Life of Late ~ 5.4.16

Since I missed out on a week of life of late (sorry April), I figured I’d pop in today on a whim. ¬†Ok, not really on a whim since this is already pre-scheduled and I have another idea for Friday’s blog post, but here we go and may the fourth be with you. ūüėČ

I bailed on Sunday’s Met’s game in order to relax and do some organizing around my apartment. ¬†The weather was a bit sucky and I didn’t really want to sit in the 40F temps + rain. ¬†Now if the Mets were playing the Dodgers, it would have been a different story, but it was the Giants so there. ¬†This week has been relatively low-key but I’m itching to change things up. ¬†Luckily I’ve got a couple of adventures planned in the city this week/weekend and next weekend I’ll be heading back to sunny Southern California for my sister’s college graduation. ¬†Not to pull this card, but it really does seem like just yesterday that I was leaving Santa Clara and graduating into the real world!


^^ A little reminder notebook from my boss at SCU Athletic Department. ¬†She’s one helluva woman and I only wish I had dedicated more time to working with the department to learn from her, but thankfully we keep in touch (her blog here) and keep one another inspired.

Eating >>¬†avocado ¬†I know that my family was a huge Tex-Mex fan, thanks to Lawry’s seasonings, but I don’t really recall being obsessed with avocado beyond the weekly addition of guacamole. ¬†Oh how that has changed.

Wanting >>¬†to see Zootopia. ¬†I’ve heard excellent things and maybe I’ll gain some wisdom from the movie. ¬†Those plot lines appear light-hearted but are often way deep.

Participating >> in Verywell’s (’s new health site) Instagram promotion. ¬†Who doesn’t love promotions and free goodies?? ¬†As evidenced by the two bags of coconut water I brought home from Bear Mountain, we all know I do.

Living, breathing, and working out >> in all things November Project, but what’s new?  I did a little Facebook stalk of myself (not weird at all…) just to see what other people would see if they stumbled on my profile and wow, it’s a little running/NP intense focused.  Not obsessed at all.  No fun.

Runner’s World ~ “The Motivating Power of November Project” ~ Still have yet to make it to Harvard and actually run the stadium

ESPN W ~ “The Happiest Workout Group You’ll Ever Join ~ “12 Things Runners Should Never Apologize For” ~ Another by my friend Ali. Also, #8…story of this blog.

IMG_6693^^ Suns up buns up…IT’S SUNNY AT 6AM! Got to love the spring ūüôā ¬†Also loving workouts that keep you sweating and leave you tuckered out.


^^ Sun was NOT out but still was fun to play in the puddles. ¬†We fit the NYC stereotype of wearing all black. ¬†Totally called one another to coordinate ūüėČ

IMG_6721^^ So about that working out. ¬†It’s not always pretty. ¬†Running photos are not always pretty (hm, note the above) but it’s sure better with friends – especially those who keep you accountable and motivated to train hard.


^^ Last Friday’s run crew. ¬†A few of us have decided to meet up and make the run-commute to Friday’s destination deck. ¬†This adds at least a few miles to our day and even if the workout ends up being short, we feel accomplished. ¬†Boom!


^^ When you do run those extra four miles (with a backpack) prior to the workout, it’s only necessary to celebrate with the breakfast club. ¬†This beauty was from Plenty Cafe where apparently their biscuit sandwiches are ranked in the top 5 of the city. ¬†I’d believe it.

A Cozy Kitchen ~ “Homemade Animal Cookies” ~ Oh, these are delish and dangerous. ¬†Also probably better than the store bought ones – like the entire bag that was eaten freshman year in one sitting. ¬†Good times. ~ “A Tiny Bronx Bakery Churns out Carrot Cake” ~ I have YET to make it to this shop and the three times that I was running at VCP Park in the Bronx, I meant to go. ¬†Now with such a legacy and sweet story, I have to go.

Pure Wow ~ “10 Sins You Should Never Commit in NYC” ~ #5 and #10. So true. So true.

Contently ~ How Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers Consume Content Differently ~ Intriguing, right??

PureWow ~ “What Your Favorite Flavor Says About You” ~ Mmmm I could do citrus all day every day. Apparently I’m an energetic optimist and I do think that’s pretty darn accurate.

IMG_6947 “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” – Katharine Hepburn

Those New York Eats ~ Part 1

One of the best parts about living in New York is the wide array of food that surrounds you. ¬†Here I am catching up on some of the clutch eats surrounding me in the city. ¬†Many of these pictures have just been sitting around in a draft post (or realistically my iPhoto) waiting to be dropped into a lovely post such as this. ¬†That being said, many of them are from months ago during the warmer days and non-whole30 experiment. ¬†Still, plenty of fun to share ūüôā



 Joe Coffee
~ Lexington (UES) ~ Union Square ~ West Village ~ Chelsea ~ Columbia ~ Upper West ~
Iced cold brew latte w/ cherry scone (or a cinnamon chocolate chip scone)



And if you are feeling a little too healthy with that vegan fresh pressed juice that could cost an arm and a leg, follow it up with some solid sugary fried dough ūüėČ

IMG_0332 IMG_0335

The Donut Pub
203 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-0126

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~


IMG_4656^^ Famous bone broth from brodo down in the East Village. ¬†I was on my way home from a run (and Juicepress adventure) and decided to take a plunge and test it out. ¬†Ordering from the menu is simple – which type of mix-ins would you like in your broth? ¬†I went for the “marco” or broth with tumeric and ginger since those have apparently good anti-inflammatory powers. ¬†To be honest, it was tasty but I’m not sure if I could afford the $8ish 10oz snack every day.


Grimaldi’s Pizza
1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY ~ (718) 858-4300
M-Th: 11:30-10:45 pm; Fri: 11:30-11:45 pm; Sat: 12:00-11:45 pm; Sun: 12:00-10:45 pm

Again, pairing all love of foods together. ¬†Some claim Grimaldi’s is THE BEST. ¬†I think to be fair, one would have to order all of the pizzas, line them up and do a taste test. ¬†But, then it ruins the experience if one pie is better inside the restaurant versus takeout. ¬†Anyways, for more pizza joints to check out, here is one versions of¬†the “Most Amazing Slices in NYC“.


Pure Thai Cookhouse
766 9th Avenue #2, New York, NY 10019 (52nd/9th)
(212) 581-0999

Thai is not always my jam, probably because I haven’t really had a solid Thai outing, until this. ¬†Noodles with perfectly spiced chicken and a cold Thai tea make everything better. Don’t you agree? ¬†It’s the power of food (and people) that make the world go around.

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~


IMG_0436 IMG_0437 ^^ It might be smart to order mussels at a mussel bar buuuuut I don’t like them, so I went for the grab meat guacamole and spicy greens instead.

IMG_0439^^ Had I had extra space, I would have selected the “Deep Fried Whoopiee Pie” or even a medley of the “Flex Donuts” just because.

 Flex Mussels
174 E 82nd St ~ 154 W 13th St
~ Menu ~ Book a Table ~ Info ~


^^ The Corner Deli, which guess what? ISN’T A DELI! ¬†Officially recognized by the world wide web as a casual taqueria, the menu offers a good selection of authentic and delicious Mexican fare.


IMG_7631IMG_7635^^ Quite possibly the worst food photography ever but that would because it was shot 1) indoors 2) at night and 3) with flash. ¬†Food photography no-no’s. ¬†BUT the food was delicious if that’s worth anything {fish taco, horchata, plantains, avocado salad – aka sliced avocado}

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~

Sooooooo if you made it to the end (even if you were skimming as I usually do…true story) CONGRATS! ¬†More coming with of course a list of places that I would like to hit up in the next few months.

