Life of Late ~ 5.5.17

Hello.  It’s me.  I honestly didn’t mean to let this much time go in between posts but I have been stepping away from blogging a bit.  Maybe it’s a phase or a burnout or maybe the social sharing medium has changed.  To be honest, I tend to use a lot more of Instagram than I used to and so do most people (sorry Dad if you are reading this…I think this is the data issue).

I used to LOVE coming home to write after work or on the weekends, sharing my thoughts on life in New York City, and whatever shenanigans I had gotten into.  But I started to feel the pressure (from myself) that it wasn’t good enough.  I started to work so much in front of a computer at work that the idea of coming home to stare at another fluorescent screen made me dread blogging.  I also started to thing about using more of my time to LIVE rather than document (<< not to mention being out and feeling the need to remember it al to write down later).  Fun story, blogger burnout is prevalent and happens to the best of us.  From Cupcakes and Cashmere, which happened to be one of the first blogs that I read and inspired me to create my own, to In It for the Long Run, and The New York Times.

But then, like many other bloggers have realized and shared in their own “I’m still alive” posts, I miss writing!  I miss throwing down all the thoughts in my head and sharing the random articles that I stumble upon and chuckle at.  Soooooo, let’s go through all (most) of the thoughts that Kaitlin has been having recently and decided to share for the world wide web.

Tomorrow I’ll be turning 26 and it’s fascinating how I’ve changed and this little blog has changed over the last five years.  Yes, I can still be a bit bullish and stubborn but I think that’s more because I’m a Taurus than anything.  I’ve chilled out a bit more and have been open to trying new things.

So maybe I’m not turning 30 but sometimes I feel like I’m a little bit older.  I tease myself and my friends in New York swear I’m older than they are!  The person who said it all perfectly was my friend Ali on her podcast Ali On The Run Podcast “The Lessons I’ve Learned in my 30’s“.  I listed to this episode on my run yesterday and as I crossed the Manhattan Bridge, I was nodding and practically screaming (in my head of course) OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS INTO WORDS.  Between realizing that the quality of friends tops the quantity to knowing when to let go to being nicer to your body.  All of these are lessons we sort of flail through as we age and it’s helpful to hear it again and again that it’s ok to be you.

I’m lucky to call Ali a friend in real life and I think that’s what makes these podcasts so special.  I don’t always get to see Ali but listening makes me feel like we are hanging out.

Something I have realized about living in New York and simply adult friends is that age doesn’t matter.  I have plenty of friends who are older than I am and it is refreshing.  I grew up as the oldest sibling and cousin and so it felt as though all the pressure was on me – me to learn, to be perfect, etc.  Oh I certainly made my fair of mistakes but I never really had anyone to look up to and learn from.  That’s probably another reason why I love listening to these podcasts – I can find inspiration from someone I look up to and it may help we share the same birthday.  Taurus for the win, right?

So what are the other things that have been occupying my time?

Watching (probably too much TV) ~ Seinfeld, The Amazing Race, Grace & Frankie, Entourage (very into binging shows one at a time)

Eating ~ Lots of sweet potatoes, bananas, and nut butter (not all together but sometimes).  I’ve been asked a few times to be a Beachbody/Shakeology coach but here’s the thing – I don’t like solo workouts unless it’s running and I look forward to eating a meal during the day.  As strange and maybe sad as it sounds, when you have a desk job, there isn’t always something to look forward to and so my workouts and meals or snacks provide that.  (<< ok that does sound terrible sad but I swear, it’s just finding little pieces of happiness).

I actually gave up sugar (processed and such) for Lent (except while in Paris) and have to say, I felt much better.  Now that Lent is over, it seems like sweet treats are lurking in every corner.  I’m a sucker for sugar but just have to step up my game and remind myself of the benefits – less acne, less bloat, less headaches, etc.  At least I can make myself pick up no sweets during the week.

