Life of Late ~ 10.23.17

I know I know, there have been a few too many “life of late” posts going on.  I truly wish I could muster up a few other prophetic posts, buuuuut I’m coming up short.  This week has actually flown by and hey, it’s everyone’s favorite day of the work week.

Some of the random things that I have learned in the last week?

  • Gluten-free bread is delicious but also starts to crumble after one week.  This doesn’t make for a great sandwich or grilled cheese.
  • Going to watch baseball games (even in the bar) with friends is fun, except when you decide to get up early to workout in the morning.
  • Running on 5 hours of sleep?  Not exactly recipe for the most success during the work day and sure doesn’t help with your eating decisions.  Common sense Kaitlin. Duh.
  • I’m pretty good at eating healthy, but boy I have such a craving for something sweet at the end of the day.


Sure, people complain about the MTA but I have to hand it to NYC, I’ve never had better methods of transportation.  Think about it, there may be tons of people and sure, some delays, but we actually get places relatively quickly.  If you aren’t going to follow me on this train of thought, just enjoy the different tile patterns and pictures in each subway station.

IMG_2779^^ Don’t these just look divine?  A little trip to Chobani SOHO is always a good idea, especially when you get to take the little glass bowl home after you finish!  My friend Whitney and I met up for a little massage in Chinatown and then caught up over Chobani (sweet for me, savory for her).


IMG_2813^^ BIG thanks to this gal for meeting me on Staten Island just to run the last few miles of the half with me.  I may have still had to have my earbuds in and jams flowing but having her there certainly helped.  I realized that running back to back to back races probably wasn’t the best idea for my body (some people are bionic) and I certainly need a little break.

IMG_2818^^ But first, we brunch.  Quite possibly my favorite combo >> running + eating.  Yes.  I may have gone to Chobani both Saturday and Sunday, but when Staten Island has NO FOOD OPTIONS AFTER THE RACE, you get a little hangry and go for whatever you want.


^^ Facebook now does this thing where it posts things that you have posted on that day (or around that day) in the past.  In honor of the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon last week, it was fun to not only see the most recent race, but the first SF NWM race back in 2010!

IMG_2906Here we are, just three sophomores in the city 🙂  Look at how young we look!  You can see the difference between the top and bottom (both Sam – middle girl – and I are in the same spots year over year)


^^ Last Friday’s workout was RIGHT down the street from me.  Even though I was so.darn.tired and probably could have benefited from the sleep, I just had to go.  It’s something about FOMO and guilt-tripping myself.  Anyways, afterwards, we decided to climb up oodles of stairs just for fun.  Hey, don’t you wish you had that view?

IMG_2885 ^^ Just some crazy kids getting a workout in.

Strava ~ “No White Space

Well + Good ~ “8 Tricks for Being More Confident” ~ TRUTH – be passionate – be hardcore – be bold – be resilient.


^^ Making this vegan pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin on point.

November Project (NYC Post by an amazing person) ~ “Hunger” ~ I have found that NP is just something out of the ordinary.  You think that when you graduate school, it will be tough to make friends – meaningful friends – who enjoy the same things or don’t pass judgement for something you think, say, or do.  Well, not to get too sappy but a lot of us have discovered that through working out and through November Project.  Pretty much everyone that I have met has taught me something.  Most of us share stories – the good and the bad – training tips, social events, etc.  We are there to help each other and not judge.  It’s amazing how we have all come together across the country and have this sense of belonging in a seemingly confusing adult world.

Peanut Butter is My Boyfriend ~ “What’s Next on My Fitness Journey?” ~ Good questions.  There are a lot of things that I would like to do in my life, train for in life, and places I want to race.  What happens if now just isn’t the right time?  How do I continue on this fitness journey?  What is that fitness journey?  All good things in Lauren’s post 🙂 


My Domaine ~ “Splurges to Make in Your 20’s” ~ Does daily cold brew count?  Just kidding.  Experiences are some of the top ways I spend my money.  I’ll get around to a car and a better mattress (moving on up from the twin).  #14 – some workout. CHECK 😉

Women’s Running ~ “How to Get Over Having to Miss a Race” ~ I always fear the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish) or DNS (Did Not Start). Something about disappointing people or really just disappointing myself.  If it’s an injury, one must listen to the body, even if that race has been on the mind for months.  Of course, this is a moment where you should do as I say and not as I do.  I tend to run through pain, sickness, and negative temps.  Not smart, Kaitlin.  Not smart. 


