Life of Late ~ 2.10.16

For those of you in the northeast, how are you doing post-snow storm?  I honestly was surprised that they declared it a snow day – no school for the kids and most people I know worked from home – but hey, it’s the winter wonderland that we haven’t had this season!

Speaking of working from home, I was able to then spend more time with my former Santa Clara boss who happened to be in town, but I sure don’t foresee myself ever with a “work-from-home-all-the-time” type of job.  I need human interaction and I would eat myself out of everything in the kitchen.  I’ve noticed that I tend to eat out of boredom and often my solution is out of sight, out of mind.  Believe me, I don’t starve myself during meals but boy, there is no need for snacks every hour just because they are there.

I enjoyed catching up with Michele {Days Unplanned} as we walked in the snow and picked up breakfast sandwiches.  {Michele’s recap of our walk in the wonderland} She even reminded me (the girl who lives in NYC but could do without snow) how beautiful it is.  I even was able to send some emails and catch an evening yoga class.  No sledding like some people I knew in Brooklyn, but it was nice to wear sweatpants and a fleece to “work”.

^^ Left to Right: Boy do I love walking through Rockefeller Center in the morning.  I usually am there once a week and the city can be a real gem before rush hour.  // Running has been tough lately and so has getting out of bed at my 5:30 alarm.  But catching up with friends and reminding myself to run for fun has helped.   // Michele had me standing and posing for all sorts of pictures.  The photographer that she is (now) 😉 was getting very fancy with the portrait view on her iPhone 7.  Sort of looks like Humans of New York, right?? 

This is Insider ~ Old School Ice Cream Shops ~ #goals to visit all the best ice cream places.

Local Adventurer ~ Things to Do in NYC Bucket List ~ Well looks like I’ve accomplished pretty much everything!  SUCCESS.  Time to make my own bucket list.

Refinery29 ~ “A Former Obama Staffer Makes a VERY Good Point About the Women’s March” ~ “With a new President coming in I have find myself facing a few hard questions. What do I care most deeply about? What are the issues I want to sink myself into? How can I make a difference as an individual? It feels overwhelming. The march this weekend feels like a short term answer to that.” ~ “Get it in His Hand…and He’s Gone” A look at USC Trojan’s Marqise Lee

Lululemon ~ “Wellness Trends: Set Your Intentions for 2017” ~ I can get on board with all of these! Longevity foods, brain health (help me step away from the black hole that is my phone) and going sober.

WSJ ~ “Ready Set Grovel – Desperate Runners Battle for Slots in Trendy Races” ~ For once in my life I can consider myself trendy.  😉  But really, signing up for races like the BK Half are no joke.  Last year it sold out in less than 40 minutes!!  This year I opted out, even though  my work would reimburse half of the fee.  I’ve already run it (twice) and would rather allocate money to races I haven’t run or towards upcoming trips.  Not to mention I didn’t really care for the last part of the course – sue me but I could care less about running along Ocean Parkway.  Buuuut I’ll be there to cheer!  Maybe I’ll even run my way down to Coney Island and celebrate with a beer on the beach.

Lululemon ~ Wellness Trends for 2017 ~ Why hello meditation and kombucha.  Let’s get to know one another better, shall we?

Time/Ellen ~ Looking back at the Obamas ~ Between these amazing photos and this hilarious montage of videos by Ellen, I sure do miss the classiness of the Obama family.

Surf Yoga Beer ~ 8 Steps for a Balanced Life ~ Passion // Gratitude // Focus // Communication.  Those are just half of the steps and man do they resonate.  Also, I have found my birthday activity – a class at Surf Yoga Beer.  Because a workout class + dinner (or brunch) sounds like an absolutely divine way to celebrate 26.  Too bad I’m about 3 months too early thinking about this.

 This weekend’s looking like a bit more of my favorite routine – workout and explore new eateries and coffee shops around the city.  I have to fit in a long-ish run tomorrow and maybe some miles + free Lululemon workout class on Sunday.  I might fill the rest of the day museum visits because it’s time to feel somewhat artsy and educated again.  Other than that, another week in the 2017 books and many lovely articles for you to now browse 🙂

“Wake up and live” – Bob Marley 

A Week Spent in NYC

A couple of weeks back, I stumbled on a Refinery29 article where young women in different cities spend their money over the course of one week.  While I’m not sharing any of my income or bills, I thought the daily doings was interesting.  I bet this wasn’t what you anticipated when you read the blog title 🙂

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Life of Late ~ 2.3.17

Looks like I’ve been doing an excellent job at keeping my blog updated. Not.  Maybe it’s a blogger burnout or a sugar crash that I’m experiencing right now maybe it’s too much screen time.  Really though, who wants to go home after sitting in front of a computer and under florescent lights for 8+ hours, and then stare at another screen?   Ok, to be honest, I actually go home and immediately have my nose in my phone while watching TV.  (This generation is certainly going to have eye/back/neck problems and carpal tunnel. )

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Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

Preface: The past two weeks have certainly shook our nation and world to the core.  I am still working to educate myself on the issues and how to get more involved.  Because I am not the most knowledgeable on all subjects, I plan to keep politics out of this blog.  I will continue to post updates on my life in the city and yes, I may include some pictures of protests that I have attended, but these more light hearted posts do not mean that I am oblivious to what is going on.