This city is known for it’s amazing restaurants and yet I rarely test them out.  It’s always felt like a balance between saving money and saving the “diet”.  But, there are ways to sample without going broke i.e. splitting or just testing one a week.  I also decided that if I couldn’t get a crew to go out than I might as well check it off solo – better to have the experience alone than not at all.  Ivan Ramen was one such place in the East Village and it was a delight, not to mention delicious!

Running on Veggies ~ “Three Layer Caramel Ice Cream Cake Bars” ~ I scream, you scream, we scream for … healthy ice cream!  With an obsession like mine, I need to test these out.  If anything, I think they will reduce the sugar crash that comes with most processed sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cookie but I simply can’t handle any type of hangover whether it’s alcohol or sugar.

Grubstreet ~ “Best Ice Cream Shops in NYC” ~ But until the moment I perfect the oh-so-healthy treats, let’s splurge, shall we?

Also funny about the eating part.  I told someone that I was giving up sweets and they responded with “wow because through your IG and photos it looks like you eat a LOT of that”.  I’m not sure how it was supposed to come off or why I need to justify this but I tend to eat my sweets over drinking alcohol on the reg.  That’s just always been my go-to.   You know how a lot of models – even IG models photoshop or alter their pictures or suck in their gut even more when taking pictures?  Some don’t and power to them but I’ve gotten good at snapping pictures but not having to eat every last bite of something.  Unless it’s queso and it’s in front of me and Jackie needs to take it away 😉  (secrets of the gram…)

Running ~ After finishing a half marathon (where I almost PR’d!) and a marathon, the the mileage is much less.  I am trying to recover from Paris but that’s just not in my vocabulary.  I still have the post-marathon cold+allergies lingering and my body has let me know a few times that it’s not pleased with the constant workouts.  Still, I have the Cape Cod Ragnar coming up and am set to run around 22 miles total.  Sooooo, that should be interesting.

After watching Boston a few weeks ago, I realized that if I actually tried hard, I could and would want to qualify one day.  Sure it may not be next year, the year after, or the year after that but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It also requires me to actually push myself during training runs and not just lolly-gag around (though why some days does 9 min pace feel so hard?)

^^ Above you can also see me running in the Lululemon “More than Miles Tour” at the Boston Marathon Expo.  Lululemon is going around the country educating people about their running gear because most people assume it’s yoga-only.  They allow you to try on a shirt, pair of shorts or pants (pants are women only), run a few minutes on the treadmill AND THEN YOU KEEP THEM!!!  I must have explained the product benefits Lululemon’s gear to three or more folks there.  Hi Lululemon Truck, please hire me.

Obsessed with Origins ~ I stopped by the Origins store on my way home one day and scooped up quite a few products.  I have been using their over-night lotion that I picked up at Sephora but Origin’s array of products and customer service is just WAY better.  I love the calming/earthy aesthetic of the store and the products and may have picked up a Hawaiian Mineral Water Body Wash because…Hawaii.

Sleeping ~  A lot less and my head is reminding me of that with a semi-regular splitting headache.  We have had some busier nights at work along with a planner presentation so that means dinner later, winding down later, and bed later.  My dad recommended that I work out less in order to do more buuuuut I let him know that it would not be an option since it’s my mental and physical release.

The whole sleeping conundrum also happens on the days I designate to “sleep in”, I end up waking up between 5:45 and 6 naturally.  Then the days I have to get up, I feel as though I could sleep for HOURS!  Today was one such day where I set my alarm for 7:45 and of course popped up at 6am.  Thanks body.

Traveling ~ Besides Paris I’ve been bopping around New York a bit.  Last weekend we were out in Brooklyn for brunch and then for the Red Hook Crit.  This hipster 5k running race and even longer bike race is an annual affair and I was excited to see my speedy friends run!  The sunset was beyond gorgeous and it was such a glorious day to be outside.  Of course today is rainy and miserable just like last year was but there’s hope for the weekend!

Alright, I think I’ve hit my quota for the day and maybe month. 😉 Just kidding, I’ll probably get myself to write a little bit more but for all other adventures check out the Instagram where you’ll find running, running, workouts, dogs, and food.

How’s that for a check-in?  Hope you had a wonderful fiesta of a day and weekend!

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