Southern Grub in NYC

We’re all aware that New York’s got it all.  From the melting pot ethnic flavors of Indian, Chinese, and Italian food to the all the delicious diners and good ‘ol American grub.  I’m bound and determined to taste it all and with some help of my friends (usually pointing me/us in the right directions or flat out ordering for me), it will be accomplished.


Hearing rave reviews from another friend, we decided to make Hill Country our next stop.  This joint located off Broadway and 26th (closer to the west side and 6th Ave) is more of a homage to Texas BBQ restaurant.  Something I learned quite quickly from my friend Sam was that BBQ is not the same in every part of the south.  You may shaking your head and thinking “duh” but it’s quite an easy aspect to overlook.  No my friends, part of the south, be it Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, etc., has its own specialty.   (ASK SAM FOR EXAMPLES)

Vegans and vegetarians beware.  This post includes some mouth-watering beef, brisket, and pork products.


Tips Before You Saddle’ Up:
* Hostess will request that the entire (or good majority) of the party be present
* Meat portions are sold by the pound (1/4, 1/2, 1, etc)
* Your best (most enjoyable) option would be to order family style
* Each person handed a meal ticket, which is used when you walk up to order


We came as a party of three and just decided to use one ticket to order and split the check that way.  If you are so inclined to order individual portions, feel free to use your own meal ticket.

IMG_5360 Once seated, the waitress will gather drink orders and deposit mason jars filled with tasty NYC still water.  With the large wooden tables, a welcoming and casual feel about, and the smell of BBQ wafting, we were off to a good start.

IMG_5362It was off to the meat station because I had been volunteered to gather the food.  Actually, to clarify, I volunteered but immediately regretted the offer as I had to choose between two types of brisket and deal with multiple other first world food problems.


We ended up with 1/2 lb “lean” brisket (solid but a bit dry…possibly tastier with the “moist” aka more fat), 1/4 chicken (chicken only sold by the parts rather than weight), and 4 spare ribs (tasty but a bit chewy…not as good as the ribs my mom makes in the oven but that’s apples to oranges)

IMG_5364~ SIDES & MORE ~
Longhorn cheddar mac & cheese** highly recommend
Bowl of red chili
Confetti cole slaw
Sweet potato bourbon mash
Beer braised cowboy pinto beans
Braised collards w/ bacon** highly recommend
Cool as a cucumber salad


On Tuesdays they offer the unique of opportunity of ordering an entire hog.  Not hungry or gutsy enough? Don’t worry, neither am I so there are plenty of other selections.


Monday – All you can eat (5pm-10pm) – $22/pp and $15/kids

Tuesday – Whole Hog & Twang Karaoke (singing starts at 8:30pm)

The Pitmaster ($27) – 1/4 lb “Lean” brisket, 1 pork spare rib, 1 HC hot link, 1/2 chicken, 2 Good Eatin’ sides

Wednesday – Chili rubbed wings – $11/lb

Thursday – Sunday – Short ribs cooked long and slow – $29/lb

Kid’s Menu $7 (although I might try to order this…I could pass for 10, right?) – 1/8 market chicken, Longhorn cheddar mac & cheese or green bean casserole & chocolate chunk cookie

IMG_5370If you are looking for some nighttime activity, check out their live bands that play weekly.


There’s something comforting about having classic old-fashioned bottles of soda.  Not a fan of soda?  How about a classic cocktail made up in a mason jar?


If you possibly left an inch of space for a sweet treat, look no further than some southern classics.  From the famous Texas Blue Bell ice cream to banana pudding, seasonal crisps to a few different cookies and brownies.  I even spotted a mega cookie for $2 and while it would have been a steal, I couldn’t fathom eating one more bite.  We’ll just have to save dessert for course #1 next trip 😉

Hill Country BBQ
~ Menu ~ Locations ~ Music ~
30 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010

Friday Favorites…I’m Going to BLEND!

You know that feeling when you get to the end of the week and it’s pure bliss?  Yeah, that moment has arrived.  🙂

photo (1)Casual round of musical chairs in Bryant Park.  Let’s just say things got real!  There was some cheating and hip checking by my fellow participants.  Not to mention we had the most wonderful spring/summer weather.  Ah if it could stay like this all year…oops, that’s California.

