Life of Late ~ 3.3.17

Holy cow it’s March.   Spring is officially around the corner and thank goodness my two least favorite months are behind us.   I actually happen to be down south gallivanting through Nashville with a couple of my girlfriends because YOLO!  So a very happy Friday and weekend to all!   There will be plenty of good food and good music over the next couple of days and then it’s back to NYC to run my 18-miler on Sunday afternoon.  Good times, right?

^^ Above is a solid representation of how Mother Nature is going completely crazy with snow storms and 65F weather.  #globalwarming (yes it’s a thing)

So Lent has begun and while I don’t follow religion too closely, I did consider giving up some things for these 40 days.  It’s what my mom called “The Lenten Diet” since both my sister and I used to give up things for the heck of it.  This time around I wavered between dairy and going “Whole30”, possibly nut butter or simply just ice cream.  In the end, I decided to give up sweets for my physical health and “to be less critical of myself” for my mental health.    We shall see how this goes.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite articles over the last few weeks for your reading enjoyment.  If you are back east, you might enjoy these at your desk or inside since it’s supposed to be a bit brisk (no really…in the 20’s and 30’s after being in the 60’s on Wednesday).

Well+Good ~ “Why Staying Home is a Wellness Trend” ~ YES YES YES! #noshame

 Fast Food Rankings ~  Because ranking the top fast food burgers is necessary.  Trip to In ‘N Out or Shake Shack anyone?

Streeteasy ~ “Best Neighborhoods for Dating” ~ Looking for a place to live in New York?  How about targeting your borough based on your dating life?

Great Big Story ~ “Brunch Comes from a British Man with a Hangover

Buzzfeed ~ “Kitchen Products Under $10 that are Actually Worth Your Money

LinkedIn ~ “10 Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late” ~ NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK.

PureWow ~ “NYC Friend Types” ~ True. So true.

Speaking of diet, I have fallen prey to restricting (or attempting) to restrict food groups and calories just to fit an image of what I should look like.  What’s new?  Well, I have to remind myself that what one person does may not work physically or mentally for another.  I do want to look good but more importantly I want to feel good.  I want to maximize my life and if that can carry into training (which is a BIG part of my life), then that would be GRAND.  Last year I took a test with Inside Tracker to analyze my blood and better understand my levels of ferratin, iron, and more.  It was fascinating but besides taking iron pills, I didn’t really make any dramatic changes.  Here we are and I’m feeling in another slump, questioning if I need to cut dairy or gluten out of my life just because everyone else is doing it.  After talking with my friend Jenna and reading her post about training, I decided to take the plunge and get tested again.  Who knows, maybe I can utilize this information for the future me and take my training to the next level!

Note on training/running: I’ve decided to scale way back on races this year simply because my wallet and schedule does not like the idea of 17+ races in the next 10 months.  I’m keeping things calm through my next marathon, Ragnar Relay, and trail race but not committing to anything else (yet).  Maybe next year I’ll work on my half marathon PR but for 2017, it’s about having fun and enjoying the process no matter the result. (<< because your mental game is just as important!!!)


March is going to be filled with more running, lots of work events, and much much more.  What’s on your spring bucket list?

4 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 3.3.17

  1. I need to get to NYC soon to go on adventures with you. I am always so impressed by how you really do make the most of life and travel to new places, explore the city you’re in, and spend time with friends. Have fun in Nashville!

  2. Girl I hear ya about my wallet and races. I think I may cut back this year, but we’ll see-I already have a bunch on the calendar for the spring! I LOVE your NYC running photos-the scenery and sunsets/rises are beautiful. Ugh I thought about messing with my diet but right now with school and life it’s been cray. I’m going to try to clean it up a bit this month and try to be more conscious of my snacking.

    • Between races and work and your school it definitely is tough to do it all! Baby steps and just enjoy the moment – that’s what I’m living by 🙂

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