Derby Days, Sportsfest & Relay for Life Recap

It’s been awhile since I actually shared what was happening with my life.  Well, lots of class and homework and reading, but there’s some fun stuff going on as well.

As I mentioned last week, it was Sigma Chi’s Derby Days.  Here is my team in the can-struction.  We placed 4th with a patriotic golf course.  Nifty, right?  There were quite a few structures in the form of the American flag, but the winning one was decked out with lights. Hm, cheating? 😉IMG_7347 Got to love the California sun.  Not a bad plan to sit out on the patio before my 9:15 class. Just enjoying breakfast. IMG_7358Friday night brought the ABC Fashion show.  Our team had the most EPIC outfits (at least in my opinion) with dresses made out of beer boxes and napkins.
IMG_7363Really, isn’t it so creative? One of the girls, Jackie (on the far right), made each one! IMG_7366Saturday – We traveled north to Sacramento for a SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer) sports tournament.  It pretty much consisted of playing capture the flag, football, soccer, and kickball in a park all day.  I loved being outside and it was neat to see how many people in Sacramento were out and about, biking, running, walking, etc.

Like my array of food choices?  We only had BK as an option for breakfast, Costco sandwich rolls and apples for lunch, then stopped at Five Guys for a snack/dinner.  Granted it was 3:30, but it worked.
I had never been to Five Guys and although it was early, I decided to give it a shot.  The main selling feature has to be the fact that you can customize the toppings on your burger. However, I wasn’t that thrilled with the burger itself.  If I’m going to order a burger, I’d rather have a juicy patty than flimsy fast-food patty, but that’s just my opinion.  They do have some tasty seasoning on their fries, though.


Afterwards, we took a quick stop at Old Sac, a cute and quaint downtown with old fashioned stores, restaurants, and countless candy and taffy stores.  Liz was in 7th heaven with her old-fashioned candy.  I ended up with  a massive piece of dark chocolate almond bark from Rocky Mountain Candy Co, but hey, dark chocolate + almonds, there’s definitely some health benefits there, right?
IMG_7398While wandering the various stores, I stumbled upon these hilarious books.  What to do with peanut butter? Yes, PLEASE.  Well, first you can start by eating it out of the jar 😉

I wasn’t sure what to think of the book on the right.  I mean, I grew up boating and while it’s tough, I know how to back up a trailer.  So, what does that mean for me?


We didn’t get back to school until 8ish on Saturday, so my night consisted of grocery shopping, some Sportscenter, and bed.  Santa Clara was hosting a Relay for Life for the American Cancer society and I had agreed to an early shift in the morning.

The relay started around 4pm on Saturday, but I showed up for my shift on Sunday (8-12).  I walked around the mini track, hung out with some people who were also up early on a Sunday morning, and even participated in some karaoke.  I was a little wary of singing so early.  Ah those poor college kids in the dorms nearby.  Oh well 🙂


Lots for the week ahead.  A country concert, senior seminar on personal finance, two intramural games, and Stagecoach Country Festival next weekend!  Also, yesterday marked the start of our school’s Iron Bronco.  It’s a two-week competition to complete an Iron Man (2.4 mi swim, 118 mi bike ride, 26 mi run)

How was your weekend?  Have you ever participated in Relay for Life or a walk for a cause?

“Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning.”
– Igor Stravinsky