Life’s Little Pleasures

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most pleasure.

  • Hearing my favorite songs on Pandora while running
  • Catching up with a good friend from college (sometimes talking on the phone is so much better than just a few texts!  Goodness knows we share so much more 🙂 )
  • Eating breakfast out (waffles, eggs, guava juice…too many choices) Continue reading

WIAW #34 – School Eats and PB Blondies

Another Wednesday has arrived.  Let’s begin with this partay as many bloggers like to call it.  I just call it a celebration of the fact that I can take pictures of my food without people staring.  Ok, people still stare, but there is at least a reason for me whipping out the iPhone.  I should probably count the number of food pictures that are actually on my phone.  That would be hilarious. Continue reading

HBSF and Coconut Bread

A glorious Monday to all and now, week 2 begins!  Today is my long day (9:15-6:30 + chapter at 7), so we shall see how things pan out.  In high school I used to pack my lunches at night.  Yeah, it hasn’t worked out quite as nicely here in college, but I’m going to try to be a little more organized.  At least this week.  So, I’ve started to separate overnight oats ingredients for breakfast, vegetables and salad ingredients for lunches, fun snack packs, and plan out specific food experiment dinners. Continue reading

WIAW #32 – A Flurry of Finals

First off, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  Now, by the time most of you read this I will still have YET to take a final.  Ok, not entirely true as I presented a number of final projects and papers last week, but my first official test will be tonight at 6:30.  That being said, let’s jump into what most of you are here for…FOOD.

IMG_6983 Continue reading

A Little Taste of Summer

I certainly hope y’all enjoyed a slice of pie yesterday to celebrate Pi(e) day.  It was March 14, thus 3.14 representing the math number pi.  Anyways, who thought to put Lent smack dab in the middle of pi day, March/St. Patty’s Shamrock Shakes and Girl Scout Cookies?  Just kidding, I probably shouldn’t be indulging in any of that right now anyway.  There are plans in the making to experiment with recipes recreate these indulgent goodies in the near future.  Also, I should probably focus on my java habits which certainly keep me wired and going through dead week and finals. Continue reading

WIAW #10 – A Day of Eats in the City

Week 5. Midterms. Getting my head in the game.  Need I say more?  While I may not have created any extreme recipes this time around, stay tuned for the days to come.  Leading up to Halloween, there will be lots of fun goodies.  Hey, wouldn’t you know, Halloween is on a Wednesday.  How nice 🙂 Continue reading