Sweet Treats in the East

Isn’t it about time I share some of my sweet finds? No matter what I say on this blog about giving up sugar completely, going on a sugar cleanse, swearing off the sweet stuff, it never really seems to happen.  I mean, check out my Pinterest boards.  I probably spend a majority of time between kale salads (because yes I do like kale), delectable desserts (some with too many steps for my short attention span), organization tips/dream home ideas (how I’d love my room to look, but probably never will look) and adorable puppies.  I’ve finally come to terms about enjoying what I want and everything in moderation.  It also helps when I have the baking bug, that I can bring in my creations to work and hopefully have them consumed before they fall prey to my own sweet tooth.

Treat House, New York City

Remember the good ‘ol Rice Krispie treats from childhood?  Goodness knows I had my fair share after soccer games as they were the go-to snacks brought by team moms, enough to tide us over between games or until our next meal.  Oh first world problems.  Anyways, even though we may not have been the healthiest of bunches in those days, it’s good to know that Rice Krispies are around and thriving.  This shop located in the Upper West Side specializes in concocting all different flavors and combinations of your favorite cereal snack.


Treat House
452 Amsterdam, NYC 10024
(between 81st and 82nd)

Baked & Wired

It’s entirely possible that any store with this name has something to do with sugar and coffee.  At least that’s how I feel when I’ve consumed a fair amount of the two.  Indeed, this place specializes in uniquely named cupcakes, divine cookie sandwiches, and one heck of a cup of joe.


My friend Sarah and I found this cupcakery/bakery while we were exploring Georgetown.  You may be more familiar with the Georgetown Cupcakes, which we also stopped by, but this apparently has even better flavors or shall we say presentation?  Sadly I was on a time-crunch, so waiting in line for a cupcake at either bakery wasn’t an option.  Apparently Georgetown Cupcakes comes out with a daily flavor, which if you have the patience or time, you can get for free! Let me repeat that for extra emphasis…FOR FREE.  Isn’t that a great word?  Of course you are paying for it in your time, but hey, if you have some good company, an iPhone/music, or a light read, you are good to go.

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. 

This is a snack or dessert that might catch some people off guard.  I have friends and even family who only think dessert is dessert when it is laden with sugar and baked with chocolate chips.  Hmmm, not so much.  Maybe it’s because my taste buds have changed, but I’ve tried to expand my palate and find different types of treats that don’t leave me with a sugar hangover. (*Everyone is different, I’ve just learned what works and doesn’t work for myself and my body)  I had discovered Chloe’s after reading a fellow blogger’s post about it and immediately set it on my to-do list.  Sure I knew you could make frozen yogurt by blending frozen bananas, but using other fruits??  My oh my keep talking.


The goal at Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.™ is to “celebrate good, wholesome foods that are delicious and avoid empty calories.”  It’s an entirely possible way to attain better living through “high quality eating and strive to provide you with a totally satisfying eating experience.”  Now if you aren’t sold by that?  I wouldn’t know how to market it any other way.


apple frozen yogurt with shredded coconut, goji berries, and cacao nibs

I happened to make friends with the cashier (typical Fuelling move) and definitely said I would be back.  All.Winter.Long 🙂 I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that they are on Seamless.com.  Probably good for my cravings but bad for my wallet.

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit
Union Square
25 E 17th St. New York, NY 10003


“Life’s too short to not enjoy what you want.”

Anacapa Recapped

Yesterday’s trip to one of the Channel Islands was absolutely delightful! It’s one of those things where California has so many wonderful trips, state parks, and hole in the wall joints, yet I never seem to make time for them.  My grandma is completely into planning trips and adventuring out into the unknown.  God love her.  She signed up through the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, but it would be just as easy to go through Island Packers.  The boat departed from Oxnard around 9:15 and arrived back at shore around 4:30ish.  In between included whale sightings, sea gull encounters (not kidding, there must have been hundreds on that tiny island), a shipwreck site, and a few miles of trails. Continue reading