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Year 3 In New York City

Another post that’s better late than never.  The past year was spent traveling, running, and exploring all of New York – sounds a lot like year #1 and #2, right?  To be honest, there wasn’t too much change.  I continued to work for an awesome company, expanded my friendships within November Project, and squeezed as much out of my free time as possible.  As I mentioned on the 31st, I learned a little bit more about myself, appreciated my body thanks to the I Run This Body movement, and learned when to let go.  This last bit was tough in the sense of FOMO and friendships, but I realized (through many discussions and Elite Daily articles) that we can’t do it all and there comes a time in our lives that makes us realize what and who is important.

But here’s a look at what made my third year in New York City so wonderful and memorable.

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Travel Check : Portland, Maine

Almost three months have passed since my trip to Portland, Maine and while I still can picture the delicious food we ate (yep and yep) and beautiful views we had (Instagram again for the win), most of the details are slowly slipping away.  To be honest, I think I’m drafting this simply so I can it to my travel list.

My friend Lauren is much better at the details and will probably have a must-see and do post published in no time, even though it took us 3 months to do so. (I’m pretty sure I had drafted an email to myself with all the bucket list restaurants and then the draft disappeared…maybe it was meant to be)


Last October, a few friends and I decided to take a trip up to Portland, Maine to explore the outdoors and eat our hearts out.  Lindsay and I are on a “need-to-do” east coast bucket list and Portland just so happened to be one of our destinations!  Sadly we didn’t make it to Acadia National Park, so I guess that’ll have to be another trip down the road.  For now, enjoy the Top Things to Eat & See in Portland, Maine!


  • Back Cove Running Loop (sunrise photo above): A 3.6mi loop perfect for a morning stroll or jog.  Since this trip was a week before the New York Marathon, I had about 8-10 miles scheduled and wanted to build up an appetite before our day of eats.  Lauren and I rambled around Portland, around this quasi-inlet, and back through a small farmer’s market.  Our friend Abby located a local spin studio to sweat it out, which was also an excellent find.
    • As mentioned above, we didn’t get a chance to explore the Acadia National Park and subsequently missed out on all the excellent hiking Maine has to offer.  Of course, we did walk our fair share along the streets and local shops, so we’ll call this trip a Portland-dense adventure.


  • HOLY DONUT – A VERY popular donut shop that is centered around the Maine Potato.  Open daily 8 am and features top-notch fried confections, making millions per year! {Maine Potato, Dark Chocolate, Sweet Potato, Vegan, etc}

As you can see, we went for the full sampling selection and yes, using the bottom right picture for scale, the donut is THAT BIG.

  • Silly’s – Eclectic hole-in-the-wall place that is very vegetarian-friendly and excellent for brunch carbo-loading.  The prices are prime and the portions are even better!  Highly recommend the Berry Me In It + Eganator for a sweet and salty combination.
  • The Standard Baking Co – Breads and goods make from scratch.  There should be no other way.
  • Blake Orchard Juicery – When you are in the need of a detox from brews and baked goods.

I highly recommend taking a picnic or picking up a top-notch lobster roll {Bite Into Maine}, walking/running along the water, or just sitting and staring out into the distance.  Maybe live a little and do all of the above.

  • Where there’s a brewery (or two…or three…or four), there’s a way.  We visited three different breweries for tours and tastings and had a blast!  I’m not usually the one to booze throughout the day let alone the weekend but it was fun to uber around and sample some local (and not to mention popular) hops.

Last but not least, the Maine feature – lobster rolls or as Lauren likes to say LOBSTAH.  Here at Eventide you can find one of the top lobster rolls in town (and on Eater’s 38 Essential American Restaurants).  This place is usually packed, especially on the weekends so expect to wait.  Always smart if you decide to go at 3pm like we did or are willing to stick around or even go for a walk.  They take down your cell # and give you a text when a spot is about to open up.

Do note that these rolls are different from Long Island lobster because they are served chilled and chunky.  I personally would stick to something out of NYC but that’s just my city snobbery.

With that, another travel recap in the books.  Anything you think we missed in Maine?


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain