Celebrating Easter with a Touch of Lemon

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WIAW #20 – Junk in ‘Da Trunk

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas and are recovering from the food overload 😉 Ok, a few last splurges before we bring out those New Year’s Resolutions lists.  What Meghan and I are most proud of the fact that we have crossed off about 5 food items on our to-do lists.  Additionally, we have accomplished four Pinterest recipes in the last two days.  Nice, right? I mean, those pins shouldn’t have to sit there forever.

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Cake Class Round #2

So now that I have had my second cake decorating class, I guess I could call myself somewhat of a novice.  As I may have mentioned last week, the five week beginner’s course is hosted by Jane’s Cakes and led by none other than owner Tom himself.  If you have not entered into this store, I recommend you do so.  It has to be a baker’s paradise with every type of pan, mold, cookie cutter, crafty tool, and more, just sitting waiting to inspire the next cake boss. Continue reading

Ah, Sugar.

Well, well, well.  Where shall we begin?  While I don’t have too specific of a routine during the summer, I have fallen into a pattern of running in the mornings and working during the day.  I am working three days a week as a Telemundo Ad Sales Intern at the wonderful NBCUniversal out in Universal City.  Continue reading