Life of Late ~ 6.17.16

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY.  Sorry.  I can’t think of any other way to open these posts any more.  I think I’m still recovering from last weekend’s shenanigans and let’s just say that when you miss out on crucial sleep over the weekend, it just seems to add up during the week.  But that’s what being young is all about.  Or so I’m reminded 😉


Last Friday I ran over the Manhattan Bridge and out into Brooklyn for the November Project workout.  I had been jogging over with my backpack when my speedy friend Jessica caught up with me.  As our pace started to pick up, I told her to go on but she was sweet and stuck it out.  About 6 miles later, we made it to Prospect Park with the rest of the crew.


^^ Dreamy breakfast found in Brooklyn and must be replicated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I will even run into Brooklyn to find this very basic but delicious egg sandwich with bacon, egg, cheddar, and avocado and the best (no really…it’s true) almond iced latte that I have ever had.

Tilda All Day
930 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
M-F (7:30a-5p) & S/S (8a-5p)

^^ Of course there were other November Project workouts in between and it wouldn’t be a workout if you didn’t take a picture, right?  All the BBG girls take them, so I’ll just upload mine here.  Sure, not the same transformations but still a hell of a good time and if you put in the effort, a good workout.

Part of the fun of working out with semi-professional photographers.  Many many thanks to the lovely Julia and Brian who wakeup at the crack of dawn and post these and many more for us to share on our own social media accounts.  It’s also so much more fun than waiting around for race pictures, which let’s be honest – rarely turn out how you imagine.


^^ As we are in the middle of upfront season, our department has been treating us to lunches and dinners in the office.  Cool free food.  Boo for staying late.  This was a little bit of a Thursday afternoon Italian Ice treat.  I swear the scoops were the size of golf balls but packed a punch like an ice cream sundae.  I took a shot of my friend’s rainbow scoop because if it’s not photographed, it didn’t happen.  I actually selected coconut but plain ‘ol white doesn’t look nearly as good for the camera.

IMG_7612 IMG_7560 Did you know that you can find nature in the city?  Yes, even this picture that LOOKS like we are outside of Manhattan, is not out of Manhattan.  A couple of weeks ago I went biking with my friend Emma who is training for a half Ironman and wanted some cycling company.  I was biking without gears and we got a bit lost a times but also realized that there is SO much more to this city and island than we realized.  Cue summer adventures!!

IMG_7714I also ran in the women’s 10k last Saturday, planning to jog and just go with the flow.  I had run 6+ with a backpack the day before and was/am still in a “non-racing/taking it easy month”.  << That’s seriously a joke because I don’t know how to relax.  I even struggle with napping or sitting still for too long.


^^ As my sister so perfectly put it ‘”I’m going to take it easy” are always the famous last words’  I guess I just get too competitive with myself.  I did however successfully run sans headphones and sans music. Thank you thank you to the epic NP cheer squad as always.

IMG_7712 ^^ My friend Callie and I posing for a picture so that we can immediately upload it and then go hunting for Juice Press and free juice.  (#willrunforjuice)  Also apparently because it’s a woman’s race, that means we have to have everything pink themed.  Well, I’m just not a pink kind of gal…but thanks?


^^ Of course right after the race, this group of girls 1) started having a dance party to the loudspeaker music (maybe we could have raced harder?) and 2) ever so politely asked to pose with MOLLY HUDDLE! who will be making her marathon debut this November at a little thing we call the New York City Marathon.  See you there Molly!


^^ We always come out stacked.  November Project ladies bringing our A game no matter the race.


^^ Racing was followed up by some green juice from Juice Press and an epic crab cake brunch.  We may have gotten mimosas for the table and banana bread pudding for dessert later that day.  Yeah, I’m not on the BBG diet nor whole30 diet at all.

IMG_7731^^ Saturday night I went out with some friends to a housewarming party and to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  See I CAN dress up in people clothes and do other things besides run and go galivanting through the city.

I pulled one of those nights where supposedly I had to act my age, so that meant a very very late bedtime.  But, despite the splitting headache the next morning, I was up at Central Park with some friends testing out our territory on two wheels.

