Life of Late ~ 3.17.17

Hold up, wait a minute, we are past the middle of March and there seems to be no sign of spring in sight.  We are flip-flopping outfits from day to day – one day dresses sans tights for it’s hitting the 60’s and then another we are bundled up with every last item of clothing to brave the single digit temps.  So all around good times and good thing I didn’t actually put all of my winter clothes away a few weeks ago.  That would have been stupid. (Just kidding, I actually did put all of my winter gear away only to drag it back out…)

^^ Last week we celebrated the 3 year NP_NYC anniversary and the retirement of our awesome original leaders – John and Paul.  They led our crew from day 1 and were there bright and early for about 371 workouts.  Now, for awhile, John was living near Gracie Mansion but when he moved out to Brooklyn and they started having 5:30 workouts, that meant he had to wake up  between 3 and 3:30 just to get there on time.  Remind me not to complain about waking up at 5:30 because that sounds horrendous!  But they held our tribe together and while I could go on and on and on, my friend Emily Faherty was able to string the most beautiful words and sentiments together here.

I highly recommend the read and not because I’m biased as a NP_NYC tribe member or a friend.  I think she did an excellent job of pulling all the best memories together and reminding us the joy of the movement.  Some of the original crew (myself included) have started to drift a bit and have lost touch with what it means to work hard and still have fun.  Re-reading this article reminded us the power of community, the ability to push yourself and one another, and the power of November Project.

You will also notice that there are strangely accurate tags of the OG leaders John and Paul above.  That would be thanks to the awesome penmanship of Brian and the stencil maker George.  Well done guys, well done.

^^ My new Thursday crew out in Brooklyn.  Also I’m just slightly obsessed with this dog named Chloe.  She runs around us as we take on the stairs and has the absolute CUTEST FACE.  How can you resist this?

There actually happens to be a Brooklyn pledge group that works out in Fort Greene park on Wednesdays at 6:30.  This is lead by Jeannie and while I may check it out soon, I tend to stick to my Wednesday morning jaunts to the upper east side, especially now that my three favorite babysitters are now full-fledged leaders – hooray for Mary Arnold, Jason Kulig, and Rob McCombs.


Thursday brought the mega blizzard Stella, which wasn’t nearly as disastrous as was predicted but still quite a doozy.  I think the toll that previous storms took on the city have made NYC more aware and cautious.  Either way, it worked in my favor with a day spent “working from home”.  I opted out of slipping and sliding to track and instead ran my morning miles on the dreadmill.  Does anyone else’s body/legs hurt more after running on a treadmill than on regular pavement?


^^ This was a top-knotch breakfast and very high on the healthy list!  Only ingredients were banana, 2 eggs, 1/4 tsp baking powder, and toppings (almond butter, coconut, and Greek yogurt!)

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Fit Foodie Finds ~ “6 Years Later” ~ I love following people like Lee because in my eyes she is a complete bada$$ and role model.  I actually have always thought this and it was because of her blog that I started my own back in 2012.

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Later on Tuesday, a couple of my friends were planing to explore the new hotspot Cookie Do.  While I had already tested the dough a couple of weeks ago and really couldn’t partake in any of the samples (since giving up sweets for Lent), I still needed a walk and a bit of a social break.  Sidenote, I don’t think I would be very good at working for myself or working remotely.  I would drive myself crazy.

Anyways, there of course was STILL a line outside of the shop because why not New York?  We waited about 30 minutes until we entered the shop, which again wasn’t terrible.  One smart girl actually asked to pay various people at the front of the line to pick up two orders for her and she was willing to even include a tip.  Um, yes please.  Because I’m all over helping people and well, free money sounds amazing, I agreed.


^^ Let me introduce to you flavors indulgence.  According to Jackie and Jess, everything was delish but not really worth a 2+ hour wait.  If anything, go pick up some dough at the store or make your own.  Their “baked goods” were also decent, preferring the cupcake over the brownie.  I’m not sure how anyone would consume all of the cookie dough portions in one sitting (though from previous experience with sweets, this can be done and your stomach and body will not be happy…) because some of those portions are enormous!

Since the to-go containers last up to 3 months, I decided on two flavors and brought them home to sample next month! (1: Fluffernutter w/ peanut butter + dark chocolate chips + marshmallow fluff // 2: Heavenly w/ sugar cookie + nutella + chocolate chips + caramel bits + sea salt)

Other seasonal flavors include: Coconut Caramel Delight (signature + coconut carmel fudge cookies) ~ Cake Batter (cake batter + white chips + chocolate chips + St. Patty’s sparkles) ~ Pot of Do (sugar cookie + lucky rainbow marshmallow bits)


 Any good weekend plans?  Good luck to all the runners taking on the NYC half on Sunday!  I’ll be out there cheering and screaming for you!

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