^^ One last pic of the trip to Miss Lady Liberty last Sunday.

As for this weekend, I’m thinking of scheduling in some relaxation time.  Yes, the only way I’m going to be able to chill is if I schedule that.  😉  The weather should be glorious, a run in on the calendar, plans to see a Halloween Dog Parade (yes, that’s a thing – and annual thing), and maybe some more delectable autumnal recipes.

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.” – Freya Stark

Chobani, Running, Pumpkin and More

Well, a fall weekend in the city just couldn’t get much better than this.  I may have come down with a cold but that didn’t stop me from my plans.

IMG_6553After Friday’s November Project, I traveled down to SOHO with Lindsay to meet our friend Naomi for breakfast at the Chobani Store in SOHO.  While there were about 5 different flavor combinations I wanted to try, I held it together and stuck with the seasonal favorite – pumpkin + cranberry + gingersnaps.  Naomi selected the same while Lindsay went along the granola + apple + walnut spice bowl.  Never a bad decision, especially when you get to take home the glass bowl.

IMG_6558 From there we walked a few blocks south to the popup Central Perk, a replica of the Friend’s cafe with the actual couch from the show.  Now since I’ve been watching every since episode from season 1, the couch seemed a bit small to me.  Oh well.  We still received a free cup of coffee and a picture on the couch, so I was good to go.  Memories made, right?

On Saturday I decided to venture out into the pouring rain and attend a local run club.  While it may not have been the best decision with a cold, I did meet a couple neat people and learned how to improve my running stride.  Leaving the store with some of these Warrior Chia Bars wasn’t half bad either 🙂

IMG_6561Snacks compliment of Lululemon Run Club – Meatpacking District.

So I guess I never mentioned that I have a couple new roommates here in the city! Well it’s actually safe to say that my friend group has grown exponentially and lucky for me that includes my friend/roommate Lindsay 🙂 We go way back.  Like elementary school status back.


Here we are up and at ’em early for our friend Laura’s race.  Laura was running her first half marathon and with a brisk start in the high 40’s and hundreds of leaves changing colors,  it sure felt like fall.

IMG_6575She may not have been smiling the entire race but for her first half and a 1:31ish time, I think she killed it!  Actually she was just happy because she saw us and she could hand off some of her warmer running gear.  Props to James for running right alongside (and without much training…I think)

I tend to have more of a competitive streak in me and knew that simply watching the race just would not do.  Instead, I ran to and from cheering all the runners on (mostly my November Project peeps even though they couldn’t hear me).  So much more fun and rewarding 🙂

IMG_6586I’ve already wrangled up all my cross-country friends to be our coaches for the next half marathon.  I would really like to PR in the next race and that of course means being healthy and actually in shape.  So, with a bit more focus on the recovery and cross-training element, gradual distance, and eventual speed work, we should be good to go.

IMG_6590Post race brunch at Le Pain Quotidien ~ Zucchini + Feta Fritatta (maybe the spreads x4 because we couldn’t get enough!)

IMG_6592While we weren’t the ones running a half marathon, 10+ miles does seem like a lot to cover and boy was I ready for sleep last night.  Too bad we finished eating around 7 and were ready for bed by 8:30.  That might have been a tad bit too early.

IMG_6593The rest of the afternoon was spent baking a batch of banana-pumpkin bread (possibly one of my favorites and tipping towards the healthy scale), cooking chicken soup, and binge-watching pro-football and the fourth season of Friends.  I have only ever watched sporadic episodes and while the show was filmed on a lot in California, but I feel so much more of a connection to it now that I’m in my 20’s and living in New York City.