IMG_7734IMG_7742 ^^ From biking to volunteering with a group of Santa Clara alums at the local soup kitchen.  I have been volunteering here for a few weeks and really do find it to be meaningful work.  You learn a lot about people and the struggles that they have to go through.  Some folks are grateful for your help and others are quite pissed off at the world.  It’s one of those life lessons that teaches you to give back but also appreciate what you have.



Last but certainly not least, we got an amazing addition to the November Project New York City leadership team this week.  Our tribe added a third co-leader and her name is Jeanie and she is going to rock everyone’s socks off!!!! I got to know Jeanie a little bit last year and have to say she is one hell of a leader, even before she became an official leader.  She has the charisma that anyone could kill for and damn that body 😉 We call it #bodiesbyjeanie.  Oh, and if you so happen to have a birthday and she is there to sing and dance, well, then you’ve won the lottery.  Here’s to a great new chapter in our tribe’s books and here’s to the WEEKEND!

Life of Late ~ 6.3.16

Friday. Four day week.  June 3rd.  Better yet…NATIONAL DONUT DAY!  Now even though I have a sweet tooth, I’m not always the biggest donut fan.  If it were a showdown between Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbin’s ice cream, obviously a scoop of ice cream would win.  Though I am a sucker for food holidays and November Project was located near a donut joint (Underwest) so I indulged.  The verdict?  Very pleasantly surprised and actually satisfied with my choice.


There are a few parts to this success.  First – purchase donut from the source.  None of this donuts from Whole Foods or even donuts to go.   Second – partner up with someone so that you can sample multiple flavors.   This is a #runtoeat and #eattorun sort of deal so we can’t go donut crazy and eat 1 of each flavor (cue sugar crash at work and hello witchy Kaitlin), but splitting them is definitely a viable solution.  Thank you Rebecca for being my donut buddy 🙂

Underwest Donuts
638 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
(Fun fact: this is located on the west side IN a car wash…yes it’s sanitary)


^^ Located right next to this big ‘ol boat named the Intrepid (location of today’s NP_NYC workout)

As I predicted, we have gotten into full swing of upfront season at work.  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a time in ad sales where the publisher (where ads run) negotiates with agencies (who work for clients like State Farm and Geico and such) on prices and how much they are going to spend and where their ads are going to run.  This means we wait after work for them to come back with their best deals and then we revise our options and submit proposals.  It’s a lot of back and forth and some long nights but boy am I learning a ton.  I also happen to be on a solid team where my Account Executive and Associate Account Executive are super helpful and are genuinely interested in helping me learn.  Plus the company feeds us.


So my life goes back to the balance of working and working out – a combination that I am quite ok with.  Yes, there are 100% days that I would like to sleep in but then I see the sky look like this and am always happy I made it out.  The one recent instance where I wish I hadn’t worked out was yoga  yesterday.  Stretching = good.  Bad teacher = bad practice.  My friend Jackie and I arrived for our favorite class and soon learned that 1) water was shut off at this particular location (no showers no toilets) and 2) our favorite teacher was NOT teaching there anymore.  We stuck it out but when the OM at the beginning of class sounded like a capella group out of tune, my immediate reaction was “ah hell no”.  I stayed the entire class but it did nothing for me.


^^ Tested out a couple of classes via ClassPass and totally LOVED Throwback Fitness.  One of the gals I met at 24 Hour Fitness back in the day has been working out here at least 1x if not 2x every day and is obsessed.  I had been meaning to try it but didn’t want to interfere with training for Brooklyn.  Ha – as if I was really trying hard to train.  Best described below:

“We are gamifying fitness by harnessing the feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and camaraderie that come from being part of a team, and the excitement felt when working together to achieve a common goal. Our‘murderously fun’ workouts channel the nostalgia of adolescence by modeling our unique, competitive, partner- and team-based workouts after such childhood favorites as Dodgeball and Capture the Flag, or even dorm room-inspired games like Flip Cup.” (source)

So how fun does that sound?  Test it out, see how much fun you have and then BOOK A BIRTHDAY PARTY! That’s right.  How totally cool is that?  You can have your birthday at a fun workout class.  Because birthday parties are no longer for those under the age of 8.


