April Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend started off pretty slow but was soon filled with a number of workouts and sweet city finds.  But let’s back it up a notch.  Wednesday’s workout was tough tough tough. My legs felt fresher since I hadn’t run intervals on Tuesday, but I still seem to be tired from my last race.  I guess I need to load up on those turmeric pills and beet juice.  Anyways, we ran around the park in a T formation, adding in some burpees and step-ups to the mix.


On Thursday I took a spin class with a couple of pals from work at the local Equinox gym.  One of my friends – Jess – happens to be a spin instructor and so she is an expert at spin, but had never tried an Equinox class!  I’m a terrible friend and haven’t even been to one of her classes (yet).

IMG_6726 ^^ When your work family becomes your fit family.  It was fun to do something other than eat lunch together and hey, when work offers a free spin class, you definitely say yes!


Then came Friday’s workout, which was located at Chelsea Piers.  The theme happened to be Coach John’s Last Single Man Workout and was quite a hoot.  I was glad that I had ran to the workout (even if it was only 2.5 miles away) since we had a bit of a late start and it was only 20 minutes long.  Here’s the thing, even if it doesn’t seem like a “good” workout, it’s all about the effort you put into it.


IMG_6732 Oh yeah, this might have been part of the workout…


(source by November Project – NYC)

Our office has been pretty slow lately (watch me jinx myself…) and since Friday was no different, a coworker and I decided to catch up over lunch at The Smith.

IMG_6740 IMG_6744

^^ Goodness gracious me oh my.  That tuna poke above was diiiiivine and the avocado toast was maybe not as good as Bluestone Lane (what could be better than that?) but hit the spot.  If I had to give some tips to the chef, I would add some red pepper flakes or some extra sea salt.  Other than that, well done 😉

IMG_6747^^ When you get out of work and have time before happy hour, a cone from Chloe’s is obviously the right choice.  Their soft serve fruit is made with pure ingredients, doesn’t leave you with a sugar crash, and paired with a pretzel cone is the ULTIMATE sweet treat for a warm day.  I may have gotten a cone two days in a row.  But who is counting?  Anyways, I’m definitely digging this warmer-but-not-humid-yet weather and the ability to throw a dress in my backpack for work.  Makes my life oodles easier and no mom, I’m not wearing Birkenstocks to work.

IMG_6724 IMG_6754

^^ Saturday morning came around and it was time for a long run.  I haven’t been feeling 100% on my runs lately and I know that means I should take some time off.  But with Brooklyn on the horizon and my inability to relax, I keep pushing on.  I started off towards the West Side Highway, headed south around the tip of the island towards Battery Park, and then back to the East River Track.  Once I ran under the Brooklyn Bridge, I ran into my friend Sam and we were able to jog and chat for the next three miles.  Both of us are feeling a bit off running at the moment and so it was so unbelievably helpful to run into a familiar face.  When will it ever become easy?  When can we just pound out the miles in an effortless (and maybe speedy) fashion?



^^ The reason I ended at the East River Track was for Coach John’s Last Single Mile.  I guess it’s a tradition between him and his friends for the groom-to-be to organize one last mile race on the day of the wedding.  Well, we like to say #justshowup and that we did.  Hey, I even made Matt Power’s snapchat feed in my goofy old fashion.

Next up…BREAKFAST! I was able to find a place that could seat some hungry runners and luck would have it, the wait was short and the food was fabulous.  But really, Cafe Orlin was beyond what we were looking for.  I went for the Malawach (two eggs any style with Yemenite fried dough, fresh tomato sauce, olives and green salad)

Cafe Orlin
41 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003
b/t 1st Ave & 2nd Ave ~ East Village



^^ We also ordered a set of pancakes for the table, which was a clutch move.  Then we could have our sweet and savory.   Hey, 10+ miles means breakfast earned, right?