For the week ahead, there’s some yoga + spinning, the last dodgeball game until next season, dinner with friends, November Project, and a trip to Boston!  Ok, I’ll throw some work in there 🙂 Can’t let the digital ad space down now, can we?

Friday Favorites – October Edition

TGIF. Enough said, right?  Work went a bit longer than I would have liked with all the training we have been going through.  Then, with not so much sleep this week, I made excellent dinner decisions – Subway baked BBQ chips, Subway cookies shoveled in my mouth after encountering a stressful work assignment, and beer/Harry Potter shot with my coworkers afterwork.  Great training fuel, right?

Well, today I have the day off and am stoked to get some writing, crafting, baking, and exploring accomplished.  That is, after a 6:28am workout with November Project – NYC.  We attempted to work out at Rock Center but some security guards were not too enthused with our “unionizing” and blocking the walkways.  So, instead of spending the day in jail, we proceeded to run around the center and keep an eye on any potential police activity.


Lindsay and I plan to make today all about fall.  From searching out the perfect fall and winter decor to baking our fair share of pumpkin items 🙂 We’ve been bouncing from blog to blog and there’s oh so much to choose from.  Our first stop is at Chobani to check out the seasonal favorite (featuring pumpkin of course) 🙂


Pumpkin Banana Bread (By CA Endless Summer)

Smashing Pumpkin Granola (By the Fit Fork)

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (By CA Endless Summer)

Single Serving Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (By Imma Eat That)

Pumpkin Spice Granola (By CA Endless Summer)

Barley Risotto w/ Kale & Butternut Squash (or Pumpkin) (By Mountain Mama Cooks)


Because using an actual planner is more fun than my iphone + one million pieces of paper lists (not to mention it’s absolutely adorable)


  • Some more work perks 🙂 This time I had the opportunity to take a trapeze class and while I may not be quitting my day job, I had a darn good time.  Still rocking the bruised knees, but it was so worth it!


  • Listening to CNN’s Michaela Pereira during Stop Bullying Week.  The discussion seemed to focus a lot on the physical element of bullying, but unfortunately there is so much more out there.


  • Views like this make waking up early worth it.  Sure, by the end of the week I’m like a zombie, but it’s worth it.  Trust me, check out the list of tribes here. The enthusiasm, the fun we have together in/outside of workouts, the inspiration behind everyone’s training.  I’m right at home.


  • I even wrangled my friends into coming with me one morning.  I guess I forgot to tell them about the core exercises we sometimes do and they were a tad bit sore for the next few days (week).  But they still love me (I hope) 🙂


Have a fabulous fall weekend

Oh, Just in New York City

So, this one time, we carried a couch through New York City. Not exactly the entire city – just out of one apartment, down the street about 800 yards and back into another apartment.  But it was quite an event and I thought it was absolutely hilarious and found myself laughing the entire time.

Last week I received a text message from my friend Laura, asking if I wanted a free couch.  Um, free couch?  Well, her host family is in the process of remodeling and wanted the couch out by the end of the weekend.  It was either give it to someone who would take it (so yes, that isn’t even a question.  I would LOVE a free couch) or leave it on the curb for trash pickup.


I sent this picture to my sister, she asked if I had just picked random people on the side of the road to help out.  Since I can be pretty independent or self-sufficient but knew that trying to drag a couch across the street solo would not work out. We wrangled up a few of our guy friends and made the deal sweeter by treating them to Belgian waffles.  Everyone in the picture was known before hand and was fully aware of what they were getting themselves into.  Well, maybe not completely aware but that element made it that much funnier. IMG_3309

Because every Sunday should be celebrated with strawberries and waffles

 As you can see, we were able to fit it out of the doorway and into the elevator.  Although, there were many moments where I didn’t think it would work out.  But then I thought, “they had to move it in somehow, so there has to be a possibility”.  That along with the fact that I will not give up and that was too nice of a couch to just leave on the side of the road.

So, to keep the theme of Marvelous in My Monday, I can definitely say marvelous being a proud owner of a legitimate couch (eons better than our <$150 Amazon Prime futon).  Oh, and its price tag of $0?  Yes, that makes life even better.


