Summer 2016: GOMO not FOMO

> FO·MO – Fear of Missing Out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. <

This four letter word has been phenomenon for who knows how long and was officially incorporated into the Oxford dictionary in 2013.  It’s something that our society, especially my generation, needs less of.  Much less of.   I’m sure it has been around for ages but thanks to the various forms of social media, has had more of an impact in recent years.   We have so many stimulants in society that keep us thinking about what we should do, should work on, should look like, places we should travel to, and on and on.

Sure, sometimes having certain images circle around social media can have a positive effect – you can get inspired to try new meals, plan trips, or get out and about.  Unfortunately it can also become a detrimental factor in making you feel worse about what you already do and that’s not cool.  A fun company called Eventbrite, which enables people to create invites online, is leading the charge on this GOMO mentality, considering it the new FOMO. So today on the first of June, I make a pledge to filter out the FOMO in my life and I hope I can encourage a few to do the same.

photo 2

How does that work?  First start by writing a list of things that you enjoy and would be happy to do in your free time.  Now set the seed and make it happen!  Bring friends or go solo but now is the chance to carpe diem!  Of course the next part of that is to commit to your plans and not comparing them to others.  Remember, you do you.

This summer, instead of sitting around and having said FOMO, how about trying GOMO or Getting Out More Often?  There are plenty of ways to stay busy during every season and thankfully summer is one where we can really get out and play.  Thank you also to summer Fridays, which will allow me to hopefully escape the city or at least soak up some rays in Central Park.  Here are some other ways I plan to get out more:


np on gma

  • find some sun and surf
  • enjoy an ice cream cone
  • find the best lobster roll in town
  • make some new friends
  • hike outside of the city


(click picture or here to link to Outdoorfest’s website!)

  • go to Gallow Green (again) because fancy floral rooftops = winning
  • see a musical
  • attend a summer BBQ/hang-out
  • turn my phone off at least once a week and/or weekend
  • be happy with myself and the decisions that I make

For other ideas around New York, check out the I Love NY website.  More summer fun around NYC ideas from 2014 >> Part 1 and Part 2.


So now I’m committing to the world wide web.  I will truly do my best to staying in the moment, not letting myself get wrapped up in other people’s trips, travels, excursions, or pictures.  Instead, I’m going to encourage myself and as many people as possible to seize the day, the moment, the hour, and do more of what pleases me!  Who is in??


P.S. If you are curious about starting your own event, definitely check out Eventbrite as they support ticket sales as well as other features like discounted options for non-profits!!


Life of Late ~ 12.23.15

So because I really like posting these little life of late posts, I’m setting mine up a couple days early.   I have been in a quasi-active posting mode, publishing posts on M/W/F and obviously a tad bit inactive the last few weeks.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Anyways, I figured not many people would be browsing the internet and checking on emails come Friday, so here we go.


^^ Second annual NP_NYC Carols with double the turnout from last year!  We met at Columbus Circle, divided into teams, and then went on a scavenger hunt through midtown.

IMG_3947One of the main reasons I love the New York workouts is that every Friday locations takes you to a new part of the city.  Oh, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be somewhere totally iconic.  Brooklyn Bridge?  Been there.  Columbus Circle? Done that.  Plus, waking up early to hang out with some of your friends?  How else would you want to start the weekend?


Oh the joy of client events…meet the “Sleigh Belles”


What in the world are we doing?  Well, completing a mega stair and deck-a-day workout in the WARM December night.  That’s right, New York may have just hit below the 40’s this week but in the last couple weeks, we had highs in the 60’s!  There were some days where it was warmer than Southern California in December.

IMG_3968Meet the NP_NYC Race crew.  This was from our last NYRR race of the year, the Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park.  I signed up relatively last minute and was happy with how it went.


Yes, I race with music.  Lately it has just been a necessity and if I could play a few of Bieber’s songs and “Lean On” on repeat, it would be a good day.  Overall, I’d say the 6.5 miles weren’t half bad.  The last few were a different story.  I still finished strong but need these next few weeks off from racing.


