Life of Late ~ 4.3.15

Are you enjoying the spring weather?? Because when I woke up and saw the forecast for 60’s (while ignoring the threat of rain), I felt a little bit like this:

Never would I have guessed that anything in the 40s would be considered “warm” but 50s and 60s? Oh my, it’s glorious!  I’m sure all of you runners out there (maybe all the east coast folks at least) could understand this article “8 thoughts every runner has on the first spring run“.  100% accurate.   I may have only logged about 6 total miles on the treadmill, but we are heading towards the days where you only need to wear one layer of clothing, not five or six.


>> possibly one of my favorite running pictures to date.  I jumped in on Lauren’s 20-miler last week with the Nike Run Club and their pictures are out of this world.  I will definitely be signing up for more group long runs when I train for my (future) marathon <<

Speaking of running, I’m absolutely loving my running and workout schedule.  My mom jokes that I’m like the hamsters in this cartoon.  I like to do cardio in the mornings and have now found a love for lunchtime pilates or barre burn classes at Equinox.

hamster cardio

If I spent as much time thinking about exercise as I did learning a new hobby or subject, wow, I could be on the road to creating the next big start-up.  But I don’t, so I won’t be asking for any investments just yet 🙂

So while I’m having a blast running every week and making friends along the way, it’s not always sunshine and daisies, that’s for sure.  There are foot pains, times I wish I hadn’t had that extra scoop of peanut butter (because stomachs are finicky), and times I compare myself to the other runners.  Don’t we all?  Georgie at In It For the Long Run had an excellent post this week about finding happiness with yourself and your weight. I don’t always talk about this mental part of running or life but it was exactly what I needed to read this week.


>> last week’s NYRR Spring Melt Down 10K at Central Park. I may have gone out a little too fast but ended up keeping the pace and finished with a PR and 1st place in my age group!  I lucked out because it was a smaller race (not a marathon qualifier either) and so not as many of the speedy New Yorkers were out.  Still, I was uber proud of the PR and proof that not only those with the bodies of Shalane Flanagan can be speedy. (not a dig at Shalane, she is one of my favorites) <<

lily dress

>> this dress. oh my goodness PLEASE.  it’s just perfectly me. the nautical, blues, and spaghetti strap are beyond perfect for summer.  the question will be if it is still available for purchase on April 19th at Target. fingers crossed.  I might even to splurge early when the collection is released at Bryant Park on April 16th… <<

With the help of my friend Laura at 50 By 25 (and her fabulous weekly list of links), here are some good reads:

~ Being a People Pleaser is a Strength Not a Weakness ~ We often act as if this as if it’s a negative attribute but after reading this article, I think not.  Moving forward, I’ll do my best to be positive, make connections, and word hard rather than suppress my inner nerd and try to be cool (because when I do that, I’m just awkward).  No shame.

~ “Learning How to Forgive” – Sweet & Salty. This is one of my best friend Laura’s (a different Laura) blogs and a really good reminder.

~ How to Talk at a Networking Event ~ It’s easy to wine and dine (ok maybe not so much) but it’s an important habit to learn.  Those dinner parties, networking events, weddings, and holidays can either be miserable or a joy.  Key takeaway?   Be Open.

IMG_9067 Back to running.  Because I can’t talk enough about working out 🙂

IMG_9037Last week I went with these lovely NP ladies to test out a Mile High Run Club class.  Lauren has an excellent review here and I have to say I quite agree with all her remarks.  I’m not a treadmill runner and honestly may never be a treadmill runner.  Though I did enjoy the instructions of when to sprint and what gadgets to push, you won’t find me coughing up $30+ to be yelled encouraged on a treadmill anytime soon.

IMG_9028>> When one enters a Bloomingdales sale, one does not leave empty handed.  I was lucky to spot a dress for only $36 (come on people…very reasonable for Bloomies) that’s perfect for June’s country festival <<

 Hope everyone has a GOOD FRIDAY 🙂 (pun borrowed from a friend) and a wonderful Easter/Passover/regular weekend.

“Freedom lies in being bold.”
– Robert Frost

Family Time in NYC

IT’S OFFICIALLY THE HOLIDAYS!  No, I’m talking about full-blown Christmas cheer going on.  For some reason it just doesn’t make sense until Thanksgiving is finished.  So, now that it’s December 1st, let the games begin.  On another note, I’m sure I’ll get around to this posting thing again but for now, a little photo-dump of what’s been happening pre/during/post Thanksgiving.

My mom traveled out for a weekend at the beginning of Thanksgiving break (ah the good ‘ol days when we had a week off!!).  It was quite nice for me because I took Monday off in order to explore with her and as a result, only had 1.5 work days before the feasting festivities began.  With Thursday and Friday off, I could get used to the two-ish day work weeks.  Dream on 😉

We started the weekend lunching with our family friends at Alice’s Tea Cup

IMG_6298Everyone was drooling over the idea of chocolate chip salted caramel and of course blueberry lemon is also a classic combo.  Do the calories count if it’s vegan 😉 Just kidding, I would eat it all the same

alice tea cup sconesWe started off by splitting a chicken sandwich and finished up on the sweet side with a pot of tea + two scone combo.  The basil + goat cheese was thrown in by accident and while it wasn’t my favorite, it would be good alongside a winter soup (maybe just avoid the strawberry jam)


Filling our time with walks through Central Park & the new extension of the Highline Park on the westside of the city

IMG_6314Splitting sandwiches & salads ~ If only they had Chop’t on the west coast …

IMG_6315I spy some holiday cheer

IMG_6320Sweet treat at Magnolia’s Bakery (Rockefeller Center) before our matinee musical.  My mom has yet to sample the banana pudding but of course our arrival at Magnolia’s was not great as all the small sizes were sold out by 2pm.

IMG_7186Quite possibly one of the best musicals I have seen.  Both “Kinky Boots” & “Book of Mormon” are on the top of my list, but the unexpected plot and humor of “A Gentleman’s Guide” surely wins out for the musicals I have seen with my mom.


Later on Sunday night, we met up with my roommates and a couple friends for dinner at the Todd English Food Hall (basement of the Plaza Hotel)


^^ Madre and me 🙂

Laura and I posing with Eloise for one year reunion.  She even thought ahead and wore the same coat as last year!


I love comparing the two pictures and seeing how far we have come in one year.  On the left, we had only really known each other for a short time. Maybe I’m reading into it, but we look a bit more timid and not nearly as close as we do on the right.  That’s what countless hours of exploring and running will do to people.  A year later and we are much better acquainted and much better friends. 🙂

IMG_6322Tiffany’s looking mighty fine with its holiday decor


We took a quick trip through Bloomingdales and while we did not leave with any shopping bags, we did leave with a scrumptious (and should I mention FREE) red velvet cookie. (Note: the wrapper is edible…mind blown)  Bloomingdales and Cool Haus were pairing up for some social media holiday cheer.  Yes, I do have quite a lot of food pictures but what can I say?  I like to walk, shop, and eat. 🙂

“The secret to being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day” –