Other notable moments from the weekend included celebrating Laura’s birthday with a comedy show, divine Mexican dinner in Brooklyn, and dancing the night away at the Beauty Bar.  Fun, no?  I even made a flourless chocolate cake (recipe to be shared soon) and toted it along to dinner and then continued to carry the cake pan as we went out.  I mean, isn’t that the latest trend?  Carry your baking supplies through the bar?


Saturday was spent with a gorgeous run along the east river and some last-minute babysitting where I spent a solid hour or more discussing actors, actresses, movies, and televisions shows with a highly intelligent 9-year old.

Sunday started with some blog reading, Pinterest, preparation of soft pretzel dough, and a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It was nice to catch up on blogs since I barely get a chance to read my emails during the week.


After moving the couch, Laura and I went for a run in the sun along the east river, around Battery Park, and into SOHO.  We splurged and had an afternoon snack at Chobani and then found ourselves wrapped up in the JCrew sale.  Of course the afternoon was perfect since running + JCrew were the superficial reasons we bonded in the first place.

Not so marvelous would be trying on clothes in those goodness awful dressing rooms.  I despise the lightening of those mirrors and I swear JCrew (along with most clothing companies) like to change the style and sizing of their clothes.  I know running is great but that paired with genetics make for not-enjoyable clothes shopping.  But even with the moans and groans and frustrations, I came out with some tank tops, a couple pairs of shorts, and anticipation of the spring weather.

After our afternoon’s interesting turn of events, we hopped on the subway back to the apartments, I iced my legs, took a quick shower, and finally made the soft pretzels.

c822a8d4d56d0d4b26e1a06329348accWith that, I leave you to a marvelous Monday and week ahead!

Cupid’s Friday Favorites

It’s Valentine’s day?  Say what?  No date?  Bring on the CANDY!  That is, only the good stuff.  None of this cheapy Hershey business.  Yes, I’m going to be high-maintenance because I can 😉 I always like “holidays” for the thrill of the decorations and themed foods.  Valentine’s day doesn’t really mean (and really never has meant) much to me in terms of the romantic department.  It was fun to make Valentines but ever so awkward handing them out (unless you were in a class that required you to give one to everyone…that was muuuuch better).  Back in high school my sister would send flower grams to one another just for fun and of course there is my beau, Bodie 😉 Just kidding. (sorry if I’m repeating stories here, it’s a habit of mine – just ask my mom and sister)


But really, I don’t really consider the fact that I don’t have a date for tonight a problem.  In fact, I’m celebrating with my girl friends (single or dating!) tonight and we are going to have a blast.  I truly am grateful for all my friends and family so take that cupid. 😉

Some of my favorites for the week 

IMG_2853Mid-week manicures – What more can I say?  Adding a pop of color just brightens my day.

IMG_2800Running outside – It may be cold still (around 5ish on Wednesday morning!) but the couple times I got out side were worth it.  I especially miss running before work, but not enough to make it outside every day when it’s this cold.  I may have to hold off a few weeks or at least save my little trips to the east river or Central Park for the weekends. IMG_2771CHOBANI!!! – Excitement to the max when I found myself running from the east side, around Battery Park, and up into SOHO, where the one and only Chobani store is located.  Not only do they have an excellent array of options (both hot and cold, savory and sweet), but you get to KEEP the bowl your meal comes in.  Um, YES!  I made the trip a few months back and picked up the half portion but went full force for this breakfast. IMG_2797 have a simply wonderful day and weekend 🙂

Eating and Exploring Brooklyn

Let’s just say the past few weeks have been a little crazy.  Lots to share but all in due time.  For now, let’s try a relatively wordless What I Ate on Sunday by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  I spent the day exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn, listening to ESPN College Game Day and having a blast.
IMG_3963 IMG_3968 IMG_3976 IMG_3990IMG_3995 IMG_4020 IMG_4034 IMG_4037 IMG_4039 IMG_4042 IMG_4044 IMG_4048 IMG_4053“Say yes, and you’ll figure it out later”
– Tina Fey