With a cheer squad like this, you are bound to have a strong finish.  Just knowing you will have people waiting there screaming for you makes a WORLD of difference.  Also note that we are all in shorts and tank tops.  It was that warm in mid-December.  Hello Global Warming.


With the last couple weeks in New York came lots of good times.  I scored four tickets to Jimmy Fallon and managed to see Tina Fey and Channing Tatum all in one day!


Apparently they are SUPER strict on the no cell phone rule inside the waiting room.  Strict as in they mentioned it at every opportunity they could over the course of two hours.

IMG_4036IMG_4019 It may not have been your typical New York December with temperatures in the 60’s but seeing things like this on my way to the gym definitely makes up for that.  After all, we need some decoration to make the season merry and bright, right?


^^ Another look at our mega turnout from NP Carols.  So many people were fascinated by us and were taking pictures and videos.  With our luck we will not only be in the Snapchat story but in someone’s scrapbooks. If people make those any more…

Business Insider ~ “Brothers who cofounded a $100 million company say this question their mom asked every night at dinner is what inspired their business” ~ Ask others about the good in their day rather than focusing on the bad.

I’m Begging My Mother To Not Read This Blog ~ “Fifteen Things for When the World is Shitty and Terrifying.” ~ Sorry about the language, but sometimes you have to keep things in perspective. I like the way she ends the post.  Do what you can.

Bananas for Balance ~ “An Honest Look at Body Image & Self-Talk” – Currently in the same boat and I love what she writes at the end “While I can make some exercise and nutrition changes to feel better, I also know that part of that process is loving my body for how it is today and all that it can do. End of story.

IMG_4140 ^^ When in doubt, explore what’s out there.  This was from Pho Show out in Brentwood/Los Angeles area.  So.darn.delicious.

New Yorker ~ “The Spiritual Life of the Long Distance Runner ~ “Why Rejection Hurts So Much – And What to Do About It” ~ I’m debating about whether to dedicate an entire post about this.  For now, here are my two cents.  Rejection hurts.  We’ve all experienced it in one form or another.  But here’s the thing – it makes us stronger and pushes us to be better.  Sure, things don’t always go your way, but as my yoga teacher said last week, that’s the point of life.  If things were always easy, life would be boring.

Great Big Story ~ “Fighting for the Starting Line: Chris Mosier’s Quest to Compete” ~ This is amazing because not only is it a part of the new CNN news platform (something my company created), but I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Chris through November Project.  Chris is the first transgender man to make one of the male national teams and he is by far one of the toughest athletes and pushes himself and others to their best.  Please take the time – it’s 2:22 minutes – to watch.


Meghan and I went to an ugly sweater party at a friend’s place last weekend and yes, they had a puzzle.  My sister is the queen of puzzles and so when one girl said “I don’t know if we are going to be able to finish this tonight, it’s just too complicated”, Meghan responded with “do not underestimate my powers” (points for whoever guesses where this line is from).  As you can see, it was a glorious success.  Although, there was some butthead who thought he was hot $hit and said “wow, what losers are doing a puzzle?”.  I glared at him in a nice fashion and said, my friends, and promptly went to help with the puzzle.  #rude


With that, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and see you on the other side (aka next week)

Game Set Match ~ The U.S. Open

Ah, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, an annual summer affair for Queens New York City.  While I only played tennis recreationally as a kid (note, tennis camp, rallying with the family, and occasional matches on vacation), I didn’t know much more about the sport.  Sure, everyone knows Wimbeldon, but who knew that there were hard courts, grass courts, and even dirt courts?  Starting around 1987, the U.S. Open has been set as the fourth and last tennis match to accumulate in the Grand Slam.  Players set out to obtain this glorious title, first with the Australian Open, French Open, and then Wimbledon.

IMG_7759This glorious event is held out in one of the five New York boroughs – Queens – and right off the 7 train.  If you are lucky enough to own a car and don’t have to navigate the packed, sweaty public transport, I recommend that you do in fact drive to the event.  Sure, there’s parking to think about but since this is usually held around the last week of August and first week of September, the heat and humidity is well in full-swing.  From my perspective A/C car is looking mighty fine.

