was amazing, if I had known the weather would be this glorious, I would have skipped the musical and walked around the park all afternoon.  Alas hindsight is 20/20 and off to Times Square I went.  Fun story – I ended up running into my friend Lucy randomly on the subway!  Not so fun story – all the tourists in New York seemed to be congregated in those few blocks of Times Square.  Goodness gracious.

Monday was a day off and that meant free to do whatever I pleased (though it’s not like I don’t already live along those lines).  Even though I had the day off, I knew I would be in a better mood if I woke up and worked out right away.

My friends Abby and Amanda and I went in search of coffee (and I in search of a snack because you know it’s breakfast).  Turns out nothing is really open at 7:30a on a holiday or really not open on a holiday at all.  Cool.  We did find success at El Rey where the coffee was meh but company and stories were awesome (how cheesy can I get?)  Pro tip on El Rey – get the Brownie Batter Mocha, which is made with real brownie batter.  That’s what Amanda went for and it was the golden selection.


The rest of the day was filled with yoga and errands and some more reading here and there.  I was supposed to meet up with another friend to run but plans fell through.  While I probably then should have finished my mileage earlier in the morning, it may have been a good reminder to rest and stretch rather than over do it.  Anyways, it’s back to the grind today and hopefully some sunshine and warmer weather coming our way this week.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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