Life of Late (Articles Galore)

What if share all the articles that I have resonated with me over the last two months?  Well, that’s exactly what I did so enjoy. 🙂


Time Out New York ~ “Eight ways to tell a real New Yorker from a fake New Yorker” ~  They say that you have to live somewhere for 10 or so years to be considered a resident.  Well, I’ll never be considered a NYC resident but I do find myself nodding YES to all of these.   Can we add some more one-way streets to California?  I mean, stepping off of the curb and getting ready to walk is just so much more efficient.

Buzzfeed ~ “Pictures That Show How Much NYC Has Changed” ~ Aren’t these fascinating??


Epicurious ~ “No Bake Energy Bites w/ Ginger + Turmeric” ~ Because #healthy

I’m Laura Miller ~ “Vegan Birthday Cake” ~ Worth a shot…just not for my dad’s birthday

Beets Me ~ “First Whole 30 Days 1-4” ~ I did the Whole30 or rather Whole21 back in January 2016.  I’ve been meaning to try it again just to see how my body reacts (hopefully reducing inflammation) but keep finding excuses.  My mom agreed to test it out with me and since power in numbers, I’m looking forward to that.

Ambitious Kitchen ~ “Grain Free Tahini Brownies” ~ You know because I need something to look forward to after Whole30…

Pinch of Yum ~ “5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies” ~ Same idea

Kitchn ~ “Being Healthy Isn’t A Contest so Stop Trying to Win It” ~ At the end of the day, you should care about how YOU feel.


POPSUGAR ~ “Removing These 31 Things From Your Life Will Make Your Happier” ~ After each one you should say “LE DUH”, yet funny that we don’t actually follow these…

Peanut Butter is my Boyfriend ~ “5 Things I Learned By Giving Up Alcohol for a Month” ~ This is my friend Lauren who took a month off of drinking.  That makes it sound like we are all alcoholics but in a city where drinking is usually the center of any social activity, it can be quite difficult.  Spoiler – she is a rock star and didn’t have any problems BUT it does make you question certain activities, friends, or just habits.

Wanderlust ~ “How to Soberly Socialize” ~ Proof that it is possible.  Check out Club Soda NYC for more

PureWow ~ “The Secret to Happiness” ~ Apparently it’s staying busy, which is exactly what I’ve been saying (at least to myself) for years.  When I had school AND sports, my productivity and often grades were so much better.  Same when I have a training plan and social (usually bRUNch) engagements during the year.

Good Housekeeping ~ “Things that Should Never Have Gone Out of Style” ~ Handwritten letters, potluck dinners, memorizing phone numbers (that’s just a good safety tip), CURVES, calling someone, and having a real conversations.  I did notice that men in the east coast are very good about chivalry and opening/holding doors open but I don’t know if that’s an isolated industry/coast thing.

Cup of Jo ~ “Talking on the Phone More” ~ Something I’m trying to be better at.  I used to chat with one college friend every week and then got out of habit.

NYTimes ~ “You May Want to Marry My Husband” ~ Get the tissues ready.

Fast Company ~ “How to Nail the Most Annoying Interview Question

PureWow ~ “Things New Yorkers Should Never Post to Social Media” ~ Guilty also #sorrynotsorry #can’tstopwon’tstop


 “There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait” – Alexander Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Life of Late (Articles Galore)

  1. Opening the doors is definitely more eastern/southern. In the midwest its done, but its rare. (we were just talking about it at work). I consider it nice, but also sometimes annoying. If I get to the door and there’s a dude behind me, I’ll probably hold it open for him. He doesn’t need to trade spots with me to hold it open for me.

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