Let’s just say I’m not very good with free time and so after brunch I decided that spontaneous spa trips were necessary – cue manicures, a cone from Chloe’s, and an impromptu hair cut.  I hadn’t planned to go out, but since I got my hair done, I guess I haaaad to go out.  Lindsay and I met up and went out to The Wren, an upscale pub on Bowery with a delicious set of cocktails.


Sunday was a day of rest, although I still went to the gym for some treadmill walking and arms + abs.  I then met up with a friend for spray painting in preparation for next week’s race (um, I’m obsessed with spray painting now so send everything my way. please and thanks…and don’t worry, I won’t grafitti anything illegally), had a lovely afternoon in the sun with one of my new NP friends, a salad from Sweetgreen, and some nice food prep/movie marathons.  Here’s to another great week!

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West


Ice Cream Loving

Long days and warm nights seem to breed the perfect environment for a scoop of ice cream.  July happens to be the national ice cream month, but I certainly believe the frozen treat can be enjoyed year round.  There’s even an ice cream festival happening this weekend (July 19 + 20) out in Brooklyn.  More information here from Sister Sister NYC.

You’ve got your Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs, but how about some new fun favorites?  One bite and you will be hooked! (Maybe you’ll have suck a hankering for it that you’ll breeze past the $6+ price point 😉 Or at least save it for a special occasion)

IMG_5340Happy cows produce solid ice cream, right?  These days there are so many types of ice cream and custards to fit all sorts of palates and dairy or dairy-less needs


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
~ Scoop Shops (NYC) ~ Where to Buy ~ Give as a gift ~

Gourmet midwest flavors right in your freezer.  Luckily (or dangerously) I’m located above a Gracefully market that sells these gems.

~ Ice Cream ~
Brambleberry Crisp – Black Coffee – Cherries Kickapoo – Pistachio + Honey – Savannah Buttermint – The Buckeye State – Yazoo Sue w/ Rosemary Bar Nuts – Whiskey + Pecans – Wildberry Lavendar

~ Sorbets ~
Cantaloupe + Sun Tea – Hot Toddy – Riesling Poached Pear

~ Frozen Yogurt ~
Apricot – Grapefruit – Lemons + Blueberries – Cultured Key Lime – Lime Cardamom – Mango Lassi – Passionfruit – Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Rainbow – Red Raspberry

When I was at the Fancy Food Convention, I was able to sample a summer classics – brambleberry crisp.  Oh man, it was so refreshing and delicious with complete chunks of chew crisp in every bite.


Magnolia Ice Cream
Tropical Flavors from the South Pacific

Maybe you are looking for that snack to help you escape the 9-5 grind or maybe in the mood for a mental tropical getaway?  This was yet another ice cream company I discovered at the Summer Fancy Food Convention.  With their pints of purple yam and guava, there’s no end of possibilities.


Magnolia was created back in 1969 as one of the original tropical and Filipino products for American audiences.  Manufactured out in Northern California since 1972 and packed with real California milk (happy cows come from California…duh) and the best fruit around.


NYC Ice Cream Classics

Sundaes + Cones (95 E 10th St., Manhattan)
OddFellows Ice Cream Company (175 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn)
Chloe’s Fruit Soft-Serve (25 E 17th St – Union Square)
Pop-Bar (5 Carmine St. @ 6th Ave.)
Ample Hills Creamery (Brooklyn)
Il Laboratorio del Gelateria (188 Ludlow St., Manhattan)
Big Gay Ice Cream (East Village + West Village + Los Angeles!)


Parm (248 Mulberry Street @ Prince Street)
People’s Pops
Emack & Bolio’s (73 West Houston St – 1564 1st Ave – 389 Amsterdam Ave)
Williamsburg Creamery
Momofuku Milk Bar (East Village + Midtown + UES + Williamsburg)
Culture (331 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn and 60 W 8th St., Manhattan)
5 Oz. Factory (Wisconsin Custard) – (24 W 8th St)
Mister Softee (all around town)

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