Getting Mail

Or sending mail 🙂 I put together a couple care packages this week and cannot wait to hear the reactions!  Do you like to send snail mail?

IMG_4619You would think I had snapped this picture at Hearst Castle in California.  Nope, this little gem was taken in Central Park right by the Boathouse.

Some random finds and new favorite blogs:
~ The College Prepster : Recent grad living in NYC.  Some fabulous posts about time management, body image and fashion, and places to go and eat in the city!

30 Lessons to Excel in Life in Your 30s and Beyond

~ 9 Cities You Must Visit in Spain! (Checked off 1, 2, 3, and 5)

IMG_4535Posting throwback pictures on Instagram and then having the lu’au dancer find the picture.  Must have been my excellent (overuse) of hash tags.  Oh how technology creates such a small world.

IMG_4587 Reliving last week’s Jake Owen concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom.  We stood for 4.5 hours and it was worth every moment!  I had been listening to Jake Owen on Spotify all week and couldn’t wait for some of my favorite songs – “Beachin'”, “Days of Gold”, “The One That Got Away”, and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”.  Can I just say all of them?

It’s BLEND TIME!  In a few short hours I’ll be mixing it up with some wonderful bloggers and non-bloggers and soaking in the gorgeous Park City views.

Ask Yourself(source)

End of May Friday Favorites

Another week (or month I should say) has come and gone.  While work itself has slowed down, my schedule has not.  From gym classes to jet-setting about the Jersey Shore, I’ve had barely enough time to craft the perfect posts.  Ok, let’s be real, I just haven’t been very dedicated to writing.

However, since this weekend is going to be blissfully quiet (or so I hope), I might get my writing act together.  Sure I love bouncing about from place to place but with the amount of things I have on my “to-do” list that I just need to chill.  On the positive side, my roommate will be in town and we have some plans to go out one night and cook our feelings (or just work with Pinterest inspiration) away the next 🙂

~ Laundry
~ Grocery Shopping
~ Running
~ Food preparation
~ Cross Training
~ Jake Owen concert
~ Spring (almost summer) cleaning
~ Packing
~ Birthday gift shopping/shipping

Aren’t I an exciting individual? I know, I try.

Volunteering for the AIDS walk a few weeks back.  Glad I got to experience such a phenomenon and support such a good cause. Not to mention how much I love my coworkers.  Sarah was talking about community the other day and I am blessed with the community I have established at work.  Without them, I don’t know if I would have lasted this long in the city.

image(4)There’s a few other fun things coming your way.  First off, it will be my 2-year blog anniversary this Sunday!  Who knew that my little project could turn into such a fun lifestyle?  Hey, it’s even been a grand way to make friends!

Secondly, I’m oh oh so happy to help host this month’s edition of the Secret Blogger Club found on the Blonder Side of Life.  Oh the joys of being a smaller blogger 🙂 Interested in checking out what it’s about?  Come back around Monday!

Blend Retreat is in just 1 week! This gal will be meeting and greeting with some new blog friends and hopefully picking up some swag.  😉

8e52957bcff1c39ec7712a7b8a0ab15aAnything fun planned this weekend?


My Kind of Party

Honestly, the past couple days were beyond imaginable.  I had never attended a music festival and honestly never attended a legitimate country concert.  I was worried about all the logistics earlier last week, but it was all worth it! I have to thank my best friend Liz for that.  We work together perfectly.  As she put it, I come up with ideas, but don’t always have the confidence to carry them out.  She helps me social in a good way. Continue reading

Stagecoach Here I Come!

Alright, day 1 of Stagecoach!!  We had a long drive last night, but were able to crash at my house for a bit.  Now it’s down to Indio and a great three days of country, fascinating people, and FOOD 😉 Of course I’d have to throw that in.  I’ve always wanted to attend a music festival and while the timing may not be completely right (midterms, countless social events, etc), life doesn’t wait around for the perfect moment.  It’s all about how we make the most of these wonderful times.  So, lots of stories and pictures to come. Continue reading

WIAW #36 – Country Tunes and Food

Well, last week I felt that there was not enough to do academically or socially and I guess my thoughts were granted because this week I seem to be jumping from one place to the next, usually with a textbook, midterm study guide, and pair of cowgirl boots in tow.  I’ll keep in short and sweet.  Looking forward to pounding these essays out and hitting the road to Stagecoach this weekend! Continue reading