Who’s in? ¬†Any recommendations?

breakfast at habitat, los angeles

recap for the week – sunday night red eye and rest of the week attempting to stay awake aka not too much happened this week. ¬†so when in doubt, throw it back. ¬†also I don’t feel like writing with capital letters today. sorry mom.

just over a month ago I flew home for a couple of¬†friend’s wedding. ¬†they have been dating since high school and are simply perfect for one another. ¬†just too darn cute. ¬†anyways, a trip home meant a trip to november project los angeles and since madre (what my sister and I like to call her) was taking the day off, it meant a trip to a new coffee joint. ūüôā

IMG_3305we met up with the group at baxter street hill and ooooooo my, it was a doozy. ¬†but check out that view. maybe not as good as the views in san fran, or so I see on social media, but it’ll do. ¬†one of these days I’ll have to check sf out for myself. (funny because I was so darn close to sf all throughout college and of course the sf tribe started just as I left the bay in ’13)


next up, cawfee.

habitat coffee
3708 N Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065
~ la eater ~ facebook ~ time out ~

IMG_3351 welcome to los angeles, the land of hipster coffee spots

IMG_3353IMG_3355 IMG_3354 why yes, that’s my favorite number. ¬†it must have been my lucky day.

IMG_3357 IMG_3356hi mom! look at you in your november project shirt and santa clara hat ¬†ūüôā


^^ more of an up and close view of the muesli because why not.  silly me thought that all muesli was the same and I was imagining the milk (more likely cream) soaked oats from zinc down in corona del mar.  no, these were served high and dry with just a dollop of almond milk.  I ended up going to the coffee station and dowsing it in milk, which made it a tad bit better.  I also think it could have improved with a hefty portion of berries rather than orange and green apple pairing.


IMG_3359 ^^ the true winner that morning was my mom’s quiche. ¬†just look at the layers of savory goodness. breathtaking with a spot¬†of burnt cheese on top and enough protein to take on the day.


do good l.a. do good

NP-LAX, Family Time, and a Wedding

First up, a big thank you to all of our veterans, those who have served and who are serving today.  I appreciate your courage and dedication to this nation.

Looking back, this weekend all seems like a blur.  I flew out on Thursday night and was able to take Friday off of work.  There was an epic hill workout with November Project Los Angeles, coffee and shopping with mom, the new James Bond movie with the parents, and oh, a wedding!

IMG_3347 ^^ Whenever I’m home, I try to walk and hike as much as possible. ¬†Sure, exploring¬†the streets of New York keeps me going, but views like this sure trump the increasing homeless population in Union Square.

IMG_3349^^ My friend Laura and I may have gotten lost on our morning hike, but the views were worth the extra half hour detour. (^ photo creds to Laura’s iPhone 6)


^^ After the hike, Laura and I met up with our other two friends for a little carbo loading before the wedding. ¬†I went for Dish’s selection of pumpkin pancakes, bacon (eh, I’ve had better), and over-easy eggs. ¬†Of the lot, I would say the highlight was the maple butter on top of the pancakes. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of big breakfasts (or pancakes for that matter…lapse in judgement and sold on the holiday aspect), but it was fun to meet up with friends and catch up. ¬†My random thought from the morning was that unless you spread the butter evenly on the bottom pancake, it gets far less love and doesn’t taste nearly as good as the top. ¬†So here’s to the bottom pancake.

Later on in the afternoon, it was time to paint my nails, get ready, and head over with some girl friends to the first wedding of our friend group. ¬†These two have been dating since high school and are THE CUTEST. ¬†It wasn’t a matter of if they would get married, but rather, when. ¬†Honestly, there were tears and laughter, the whole shebang.


^^ The entire family is beyond crafty (#lifegoals) and made a majority of the signs and structures (note the epic contraption below, which was used as the backdrop of the wedding ceremony)

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

>> west coast to east coast love <<

IMG_3393 ^^ High school mini-reunion basically better than any reunion we will be having in the near future.

