Life of Late ~ 5.26.17

Well, we are almost through another month of 2017 and with today being Friday, we are oh so close to a long weekend!  Of course there are about 5 people in the office right now and all of my agencies are closed.  But that doesn’t mean I can do a little research and get ahead of the game (…or blog).  😉  So let’s get ready to ramble.

I’m actually very excited for the weekend since it means a weekend away from the city and a weekend full of relaxing.  Typically when I take vacation or a personal day off, I stay active and go go go.  Even on most weekends you can find me gallivanting all about the city.  Well, after some time that adds up and I think I’m in dire need of some R&R.   I know that even if I stuck in the city, I would get swept up and would still be going 100 miles per hour and would end up even more exhausted on Monday.   So instead, I’m heading down to a part of the Jersey Shore where I have family friends and plan to just relax all.weekend.long.


^^ I was smart and decided not to race last week’s Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon.  Instead, my speedy friend Callie and I jogged along 6 miles of the route to our cheer station.  I definitely was slowing her down but she had just finished a Half Ironman so I didn’t feel toooo bad.  If I can’t race, I definitely want to be able to cheer just to see all the smiles that we can put on runner’s faces.   We even had people bee-line through traffic so that they could high-five us.  Now that’s some good sh$t. 

On the subject of scheduling, I’ve been trying to change my lifestyle and be more active after work.   In the winter it was so easy to come right home and sit on the couch and flip through apps on my phone.  That’s a whole different post but talk about going brain dead.


^^ After work activities like grabbing Dim Sum at Joe’s Shanghai with these lovely ladies, buying boba, and then testing out various selfies with the timer on my phone.  We are fun.  P.S. This is my friend Maura in the middle.  We ran Paris together and now she lives in D.C.  I miss her but am so excited for her move! P.P.S.  I couldn’t figure out how I wanted my hair.  I tested three styles and it ended in a bun.  My mom would call that my 100th hairstyle of the day. 

Anyways, between workout classes, staying late for work, and catching up with friends, it’s all been going really well.  The only problem is I don’t always spend as much time packing my bag for the next day or weekend.  I have to commit to the outfit packed and sometimes end up forgetting things.  When I arrived at the gym this morning, I realized I had left my watch charger and phone charger at home.   Now this could be a good thing since I’m already in trouble for using up most of the family’s data plan (yes, family plan is cheaper for now) and I figured out that 1) Apple is not only tracking you but has various buttons “on” that extra data without you knowing it and 2) Instagram and Instagram stories are a huge culprit.  We figured this out when the spikes in the bill occurred during Paris, the Boston Marathon, and the Ragnar Relay.  Oops.

So maybe a weekend without my phone is a good thing!  I mean, the family I’ll be staying with will probably share their charger but this could be a good test for me.  GET OFF OF YOUR PHONE AND OFF SOCIAL MEDIA (for maybe two days).  But I digress.

Workouts of late have included a lot less running and just a lot less of everything.   I am sort of burnt out but also trying to get in better shape for summer life.  I don’t think I took enough time off post-NYC marathon or even post-Paris.  After taking a Power Pilates class this morning, I realized I need to do a LOT more work on my core if I want to be faster.

Besides core, I’m trying to work more on my cross-training.  I’ve swam a few times in the last week and am pumped for the outdoor pools to open up this summer.  There is nothing better than swimming outside in the fresh air, even if NYC’s air isn’t that fresh.  I’m a bit spoiled since I grew up swimming in the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center – a pool that actually seems pretty darn clean in comparison to NYC pools.  But you take what you can get, right?  Anyways, I need a new suit since mine is about 4 years old and getting to the ratty stage.  I attempted to purchase one off of Swim Outlet but found that a 28 does not equate to 28 in pants.  No folks, that’s a XXS.  COOL.  Then I ordered another size only to have it arrive and still not fit.  Double cool.  My swim cap also snapped last week and has to be replaced.  Until then, I’m stuck to dry land exercises.

Humann ~ “Coming Back from Injury – Why Rest Days Are Vital” ~ REST DAYS ARE SO DIFFICULT.  I automatically feel like a whale and a lethargic whale at that.  Bad mentality.  Goal = must get better at rest days for a better training season ~ Lane 9 Project ~ Navigating our way through Lane 9, the unspoken but present mindset in which many active girls and women exist. >> “When What’s Healthy Isn’t Healthy At All” >> “A Dietitian’s Truth Diet Culture Leads to Disordered Eating

Janji ~ Celebrating 5 years!!! I love this company because of it’s gear and it’s mission to help give clean water around the world! (Blog post here)

People who visit Los Angeles or New York expect to see celebrities on a daily basis.  Spoiler alert – they don’t always follow the crowds along a busy 5th Avenue or waltz through Bryant Park with all the tourists and working professionals out to lunch.  BUT there are some times where you are graced with the presence of someone who probably has a higher Instagram or Twitter following (definitely higher Twitter following).  Last night I met up with some friends for drinks in the West Village and what do you know, Matthew Perry decided to come in for a bite to eat.  I don’t know the woman he was with but do know that it was him.  I didn’t want to be THAT person and bring a lot of attention to the situation so I kept it pretty cool.  He’s not my favorite actor, but pretty cool, right?

During the 40 days of Lent, I gave up sweets and it went really really well.  Yes, I know that’s not the point of Lent (or Lenten diet as my mom would joke) but it was a test for me and my sweet tooth.  Well, now that it is over, I’ve had a tough time getting back on the no-sweets train.  Bagel Friday comes with muffins?  Pretty much glorified cake for breakfast so yes please.  Needing a 2pm pick me up?  How about I go scout out some chocolate?  Yeah, all of that needs to end mostly because it makes these items less of a treat.  It becomes normalized and my body doesn’t always feel good after.  I’m not creating “no-no” foods, just trying to treat my body with the respect it deserves.  It’s the type of “treat yo’self” mentality but in a positive way.


Until next time, enjoy the weekend, have some watermelon, and take a big bite out of life.  Hopefully you look as adorable as my friend Amanda and not like you are annihilating the watermelon like me 😉

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