IMG_7758Like I said, the entire tournament is hosted out in Queens in Flushing Meadows, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Big Apple island thanks to the 7 train. The entire event lasts a couple of weeks, but prices are generally better earlier on in the tournament.  Also keep you eyes out for Groupon or other discount sites that help make the event affordable and family friendly.

IMG_7765IMG_7775IMG_7773This particular arena is packed with eating and shopping options galore.  The good ‘ol Ralph Lauren has you covered in terms of wardrobe, something particularly important with the level of humidity out there.  We were just arriving to the venue at 7pm but I’m sure if I had been there all day, I would have needed a new pair of clothes or at least a fresh shirt.

IMG_7769IMG_7770^^ Collecting t-shirts and hats has become a family hobby and makes for the perfect souvenir.  Long gone are the days where I stocked up on keychains or frivolous stuffed animals, (Not bashing on the toys, I’ve just learned that my tiny New York apartment can only handle so much love) and so onto baseball caps I go!  It’s a fun way for me to connect with my dad because the man can be quite particular about clothes and styles.  However, I know that a baseball cap (and this style in particular) is a winner!

Actually funny story about purchasing swag.  We were walking back to the 7 train after the event had ended and one friend commented “I just don’t understand why someone would spend $26-30 on a shirt or hat”.  Well, you just met one. Me.

IMG_7774As mentioned, we decided to attend the night session, which started around 7pm.  We also decided to select tickets for the opening session which meant we saw the opening ceremonies (not nearly as much of a production as the Olympics but still decent) as well as Serena and Nadal!

IMG_7778IMG_7776^^ First up, FOOD.  I was impressed by the selection of options in the food court – from shredded pork nachos to salads, salmon sandwiches to cold-pressed juice by Juice Press.  The more time you have to wander the better but we were cutting it close to show time.

The main events are housed in the 22,547-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium – named after the African American tennis player who won the men’s final of the first US Open in 1968.   Next up is the the Louis Armstrong Stadium, and Grandstand.

IMG_7779IMG_7783^^ Opening words from Mr. Mayor (hm, do you think he will ever show up to our November Project workout RIGHT OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE??) and Ms. Billie Jean King.

IMG_7786^^ Somewhat odd serenade/opening by Josh Groban and then it was time for some tennis!

IMG_7789 IMG_7801 IMG_7803

Short and easy win for Serena when her opponent Diatchenko was forced to retire due to a running injury.  It would have been nice to see her play a bit longer but we still had a couple hours left in the night to watch the men’s first round.


IMG_7810 IMG_7811IMG_7814 IMG_7815There have been a number of awesome matches thus far, including Monday’s Murray vs. Isner match, which lasted 4 hours and 18 minutes!! I can’t even imagine playing that long or actually sitting that long! Not sure which is tougher 😉

Then, there was last night’s match with Venus vs. Serena.  Tonight we move onto more quarterfinals with Federer and Gasquet at 8pm EST.   For those sans cable, you can watch right along with ESPN3 or download the TuneIn App for your smartphone and listen as you work or maybe go to bed!  All notes and recommendations are my own finds, no endorsements…unfortunately.

IMG_2121“Champions keep playing until they get it right” – Billie Jean King

Celebrating More Good Times in NYC ~ Year 2 ~

With that, year two is complete in the NYC.  Boom.  This happens to be the second-longest I have spent in one place (third if you count when my parents and I lived abroad in England – but I was just a baby).  As I went to write this post, I was amazed at how much has and hasn’t changed in a year.  The groups of people I hang out with, the things I like to do on the weekend (hello run + brunch), and just taking a look back at year one in the Big Apple and I already feel that much more mature and accomplished.