^^ Another class that I took was a hip-hop class at Y7 – another successful discovery.  I had taken it the Sunday after Brooklyn and entered the class with practically no flexibility and all the aches and pains.  I wasn’t so good at the “flow on your own” parts but did leave limber and ever so sweaty.

I’m really going to have to kick up my yoga game soon.  Maybe I’ll make it a part of my two-a-day program when marathon training starts.  A little cardio/strength in the morning and some yoga stretching at night.  Solid schedule don’t you think?  Still have to test out the beloved Bethany at Lyon’s Den that Ali keeps talking about.


Reading >> The Lake House by Kate Morton

Watching >> The Barkely Marathon phenomenon/obsession via Netflix & Great Big Story ~ “The Man Behind The Most Grueling Footrace on Earth

Salivating over >> Bondi Harvest ~ New Aussie restaurant in Santa Monica (+ amazing recipes here)

Cleaning >> My room and closet all.the.time.  I don’t have to move apartments for another couple of months but want to have as little excess as possible.  Seeing that I am either at work or on the go, I don’t need too much, right?

Drinking >> Iced coffee.  Starbucks is even coming out with new options like sweet cream cold brew and nitro cold brew!

Hoping >> To find Hamilton tickets.  I know they are hard to come by so don’t burst my bubble.  I’m hoping that I can find a loophole somewhere or that people don’t try as hard when the original cast moves on…

Baking / Experimenting >> With BERRIES. ALL THE BERRIES!  And this nut butter zucchini brownie recipe.


^^ Round #2 of single serving strawberry shortcake (homemade shortcake by the way…just call me Betty or Martha).  Second time was definitely the charm.

PureWow ~ “The Best Burgers in NYC” ~ This is no time to be vegetarian or vegan.  Let the games begin.

The Muse ~ “Sheryl Sandberg Opens Up and Reminds Everyone About the Power of Resilience

Meter Tracksmith ~ “No Rest for the Weary” ~ aka Badass.

PureWow ~ “11 Iconic Summer Moments” ~ GOING TO JERSEY FOR A POOL! Hope you are reading this my Jersey friends because it’s happening. ~ Daily Texts for self-fulfillment.  No really – if you sign up, you will get daily texts and gifs to make your day so much better.

Being Your True Self: Does Authenticity Matter in the Workplace?” ~ An interesting thought.  There are too many articles that look at millennials in a bad way, but there may be something to this.




Weekend wise, we’ve got some rain in the forecast (yay summer storms), I’ve got a bike ride and festive outdoor fete, some running to Central Park to cheer the runners at the Retro 4M and the viewing of Me Before You.  Let the games begin!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you a donut fan?

Bearly Functional

A pretty punny title if I do say so myself.  Saturday was the Endurance Challenge in New York (Bear Mountain Park) and after having felt major FOMO last year – even though I was out in Philly visiting my friend Mia and taking on the Philly’s Broad Street Run – I wanted in this year. So, team was assembled, outfits were created, and all of a sudden it was time to run up a mountain.  My friend Sam lives outside the city and so she spent the night Friday so we could get up early and get to midtown where the bus was going to meet everyone.


^^ Outfit credit to $7 flame pants from China, white Nike drift tank, and tagging talents to myself and Annelise, and a mix of sweatshirts by The North Face, Patagonia, and JCrew.

We arrived to 57th street around 7am and found ourselves with two mega school buses – a complete throwback to those cross country invitational days where you would get on the bus in the early morning – complete with oatmeal and gatorade and healthy snacks – bus over to your destination and just wait, wait, wait for your heat to go.  This was a tad bit different since no one was too focused on food – or rather worried about what they were eating.  We had bags of snacks ready for post-race and even broke into the Rice Krispie treats and some Whole Foods doughnuts on the way out.  Sorry Coach Myles, it was a complete #cleaneats fail.