Once the ceremony was over, we moved our way inside to test out the special “His” and “Her” drinks >> Dark & Spicy (dark rum, allspice dream, ginger beer, lime) and Greyhound (gin, ruby red, grapefruit juice) and explore the seating. ¬†The dinner menu was on point with family style platters filled with chicken, grilled vegetables, steak and chimichurri sauce.


^^ COOLHAUS COOKIE BAR FOR THE WIN.  This baby was made up of the snackfood cookie (pretzel and potato chips similar to this recipe), gluten-free coconut almond chip, and candied bacon ice cream.  The true winner ice cream was the seasonal boozy selection, which was a take on a cherry manhattan.

{cookie options included: chocolate chip, coconut almond chip, ginger, and snackfood w/ ice cream options: balsamic fig & mascarpone, seasonal boozy, nutella almond, brown butter, and candied bacon}

Their wedding was beyond amazing.  The food, the atmosphere, and decor.


^^ How adorable of an ending.  The two met in orchestra back in junior high, hence the music note.  Then the truffles were made by a little venezuelen chocolate store in Pasadena.  Absolutely DELISH.


^^ Sunday called for a walk with the Bodie man, a walk with a college friend, and a few foodie finds at the local Sprouts market. ¬†I’m a sucker for overpriced health items, but this gem was a steal and oh so tasty.

Later in the afternoon, I played a round of golf with the parents, helped make dinner back at home, and then it was off to take a red-eye back to NYC. ¬†There’s really no good way to get back and forth from west coast to east coast. ¬†At one point in my life I thought I would be open to traveling for business. ¬†After countless flights this year, a couple red eyes down and a few more to go, I don’t know if I’d like that lifestyle. ¬†But, never say never.

“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.” —¬†Barbara de Angelis

LA Eats: The Village Bakery and Cafe

Though I am from Southern California, I have spent very little time outside the realm of Pasadena. ¬†No exploring of the hipster coffee shops, countless hiking trails, and nifty hole in the wall treasures. ¬†Well, now that I’ve made that my life out in New York (exploring as MUCH as possible), I figured I would give California a chance to shine through, even in the unfamiliar territory across town.


When I was home over the summer, I took my mom to the Wednesday November Project РLos Angeles workout at the Hollywood Bowl.  I was able to work via my cellphone (woohoo technology) and my mom was off for the summer, so we decided to splurge and find a breakfast treat nearby.

IMG_1026 ^^ Obsession with tiles much?  But really, these stones remind me of the architecture style you see all throughout Santa Barbara.  Something about that mission style and flair.


^^ My mom had taken my grandma to this village bakery & cafe and thought I would love it just as much.  How can you not fall in love with the exterior and bright colors?


Inside you will find an extensive menu and bakery items.  The menu is perfect for breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.  I was even eyeing some of the sweet treats for later, because #willrunforsugar. 

IMG_1037 ^^ Like I said, how can you not fall in love with this vast array of pastries?  Usually I pass up on some of the muffins and breads, but with an array like this, I could have sampled each and every one.

Some of the favorites include the maple bacon scone, olive oil cake, and various bars. Don’t they just look divine?


^^ Even the interior has a certain charm with the communal tables, bright paintings, and iron-like chairs. In some ways, I want to say “it’s so L.A.”, but I’ll have to spend some time figuring out exactly what that means ūüėČ


^^ My mom stuck to a simple scone and latte, while I sampled the granola, fruit, and yogurt combo – filling and oh so satisfactory.

And of course it wouldn’t have been right to leave without sampling something extra buttery and delicious. ¬†We did workout after all ūüėČ #s’moresbarearned

IMG_1043Village Bakery & Cafe
3119 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
M-F: 8am-7pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

*Make sure you check the streets for information on street cleaning! You don’t want to find yourself with a parking ticket!

Sweet Southern Eats ~ Charleston Edition

A trip to the south Рor anywhere for that matter Рis not complete without a list of eats.  We were only in Charleston for a short time, just under three days, and I think we did a fine job of making our way around town.