Most of my friends at NP joke that I’m not really the 24 year old I claim to be.  I guess that can be a good thing, right?  Some days I act wise beyond my years and maintain a bedtime of 10:30.  Other days, I continue to freak out about my future, if what I’m doing is right or enough, and all those other 20-year old stresses.  I think this post from Katie Wanders about her first year as a transplant, sums up life perfectly.  It’s not easy and there are ups and downs.  Thanks to technology, we can phone home (probably too often…sorry mom), document our adventures (but try not to get caught up in FOMO or “grass is greener” syndrome), and find pretty much any activity or job we would like.  I’ll spend another day to ramble on all of that, but for now, here’s to a fabulous two years in the city and at least one more!

Forewarning, this is a long post with LOTS of pictures.

~ FALL 2014 ~


Towards the end of my first year in the city, I started going to a little thing (or big thing) called November Project.  I’ve talked again and again how it’s been part of the glue that keeps me sane in this city.  Who knew that just showing up to one workout could really lead to so much fun?

IMG_6013Quick hop, skip, and a jump to visit my friend Laura in her San Francisco hood and then meet up with a college friend – Alexis – for a little time in Seattle.  Ok, not exactly “NYC” recap, but still, good times.

IMG_6062A little bit of time in the wilderness (hey hey Appalachian Trail!) goes a long way.  The gal directly behind me actually ended up spending three or so months on the trail hiking from one end to the next!  I think I’ll pass on that bucket list item.  Maybe portions of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)…maybe.

IMG_6035Paying tribute at the recently completed 9/11 Memorial


A SPLENDID trip down to Washington D.C. where I spent the weekend with my grandma Nance and family friends in Maryland. We had a hoot walking around a couple museums, soaking up some time in the suburbs, and overall hilarity that ensues with this family.

IMG_6558 That time New York recreated the Friends cafe for its anniversary.  I can now say that I have finished all most of the episodes from seasons 1 to 10.  Honestly, I got a little bored with it all and resorted to watching every other episode when one of the roommates had it on.

IMG_6553 ^^ All the pumpkin and all the Chobani.  Did you know that the SOHO store even lets you keep the bowls?? Maybe I need to make another trip soon.


Fall trip to Beantown where I was able to visit the November Project Mother Tribe for HILLS FOR BREAKFAST.  Now the question is if I can make it to the epic Wednesday Harvard Stadium workout.

IMG_6171 IMG_6212

More Boston Travels (a delightful trip around the city despite the rainy weather!)

photo 4

I LOVE SETH MYERS.  Unfortunately he is married.  But we got to see him live in person and see his show, so I still consider myself lucky.  Still working to get into see Jimmy Fallon (and one day SNL)

IMG_6904 ^^ The very first race that I ever volunteered and needless to say I am HOOKED.  I signed up as a part of November Project’s #mile14 takeover, working from 6:30ish until 2.  I was exhausted to say the least.  Of course not as tuckered out as those runners but boy, screaming and handing out water/gatorade for that long does wear you out.


IMG_7062 ^^ THE ONE AND ONLY NP PICTURE DAY.  This was around the time I really started to focus on my plantar faciitis and give it a rest.  I ran PR day and took this picture, which I love but my family members do not.  Oh well, you can’t always win.

~ WINTER 2014/2015 ~

IMG_7018 ^^ Aren’t the lights and decorations at Macy’s beautiful?  They really do make you believe there is magic during this season.  Of course not pictured (as well) are the hundreds of pushy people flocking to THE holiday store in the city.

IMG_7107 ^^ Volunteering as a seat filler (you sit down at the tables if – and only if – the very important people have to use the loo or leave) at the CNN Heroes event at the Museum of Natural History.  Outfit of the day by LOFT.  I love me some cheetah and leopard print. 🙂

IMG_7168 Nice little visit from Mom and family friends 🙂

IMG_7828~ HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM NP AND ME TO YOU ~ Let the gosh darn cold season begin.  We may be smiling above but we were freezing our rears off on the Randall’s Island footbridge.

IMG_8313Here we are at one of the many Saturday runs out of NYRR (New York Road Runners) – some of my friends in the front including miss Ali.  You know, I do love my weekend runs but I never would have given myself enough credit to go out and choose to run in the cold.  That is, unless my countless running buddies were also going along with me.   Fingers crossed we can make it work again this year!