The bus was supposed to arrive at 8:30 but with a mini-detour in Harlem, we didn’t make it until 9:15.  From there, we dropped our bags, got our tanks tagged with a unique #ECSNY bear tag.  At 10am sharp, the first wave was off on their way!


^^ Our lovely team ready…or not

For those that weren’t running, you had time to snack (yes cue endless options), browse the booths that were giving away free goodies – everything from beef jerky to oatmeal on-the-go packets to coconut water.



Annelise, Callie, and I had a blast going back and forth to all the tents, playing corn hole for free North Face swag, and picking up as many coconut waters as we could carry.


^^ Free drink ticket and pin? Ok!  I did happen to have a hilarious conversation with the two people behind the booth.  They pointed out that I was wearing Patagonia aka their competitor.  I then told them I am an owner of both North Face and Patagonia and why can’t we all get along?  I even plan to wear a NF fleece with a Patagonia jacket and then a Patagonia fleece with my NF rain jacket.  It’s all based on colors and patterns and what matches. Gosh.


After running leg #4 in Park City, I requested running earlier in the race.  I never really enjoy the downtime before a race and especially hate when the race starts so late in the day (cough cough Sweden half).  Not that we were going to break any records, but we set up our legs in strategic manner – put the two fastest girls at the start and finish.  Annelise kicked it off, I took up 2nd leg, Sam followed suit, and Callie brought us home.

My thoughts on the race?  Amazing except when I rolled my ankle.  But jump back a second.  I knew this race would be harder than Utah, at least terrain wise, and was so not ready for that.  Rocks on rocks on rocks.  This was my second official trail race and let’s just say that the resavoir around Central Park isn’t adequate practice for trail running.  That’s 100% my fault.  The trails did remind me of the trails we used to run in high school, so that was a fun throwback.

I decided to run sans watch, music, or pretty much any technology.  I considered it a jaunt in the woods and had no focus on pace, which was new and different, and felt so darn good.  I actually was cruising along, taking note of all the rocks and was reminded how it feels to get out into nature.  Took mental note many a time to get out of the concrete jungle much more often.  Anyways, with 1.4 mi to go, cue rolled ankle (my sister and I seem to have weaker ankles, especially the right one…not impressed) and a few curse words ensued before finishing up the race.  Once back to the start, Sam was off and I was focused on getting ice and even more free swag.


So you may be wondering why the title was “bearly functional”.  Well, we had a blast but in more ways than one, we were struggle city.  Even with two reminders, I forgot our 4th runner’s jersey at home (right by the door…fail), our pants were struggling to hold it together (hello $7 pants probably not meant for running), and the finish was a little less than stellar.  Oh Callie crushed it with a speedy time, but one runner was in the bathroom, I was throwing my shoes on and still eating plantain chips and pretzel sticks as we ran through the arch.  So there folks.  Life isn’t always what you see in the pictures 😉  But we had one hell of a time and that’s all that counts.

Our bus brigade left around 4 or 4:30, arriving back in the city around 5:30, putting us at my apartment around 6.  We were trying to see some friends run at the Red Hook Crit 5K.  I have been meaning to check out Red Hook but who knew this event even existed?  It started with a bike race where none of the riders have bikes with breaks!  They added in 5k running races and of course my friends that ran had already crushed a half marathon (two legs of the marathon relay) and another had run the 30k.  No big deal at all.

We didn’t actually make it to the running portion but arrived just in time for the women’s bike race. I was hangry at that point and bee-lined it for the grilled cheese truck.  The cheddar + pulled pork had potential but definitely fell short.  Oh well, the snack bag from earlier in the day made a reappearance and we were satisfied by Teddy Grahams and Oreos – dinner of champions indeed.

Why would anyone bike around in a 1k circle 22 times with the potential to totally eat pavement?  Well, why would people run up a mountain?  Just because.  It was beyond crazy to see in person and is very popular in Europe as well!

