Where I Have Been

Oh hey there.  Looks like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve dropped in and I swore I would never be that person to just “check in” buuuuuut here I am.  Where have I been?  Location wise it’s stayed the same – New York/East Coast.  There was an itty bitty trip to California last weekend – my first in 6 months – but more on that later.  The point is that I haven’t been very present on the blog and I’m trying to work out what that means for me.  My job is one of the many million in the world that requires me at a desk underneath fluorescent lights.  While it’s a good environment, it means that I don’t always have the drive to come home and plop down to sit in front of another screen.  I know that I don’t have to apologize for not posting but it was really making me feel guilty.  So, this is me posting to tell myself it’s ok not to post all the time.  🙂

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dive into some of my life of late.  Apologies for the novel length post; this seems to happen when I don’t write as often.

raceI traveled up to Boston for the 5th annual November Project Summit, which was centered around one of the North Face Endurance Challenge races.  We a couple hundred people from all around the world show up to participate and boy was it tough.  It was probably the most technical course I have ever run/hiked ever.  Most people ran the marathon relay (4 people with ~6.2ish mile routes) and it took an average of 90+ minutes.  In the end, groups started running the route together 1) to make it more fun 2) to not get lost and 3) so we could finish by the race cutoff.

Later that night, everyone congregated in one of the local hot spots (strategically next to a Westin, where the NP leaders stayed) and it felt like the last night of camp or even a high school dance.   Anneliese and I peaced out after a while to grab ice cream at JP Licks and then hit the hay.  We had been tuckered out by the heat and the hills and still had a long drive back the next day.

FUN STORY ALERT (slight sarcasm).  Sunday morning we woke up and took a walk around the local lake.  It was starting to get humid and we hadn’t really anticipated the route going so long but 5 miles later we were back at the house.  We showered, cleaned up the beds, packed the car and were ready to hit the road two hours early.  Then we realized Frankie didn’t have the keys.  Turns out we had closed the trunk with the keys IN THE TRUNK.  Yes, our so optimistic selves were then crushed to find we had delayed ourselves two hours.  Good times.

My family visited me in New York for the last time and while it may not have been the trip we envisioned, we did have a memorable time.  They had the chance to see a Met’s game on Thursday and due to a work conflict, I had to skip out.  Meghan led the charge to sample the famous DO and my dad was thoroughly confused by it.  On Friday they took a Brooklyn bike tour while I again worked (you know, bringing in the dough 😉 ).  We met up for musical #1 – School of Rock, which was great but very very similar to the movie.  I’m talking so similar you could recite the lyrics and some of the kids were almost identical to those in the film.

family nyc

On Saturday Meghan and I ran along the East River and then met up with my parents to explore lower Manhattan.  We made it to the One World Observatory only to find out that the clouds blocked any sort of view of the city.  So, we then set off to Trinity Church to find Hamilton’s grave as well as Fraunce’s Tavern, where  George Washington said farewell to his troops.  We are a huge history family and had even wanted to go see the place where Hamilton dueled only to have the skies open up and pour down on us.   Let me just say that while family adventures are glorious, we aren’t all the best at being spontaneous.  A lot of what we had planned was scrambled but we made the best of things and discovered a lunch spot on the west side, scouted out jackets for a future hiking trip, and then each of us had about a half hour of solo time to shower and regroup.   After a session of cheese and crackers, we trekked back up to Broadway for our second show of the weekend – Groundhog Day.

Sunday came sooner than expected, which was because we weren’t used to such late nights.  Meghan and I took the subway to Central Park and then ran up to Harlem for our 1 mile race with Harlem Run.  Last year I ran the entire route but my body seems to rebel against longer mileage right now.   It’s somewhat comical since a few months ago, I was dropping double digits every week.   Anyways, I had pushed my sister into signing up and there we were in practically 90% humidity dripping with sweat, waiting to run around Marcus Garvey Park.  It wasn’t my fastest mile nor my slowest and a overall a good effort given the conditions.

My parents met us up at the park and were kind enough to cheer us on for the 6:30 or so minutes we were running.  They are our best supporters and never missed a soccer game or cross country race during our high school (and my sister’s college) years.  Thinking back, I really took that for granted and am so happy to have them as our fans J  Plus, since they came up to Harlem, they got to check another part of the city off their travel list!  From there we headed back downtown and opted out of a Harlem brunch.   The sun had shown up in full force and we were able to swap our observatory tickets and take the elevator up for the absolutely epic views.

I plan to make a “Californian’s Guide to NYC” and will include some of my favorite spots, tricks, and insider tips.  I know that the observatory and Empire State Building both cost but seriously am putting a two thumbs up behind this experience.  The elevator ride is an adventure since you can see the transformation of Manhattan over the last couple hundred years.  Then when you arrive, you can rent an iPad that helps point out sections of the city, landmarks, and much more.

From there we parted ways, Dad and Meghan showered and battled their way out to Newark (that story could be a post in itself) and I took my mom waaaaaaay uptown to see Hamilton’s house.  Like I said, we are on a big Hamilton kick so it was a no-brainer and enabled me to show my mom even more of the city I’ve lived in for four years.  We wrapped up our trip with dinner at my favorite restaurant – Midwinter Kitchen and then promptly passed out.  Since she was heading down to the Jersey Shore for a few days, we got one more dinner and one more coffee date to hang out.


^^ Midwinter Kitchen.  Favorite restaurant.  Farm to table and absolutely so clean, crisp, and adorable inside.  You won’t regret it.

summer solstice

On Wednesday my friend Jess and I celebrated the start of summer with yoga in Times Square.  It was a rare opportunity to see the area relatively empty and quiet.  I wouldn’t say it was my favorite class but hey, a free mat and pretty much an opportunity to take pictures while we meditate.  Cool cool.

Last week I decided to fly home for my grandma’s 80th birthday and was able to see every single family member on my mom and dad’s side.  That’s quite an accomplishment for a short weekend home.  On Friday I drove all over LA for work meetings from 9-5 and enjoyed a 90 minute commute home.


Meghan and I saw the Dodgers crush it in the Ravine and then woke up to run with her friends and enjoy brunch by the beach.  My dad and I drove 3 hours to celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation and just barely made it back for dinner at Arroyo Chop House to celebrate my grandma Nance.  It was hands down the BEST steak dinner I’ve had in some time.  Sunday brought heat as well as a rattlesnake on our morning walk.  I filled the day with clearing out my childhood closet and packing up countless participation ribbons and trophies that were collecting dust.  I swear, if I could work with Life In Jeneral, that would be just fabulous because the thought of organizing brings me so much joy.


By Monday morning I was back in New York City and not loving the red eye flight as much as when I had booked it.  This week I found out that I was assigned Friday off as a “Summer Friday”, which means I now have a 5 day weekend.  Sounds awesome, right?  Only I hadn’t planned on that much time and am now scrambling to figure out how to fill the hours.  This shouldn’t be a problem with a few of my friends in town, a hike here and a beach day there, and packing other hours with a book or some workout classes. Or there is this novel concept call chilling out.  I’m not really sure what that means but might be worth exploring 😉

Well, this recap ended up being MUCH longer than expected but worthwhile. Mirroring C’est Christine’s “Of the Moment”, I write to process thoughts and feelings and document finds and favorites.  I write these posts to recap on my life, provide a journal entry for the future, and hopefully make someone laugh or smile or even relate. This is why I blog.

Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend.

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