^^ Work trip to Chicago had me thinking “ok, if I fly out Tuesday I can make it to a Wednesday AND Friday workout.  Brilliant”.  Of course it ended up being -16 on both days.  Oh fun fact – I used to think that 59F was COLD.  Yeah, good times.


Drinks out with the girls at a local speakeasy – Dear Irving.  I can thank Lindsay for moving out to the east coast and encouraging us to go out and explore more of the night life 🙂

IMG_8794 IMG_8729 ^^ My NP buddies who are ALSO born on the very best day…May 6

IMG_8962~ SPRING 2015 ~

IMG_9220 Rain or shine, November Project all the time.

IMG_6647Took a trip with the grandparents to Cape Cod.  They flew out for a little rest and relaxation on the brisk east coast and were kind enough to let me tag along.

IMG_6763 IMG_9564 Trip down to Philly for the Broadstreet 10 Miler.  Love that Alex is rocking her red, white, and blue grassroots gear.

IMG_9674 Guess what?  We are all born on the very same day (but different years).  So much love.  And on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

IMG_9933In May, I took about a week and a half to visit my sister abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and from there, we took on Scandinavia! A little time on the roller coasters of Tivoli (Copenhagen)


IMG_0097To crushing a half marathon in Goteborgs, Sweden

IMG_0291Celebrating CNN’s 35th anniversary with free swag and a couple of my best work buddies.

~ SUMMER 2015 ~


Farmborough Country Festival ~ June 2015

IMG_0800 They say rain is a good thing.  I say thank goodness for sheltered performances.  We stuck it out under the tent until it was time for Brad Paisley to perform.  Then we ran our way across the bridge to the subway and home (completely soaked).  Got to love country.

IMG_1185 ^^ That time I decided to sign up (twice) for a skeeball league.  Not only did I perfect the art of throwing a skeeball, but I made a few solid friends along the way.  Like I said, we may not have the perfect relationships all the time, but people certainly do come into your life at different times and for different reasons.

IMG_1251 #runtoeat … 9 miles and a doughnut ice cream sandwich later

IMG_1378 ^^ Celebrating Zara’s birthday at quite possibly the most fabulous rooftop in the city – Gallow Green.  Sure, it’s in the worst location (subway wise) but too perfect with all the planters and excellent drink combinations.

IMG_1569 A trip down to Baltimore to visit a good friend. Sarah knows her stuff – running, ice cream, and how to spend a good Friday night.


Mic drop.

IMG_1557 Summer isn’t complete without America’s favorite past-time.  LET’S PLAY BALL! But let’s also be realistic, if this were a National League game, I’d be rooting for my boys in blue (Dodger Blue) all the way.

IMG_1782Making the most of summer streets with Marnie.  We powered through 8-9 miles that day (a lot for me!), saw all the sights, picked up a free coconut water, and a couple of green juices.

IMG_1789Please summer, don’t leave us.


Congrats if you made it to the end of this post.  You’re a trooper.  I always enjoy looking back at my posts, my pictures, and those old-school scrapbooks.  Reminiscing and remembering, considering how things may look differently a month or few years down the line.  We change and we evolve.  We have amazing adventures and days that bore us to death.   But even though the sun sets in one area (hello gorgeous Central Park sunset), there’s still a bright new day (and year for that matter) ahead.  Let’s power on to make each moment worth our while and embrace the good as well as the not so good.

