Summer in New York City ’17

There is nothing like summer in the city and you can take this one of two ways.  The first is much more enjoyable – the feeling of waking up to full daylight and walking outside until the sunsets after 8.  The other is that when the humidity hits, man it hits hard.  You are walking around hoping you don’t sweat through every single item and praying that the smell of the trash doesn’t seep through your clothes.  I know I just painted a lovely picture and if you’ve experienced NYC during this season, you’ll know exactly what I’m writing about.

Having lived out here for four years, I can easily say that spring and fall are my favorite seasons – I mean how does one grow up for 22 years without the crisp feeling of October and the leaves changing all around?  It’s when we get to the chills of winter and the humid days of summer that I start to question my decisions.  This summer actually hasn’t been half bad and I know I’m going to jinx it this week but I’ll just blame the weather man.  As a matter of fact, when I was watching the Today Show (born and raised fan), they showed us the forecast and it looks a bit rough.

But anyways, summertime truly is a dream.  There are more activities outside, rooftop affairs, days at the beach, and so much more.  If you love kayaking, the Hudson offers it for free!  Just make sure to shower thoroughly after (unless you want to bathe in this).  There’s yoga in Times Square, biking through Randall’s Island or around Battery Park.


This past weekend a couple of friends and I tried to go to Emily in the West Village.  We were not smart at all and failed to 1) make a reservation 2) arrive early enough that we wouldn’t be ravenous during a 90 minute way or 3) wait for a cancellation.  Turns out when we were told it would be 90 minutes, all three of us said hell no and promptly found another restaurant to eat at.  After we cleaned our plates and paid the bill, we discovered that a cancellation had occurred and our table was ready 60 minutes early.  Oops.

^^ Walking through the West Village is always a treat.  I know I could never ever afford to live there but the history and ambience has me dreaming that I could.  After having dinner with a couple of girlfriends on Sunday, we walked back through Washington Square Park and onwards to Union Square.  You could say it was one of those dreamlike summer evenings, perfect temperature with practically no humidity and everyone is just sitting and hanging out.  I’m sure everyone was trying their best to avoid the Sunday Scaries.

In the bottom right corner above, you can see a bunch of people standing around a stand with papers.  Each one of those papers was an anonymous story written to share something about himself or herself.  Tales ranged of happiness and sadness, of one finding confidence and others finding love.  It practically melts your heart reading some of them and encourages you to speak up, to seize the day, and share.


Let’s talk about a vegan Mexican food affair.  I seem to be making the most of my meals with friends and ventured out to this Chinatown joint (ok, maybe on the edge of Chinatown) Ja Ja Ja (website + yelp).  The 5 of us are what you could call “foodies” aka interested in food.  This makes for the best meals since we ordered a few dishes for the table to divide and conquer.  Hands down we liked the nachos with “chorizo” and “fish” tacos (actually battered piece of squash that is beyond tasty).  My mind said yes to dessert and my stomach said no.  But having looked at that menu, I know I’ll try to be back.


With the influx of dining dates comes athletic endeavors.  The running has been on a bit of a back burn, (thank you burn out from marathon training) but I did show up on Saturday for a 4 mi race in Central Park.  It was a part of NYRR’s Run for One campaign where you received a free pair of New Balance shoes and then they donated a pair of shoes to kids in need in the city.  Awesome right?  It also happened to be my very last race as a NYRR member, something I didn’t think about until I was on the starting line.  This program has been such a part of my life for the last two-three years and I can’t imagine it anywhere else in the world.  Actually that’s because there isn’t anything like it but I now know that my racing standards are unbelievably high.

Anyways, on race day it was 69 degrees and there was 96% humidity.  Loooooovely.  I felt terrible, it was hot, and I was not ready to run.  This is such a difference from last year when I was pumped and ready to get all my long runs in during NYC Marathon Training.  What I was surprised to find is that despite the discomfort I experienced (hello humidity), I ran a very decent race in 7:39 pace.  Of course this is no where near a PR but for the amount of “blah” I have been feeling, that was a real treat.

After the race a bunch of people from November Project met in Chinatown for Dim Sum and what an experience that was!

IMG_4889Sunday brought three rounds of softball and though it’s been a couple of years since my last game, I think I’ve actually improved.  😉  I find that I get better by not practicing…that’s how it works, right?

I had volunteered to help a friend’s team play the remaining spring games that were rained out and had SO MUCH FUN.  There’s no better time than running around and laughing with some new peeps on a sunny day.  It definitely helped that 1) it wasn’t humid 2) no one was hungover and 3) we won.


Monday brought a day off, an awesome SoulCycle class, and a whole lot of sore muscles.   I probably need to stop running myself ragged on these days off but then how am I going to experience the entire city??  Such a catch 22…


“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” Tom Wolfe

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