After seeing the women’s race, we were curious to see how the men’s race would turn out.  The pack grew from 40 to 100 and it was bound to be a sight.  Around 9:30/9:45, the men started lining up, warming up, and then were off.  Unfortunately right out of the gate, the lead motorcycle stalled and caused a HUGE build-up and crash.  << You can check out the video there and I’m talking bent bikes, 4 ambulances left the premises, and no guarantee of when the race would re-start.  At that point we (and pretty much the rest of the audience) started to make ways to the exit.  I can’t imagine making that a hobby but was glad that I stuck around to experience something new.

“It’s supposed to be hard…it’s the hard that makes it great” – Jimmy Dugan

4th of July Festivities ~ Mammoth, CA Edition

this year’s fourth was quite a treat as we spent it in mammoth mountain, located in central  california.  over the years we have spent our 4th in mammoth, the alisal (near santa barbara) and even england.  yep, that was the most anti-climactic 4th ever.


last year was spent at the jersey shore and next year will be celebrated in good ‘ol NYC with a fireworks spectacular.  added to the bucket list and already planned 🙂


the first morning’s view.  having flown back the day before, I still hadn’t adjusted to the west coast time zone but waking up at 5:50a had its bonuses – soaking up this view and taking in the peace and quiet…so different than the hustle and bustle of nyc.

IMG_0945breakfast out at one of the local spots.  we normally don’t eat out for breakfast (only if it’s Looney Bean coffee + scones) but we had agreed to meet up with our parent’s friends and so the stove it was.  actually, we used to go to the stove on a regular basis but hadn’t eaten there in over 12 years.  it has all the basics – eggs, pancakes, etc, but nothing too special.  make sure to factor in some waiting time as it’s one of the more popular spots in town!

the stove
644 Old Mammoth Road
Breakfast & Lunch daily (6:30a-2p)
Dinner served Th-Sun (5p-9p)
*no reservations


meghan and I were refueling after running down and around town.  she went for a belgian waffle + side of bacon (after crushing a long 10 miles in the altitude) while I stuck with a “pancake sandwich”

IMG_0941 this was just too funny not to post.  the two dads probably analyzing something as they sip their orange juice and let the girls gossip.


how’s this for an evening view?


families that run together stay together.  all the girls rocking the red, white, and blue. of course I had to rock my november project shirt 🙂 I actually ran into another november project girl who had grown up in Mammoth (or the area) and lived in boston for some time.


we teased meghan about winning because an apple pie was on the line.  she didn’t win outright, but earned 3rd in our age group.  I finished 8th in the group with about 7:20 mile – not bad for zero race warm-up and full-on altitude (my throat burning the entire length of the course and legs feeling like lead)


^^ pre-race chaos.  all the little kids decided to line up at the starting line, sprint the first 50 yards and promptly stop.  we also spotted deena kastor with her daughter and husband.  thankfully she was running with an actual running stroller, unlike some other bozos.


this would be my kind of post-race treat – what they call a frozen “Looney Latte”, topped with chocolate covered espresso beans and whipped cream.  I even substituted in coconut milk and was highly impressed by the flavor!


three’s company.  we happen to be a lab family if you can’t tell

IMG_0980tfred and I took a trip up to the top of the mountain and biked our way down.  let’s just say that maneuvering the rocky terrain was not entirely enjoyable but once we made it past the  sharp turns, it was full-speed ahead (really though, I prefer speed to rocks and jumps)


“why don’t you bike down and take a picture of me biking” ok dad.

IMG_1005night #2 and just as breath-taking

IMG_7505 ^^ meghan pre-ordered a customized ben&jerry’s ice cream cake.  it was heavenly and I’m already planning one for my 25th birthday.  go big or go home.


^^ willie wishes he that he could partake in the sweet festivities

IMG_7537 a trip to the mountains isn’t complete without a hike.  this trip we decided to hike a portion of the john muir trail ~ a lovely 13-14 mile jaunt.

IMG_7515 IMG_7523 IMG_7526

I may have gotten myself in a pickle by pushing ahead too far, losing sight of my family, and losing the trail.  lesson learned. stay in sight.

