Swamp Soiree ~ D.C. Summer Weekend

There were a few reasons I wanted to visit D.C. this past weekend but the #1 reason was to visit my good friend Maura – the one who ran the Paris Marathon with me.  She recently moved and BOUGHT A HOUSE!  My other friend Emma has been living there for the good part of last year and it was about time I went to visit them both.  Four of us from NYC picked out a weekend and scheduled our various forms of transportation.  Jackie and Jess were smart and snagged trains when they were around a decent price range, probably $100 each way if I remember correctly.  I was in procrastination mode and waited until they got to $200 and refused to pay that much.

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Down to D.C. For Some Blossoms and Miles

One of the many wonderful (and one of my favorite) things about spring is the wide variety of flowers blooming all around.  Even in this concrete jungle, we have our own array of floral but this past weekend was a treat to travel down to Washington D.C..  A few of my friends and I had all lucked out with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler lottery, so of course we decided to make a weekend out of it.


There are a number of ways to make your way down to D.C. – bus, train, car, plane – and we opted for the speedy Amtrak.  Of course by the time that we booked out tickets, the only reasonable priced train was at 6am.  Hello Penn Station. Just three and a half short hours and we were there.  First stop was of course food and off to Founding Farmers we went.  Since this place is one hot spot in the city, a reservation is a must.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

IMG_8418 IMG_8410 ^^ A stacked menu that left us drooling and deliberating over options.  We of course had to start with the beignets for the table, drinks all around, and countless refills of coffee.


~ bloody mary for jackie {infused pepper vodka, FF spicy bloody mary blend…tested this and it was out of this world} ~ strawberry fizz {american harvest vodka, lime, strawberry, egg white, vanilla} for me ~ mimosa for lindsay ~ pimm’s cup for sam {pimm’s no. 1, curacao, FF ginger beer, lime, cucumber, mint} ~


Once breakfast was finished, we dropped off our bags where we were staying and went to pick up our bibs at the National Building Museum, perused the goodies and things that we really didn’t need to purchase, and purchase some last minute fuel options (Honey Stinger for the win!)



Next up…walking ALL OVER D.C.!  This was the first time that Jackie had ever been to D.C. and so I did my best as tour guide to show her the hotspots.  No, I did not walk backwards or carry a little tour guide flag, but I sure thought about it.  Since everyone else and their mom happened to be in the city, museums were out of the question – lines on lines on lines.  Plus it was such a gorgeous day that staying indoors would have been a waste of the weather.

IMG_8432 IMG_8433

IMG_8458 IMG_8438 IMG_8448 We also happened to stumble upon a kite festival and supposed pillow fight.  I never actually saw anyone chucking feather filled sacks around but the geo-filters on Snapchat were telling us otherwise.  Because everything is shared and confirmed via social media these days.




~ Lindsay ~ Jackie ~ Sam ~ Kaitlin ~


IMG_8463IMG_8465 We must have been up to at least 6 or 7 miles at this point.  Casual jaunt around town, which may not have been the best idea if we were really going out for a PR in Sunday’s race buuuuut since it was more about soaking in the city, we didn’t care.


Later in the afternoon we walked up to a sports bar in the Adams Morgan part of town.  The goal was to find a place with decent food, maybe some good brews, and most importantly a place to sit and rest our feet while watching the Final Four matches.  Of course the minute we arrive, the electricity went out ALL around the block.  This actually worked in our favor as people then departed the bar, leaving us with one clutch table to sit at.  For the next three hours, we sat snacking and watching Villanova annihilate Oklahoma, and then North Carolina take on Syracuse.


Stay tuned for the chilly Cherry Blossom 10 mile race and a tasty brunch!