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” – Phillips Brooks

welcome to 24

another day and another year older.  it’s safe to say this could be the best birthday to date or at least that i remember.  i will have spent my morning at two november project workouts — doing what i love with people who make me smile.  i will be celebrating with friends all week and am off to explore scandinavia in just under two weeks.  i have learned to live in the moment and deal with stress and disappointment.  i have been fortunate to have such a close and supportive family and am finally learning what it means to have confidence in myself.  my favorite phrase of late — “you do you”.

with that, here’s my list of things to do and focus on in the year to come


1. start the day with something that i’m grateful for
2. invest in the relationships that matter
3. take a solo trip
4. ride a segway
5. get involved with a charity
6. travel somewhere that i have never been
7. learn to ask for help
8.  wear sunscreen and moisturizer every day
9. enjoy being single
10. meditate (mindfulness) for 10 min/day for 1 month
11. spend more time living in the moment and less time worrying
12. learn to poach an egg
13. run a speedy half marathon…push for sub 1:40
14. send one piece of snail mail a month
15. try a month of the whole 30 eating plan
16. go an entire weekend without technology (at least phone/computer)
17. sign up for my first marathon
18. be genuine and happy for others
19. take a vacation with my best friends (or two)
20. complete 20 acts of kindness
21. learn to make a souffle
22. run 2 more half marathons (continue my goal of 1 in every state…CA and NY check!)
23. make my blog self hosted
24. do what i love and love what i do


“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss

Marvelous During the Holidays

We are not quite 12 days away from Christmas, so I guess I’ll have to hold off on some quirky countdown.  For now, let’s jump into what’s marvelous in the world. Thank you to Healthy Diva Eats for reminding us to pick out the positives 🙂

Marvelous is … Spending time with family friends and their adorable and absolutely hilarious pooch.  This would be Wrigley, the dog who has extreme separation anxiety and had more pictures taken of him during Thanksgiving than the food did.


Marvelous is … Discovering new tricks for organizing. Those who know me understand my love for organization.  Well, my room may not be the best example but I love to take the entire kitchen apart when I’m home.  My dad even commented last year “Ah, I know when Kaitlin is home because the tupperware is all over the floor and I never know where to find the Teddy Grahams.”  Oh TFred, you know you love it 😉

Well, along with organizing, I love to gift-wrap and am always trying to keep things in order.   I found this trick in Real Simple and just had to share it.  For “No-Stress Storage” slide an empty toilet-paper roll over a roll of opened wrapping paper to prevent it from unraveling.  Keep labels together by bunching together with a rubber band or piling into an old gift box (Think JCrew’s tiny boxes or something similar)


Yes, I looked like a lumberjack as I carried this home.

Marvelous is … HAVING A LEGIT CHRISTMAS TREE! Can you tell that I’m excited?  My mom used to pick up little baby trees from Trader Joe’s but we decided to go all out in our apartment.  I swear, we may not have had much the first two weeks we all lived together but my roommate went to town on decorations (actually she just picked them up from her house 🙂 ) and it’s beyond adorable.


Marvelous is … New York Shenanigans – shopping along the decorated and overly crowded 5th avenue, wandering through Union Square market items, enjoying multiple workouts at my local gym, treating myself to a acai bowl from Juice Generation, and just plain ‘ol exploring.


Marvelous is … Trying something new – like a Upper East Holiday House Tour.  $35 for a tour of a fancy looking home completely overly decorated?  Sure, I considered it more of a test or experiment as New York decorating really isn’t my thing.  After wandering for a mere 20 minutes, I realized that I am a California girl through and through and fall in love with the true simplicity of Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn (even though it’s quite out of my current price range).  Funny enough I walked past both of these stores after the home tour and felt so much more at home than I did throughout the entire tour.  IMG_4427_Fotor_CollageMy photos don’t do enough justice.  It was just so “New York” and so “Upper East Side” that I couldn’t document enough.  Just trust me on this one 😉 Think extravagant Sex in the City.


Marvelous is … Hanging out with coworkers.  Not only did my friend make an amazing garlic bread (yes, coming from a girl who doesn’t usually choose bread) but my other coworker put together an divine lasagna and together we had a wonderful night of games, dinner, and fun.  That combined with lights decorating the office, free Pinkberry, and Christmas gifts come early, I’d say it’s been a great December.

I also finished off the weekend with a tree lighting party with my new friends Laura and James at James’s family home.  Friends, family, and some good food and wine made for a wonderful Sunday night.  Hope everyone’s holiday season is going well!  Carpe diem!

“A negative mind will never get you a positive life.” – Dale Partridge