IMG_7528 IMG_7529

fern lake (trail from devils postpile)

IMG_7534“The power of imagination makes us infinite” – John Muir

California Mountain Summer Bliss Part 2

Time to share some more pictures from my summer trip to the California mountains.  We spent about three days in Mammoth itself – hiking, biking, running, and reading.  There was an afternoon of bowling and a trip to Roberto’s for dinner.

IMG_5612Kodiak Cakes Waffle Mix thanks to my 2014 BlendSwag.  We put it to the test and while it’s packed with protein, it didn’t taste like any of that gritty protein powder!  I tested my luck with the Kodiak Cakes Waffle Mix.  This stuff is protein packed and yet still tastes delicious!

IMG_5613 Look at that delicious California fruit!

IMG_5614Someone looks ready for an afternoon of biking.  This nutty girl ran 11 miles earlier in the day!  Ok, dedicated rather than nutty as she is mid-training for cross country.

We spent a few hours along the Uptown-Downtown trail, which passes both Twin Lakes & Lake Mary

IMG_5616Arriving at the midway point of our ride – Horseshoe Lake – Sadly it’s at its lowest point yet!  Notice all the remaining water rings?


TFred is dressed for the part – biking shirt, gloves, clip shoes.  About ready to crush the rest of the ride.

IMG_5618Driving from Mammoth to Yosemite’s White Wolf with a stop at the Whoa Neli Deli in Lee Vining.

IMG_5620 IMG_5624 Packed inside the Tioga Pass Gas Mart, there is a little gourmet food spot to satisfy one’s hunger.  Sure you can pick and choose a few candy bars or pack up some camping necessities, but how about some home cooked grub?

IMG_5626It’s pretty much your typical diner fare with some hefty omlettes and pancakes the size of your face.  Just the right amount of fuel before hiking the afternoon away.


Into the park we go!  A short trip to White Wolf campground before driving onto Groveland for our rafting trip.

IMG_5632“Oh it’s just an easy 8 mile hike” … suuuure.  Nothing is ever that flat 😉

IMG_5635 Despite the fire, those are some pretty gorgeous views.

IMG_5636There’s nothing like finishing a hike with an ice cream sandwich.  This San Francisco classic was just what we needed for the 6-easy turned 8-moderate/strenuous hike in Yosemite.  Oatmeal cookie with vanilla ice cream and covered in chocolate.  We totally could handle the distance, just were a bit taken aback when the route changed halfway through the hike.

One day I hope to hike Half Dome, but it requires a few more logistics and planning ahead.

Have you been to Yosemite or Mammoth?  What’s your favorite part of hiking?

Fourth of July Flashbacks

First and foremost, a very happy fourth of July to all!  This happens to be the third fourth of July that I will not be at home in sunny California.  So, while everyone is getting ready for BBQ’s, beach or mountain trips, or other family fun, I’d share some fun throwback shots.  Boy have times changed.

IMG_1089Back to 10th grade in Mammoth Lakes, California
~ Always a treat to hike, bike, and watch the annual street parade ~

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.  ~Elmer Davis

IMG_1116This would be a picture of my cousins who are now going into their middle school years!

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

IMG_0635Fourth of July is also a time to celebrate my grandma Nance as she was born on that very day! 🙂 HBNK!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few years spent in the “rustic” Alisal lodge area near the Santa Ynez Valley.

I believe in America because we have great dreams – and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true.  ~Wendell L. Wilkie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPractically twins just chilling at the buffet

My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue.  ~Author Unknown


Family trips with biking (attractive…we try)


Golfing (watch out…we’re joining the WPGA) 😉

If you take advantage of everything America has to offer, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.  ~Geraldine Ferraro


Where liberty dwells, there is my country.  ~Benjamin Franklin

P7041311 edit 2

America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. – Harry S. Truman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPensively playing shuffleboard – the “old person” or California way.  So many of my friends have talked about playing shuffleboard, but I guess they are talking about the mini version in bars.


Not exactly the most patriotic location – just the middle of the United Kingdom. Needless to say they didn’t really celebrate the 4th as we do.

Today I’m blessed to be celebrating with my family friends by the beach.  Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

From every mountain side
Let Freedom ring.
~Samuel F. Smith, “America”