Marveling in the Easter Weekend

The best way to beat the Sunday night blues and even Monday blues is to look back at some good memories, right?  That and then plan ahead for the next fun adventure.

IMG_4033 Spent the weekend with this guy.  Would have looked adorable (and probably annoyed) dressed as a bunny or lamb, don’t you think?

IMG_4036First time eating key lime pie and boy I’m hooked. A nice recovery meal from my hot yoga 😉

IMG_4039 Spring flowers.  Enough Said.

IMG_4015 Got to love me some water ice.  I first tested out the east coast trend when they opened a Rita’s in my home town.  While I wasn’t exactly a fan of the custard at first, I soon found its appeal and couldn’t wait to test out this branch in Jersey.  Black cherry + vanilla custard = mmmmm goodness.

IMG_4649Strangely enough, the lights of the city are kind of welcoming.  The Empire State building acts as a lighthouse, welcoming me, and whoever else calls this concrete island, home.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs

Let the Games Begin!

There’s something about my type-A, competitive, full-blown Taurus personality that makes me think I’d be good at the Big Egg Hunt.  No my friends, I’m not talking about one of those measly egg hunts like on the President’s lawn, I’m talking a city wide adventure.


This year, Faberge is putting together an Easter egg hunt, or rather bringing the challenge into the 21st century.  It’s called the Faberge Big Egg Hunt and entails participates to search out over the city to search for the dozens of decorated eggs. Supposedly it’s spread across the five boroughs but I’m pretty sure the handy dandy map limits it to Manhattan and a bit of Brooklyn.


Thanks to today’s advancement in technology, one can use his or her smartphone to scan the barcode surrounding each unique egg and count it collected in you high tech basket.  The thought and creativity that goes into each creation is phenomenal.


What’s great about this hunt is that it lasts almost the entire month.  The grand debut was on April 1st and the eggs remained scattered throughout the city until April 18th when they are brought to nestle together at Rockefeller Center.  On April 22nd, there will be a grand auction at Sotheby’s and the entire hunt comes to a close on April 25th.


Purchase a replicate egg, bag, t-shirt, postcard, or simple donation here.

News about the hunt here.

Up to the minute updates with social media.

Gallery of Easter eggs here.


Funny enough, I didn’t find out about the hunt by roaming the city or even the mall by my work.  Instead, it was my grandmother who read about it in a California newspaper and sent me a clipping.  But I sure know how I’ll be spending this weekend and maybe a few spontaneous evenings after work.  Care to join?