Starting with breakfast/brunch, we decided to hit up Butcher & Bee, a top recommendation and one which is located off one of the main roads and in the back of a parking lot.  Sure, sounds normal to those folks in L.A. or in the suburbs, but strange for someone who has been absorbed in the New York lifestyle for some time.

IMG_7837 IMG_7825 Options, options, options.  Most of them were along the lunch and dinner realm, but we made it work with some huevos rancheros and epic french toast.

IMG_7831  ^^ Like I said on Monday, when you find yourself in the south, ask for everything on top of a biscuit.  Duh.


¬†A food blogger in her natural habitat. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†She¬†is queen of the San Francisco eats and has lots of fun explorations if find yourself in sunny (cloudy?) San Fran.

IMG_7833 Of course Gaia’s french toast was the real winner on presentation. ¬†A gooey selection of Challah bread dipped in something sweet, toasted to perfection, and topped with berries and granola. Mmmmm, sugar coma come save me.

Butcher & Bee
654 King St, Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 619-0202

IMG_7835Now if you are looking for something a little more casual or maybe caffeinated, I recommend stopping into The Daily¬†(by Butcher & Bee). ¬†We ended up here post breakfast for just that –¬†coffee and juice, and I would certainly have gone back there the next two days if it wasn’t in the opposite direction of our adventures. Oh and the whole “must try new things” idea.


IMG_7822Lovely pre-packaged items ready to devour.  Like I said, if I lived here full time and had the ability to spend $$$, I would be here all day every day.


Yes kind sir I am taking a picture of my beverages (split with Laura). ¬†No judgement. ¬†We’ve got Green Lemonade on the left (kale, spinach, cucumber, green apple, lemon, ginger – BEST JUICE EVER) and Iced Almond Milk Latte on the right (BEST ALMOND MILK LATTE EVER). ¬†Just throwing that out there.


On the first day, we ended up eating breakfast at such a late hour, that there really was no need to stop again for lunch and instead, we spent the day walking and then snacking on various coffee drinks and glorious King Street Cookies.  They even had a milk bar for you to fill up and pair alongside your one, two, or more sweet treats.  I went for more of the chocolate selection while Lindsay had strawberry and lemon and Laura stuck to a snicker-doodle and molasses.


King Street Cookies
370 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401



We may not have eaten lunch on day one, but we sure found ourselves in line for BBQ on day two. ¬†The original plan had been to wander through a plantation and then end up at Sullivan’s Island or Isle of the Palms for some much needed beach time. ¬†Well, Mother Nature had different ideas and with a never-ending rainstorm in our midst, we settled in for a nice drink and southern spread.

IMG_2214IMG_7927 Lindsay found the most adorable old-fashioned bar where they make affordable classic cocktails and play black and white movies on the wall. ¬†I decided to go outside my comfort zone and order something with gin and pineapple. ¬†The thinking was “maybe the pineapple will help my legs recover from all that walking, right?” ¬†Good thinking.

Next up dinner, but that went un-pictured by yours truly.  I swear it was delicious, I just decided to live in the moment.


Husk is yet another wonderful dining option – one that requires a reservation well in advance. ¬†We didn’t think that one through either and couldn’t really show up and ask for a table for 5. ¬†But maybe you can check it out for us!

76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

IMG_7933 IMG_7935

Next step.  Find a suitable dessert option to end the night.

We all know the book,¬†If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but I think there needs to be a book,¬†If You Give Kaitlin a Scoop of Ice Cream (she will love you forever). ¬†But then again, maybe we shouldn’t. ¬†In the end I will say hands down, ice cream is the best creation and certainly the best dessert. ¬†I also think now that Jeni’s has their stuff together, they are churning out some fine flavors.

IMG_2257 Because ending the day, weekend, trip, and summer with another scoop of ice cream is the right decision. (same place, different night)  Really, the diet starts tomorrow.