Happy Centennial to the National Parks Service!

Hip hip hooray because it’s the National Parks Service BIRTHDAY!  Whether you realize it or not, national parks come in all shapes and sizes and today is the day that this grand organization turns a whooping 100 years old.  Growing up I was fortunate enough to spend time in the great outdoors from Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite and even Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, all of which I greatly miss while living back east.

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Summer 2016: GOMO not FOMO

> FO·MO – Fear of Missing Out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. <

This four letter word has been phenomenon for who knows how long and was officially incorporated into the Oxford dictionary in 2013.  It’s something that our society, especially my generation, needs less of.  Much less of.   I’m sure it has been around for ages but thanks to the various forms of social media, has had more of an impact in recent years.   We have so many stimulants in society that keep us thinking about what we should do, should work on, should look like, places we should travel to, and on and on.

Sure, sometimes having certain images circle around social media can have a positive effect – you can get inspired to try new meals, plan trips, or get out and about.  Unfortunately it can also become a detrimental factor in making you feel worse about what you already do and that’s not cool.  A fun company called Eventbrite, which enables people to create invites online, is leading the charge on this GOMO mentality, considering it the new FOMO. So today on the first of June, I make a pledge to filter out the FOMO in my life and I hope I can encourage a few to do the same.

photo 2

How does that work?  First start by writing a list of things that you enjoy and would be happy to do in your free time.  Now set the seed and make it happen!  Bring friends or go solo but now is the chance to carpe diem!  Of course the next part of that is to commit to your plans and not comparing them to others.  Remember, you do you.

This summer, instead of sitting around and having said FOMO, how about trying GOMO or Getting Out More Often?  There are plenty of ways to stay busy during every season and thankfully summer is one where we can really get out and play.  Thank you also to summer Fridays, which will allow me to hopefully escape the city or at least soak up some rays in Central Park.  Here are some other ways I plan to get out more:


np on gma

  • find some sun and surf
  • enjoy an ice cream cone
  • find the best lobster roll in town
  • make some new friends
  • hike outside of the city


(click picture or here to link to Outdoorfest’s website!)

  • go to Gallow Green (again) because fancy floral rooftops = winning
  • see a musical
  • attend a summer BBQ/hang-out
  • turn my phone off at least once a week and/or weekend
  • be happy with myself and the decisions that I make

For other ideas around New York, check out the I Love NY website.  More summer fun around NYC ideas from 2014 >> Part 1 and Part 2.


So now I’m committing to the world wide web.  I will truly do my best to staying in the moment, not letting myself get wrapped up in other people’s trips, travels, excursions, or pictures.  Instead, I’m going to encourage myself and as many people as possible to seize the day, the moment, the hour, and do more of what pleases me!  Who is in??


P.S. If you are curious about starting your own event, definitely check out Eventbrite as they support ticket sales as well as other features like discounted options for non-profits!!

Life of Late ~ 8.14.15

It’s mid-August and very quiet in the office.  Everyone is probably out at their summer homes, which is just so east coast.   Anyways, this post is being finished as I eat my tres-gourmet bagel.  What’s interesting to me is that I never really was a bagel person but over the past two-ish years I have learned to love them – only New York bagels.  I’m more of the dessert kind of gal rather than bread products, but when work offers free bagels (and good bagels) on Fridays, you make it work.  Today, it was a full bagel earned with peanut butter/banana on one side and cream cheese/cinnamon on the other.

Speaking of peanut butter, I’ve told myself that I was going to reduce my intake or take it out completely due to its inflammatory tendencies.   I made progress by picking up a jar of sunflower seed butter but subsequently left it at the apartment.  Ah well, at least I can be thankful that I’m not allergic to nuts.  That would just be a very very sad day.

This morning I was up an at ’em with a 6am wakeup call (luxurious compared to the normal 5:30 alarm), ran down to NP, met up with the lovely Kyndal from the Boston tribe!!, and a run back through the east village.


Today’s probably going to be a slow day so I hope to put a little thought into our labor day plans.  We are heading down south to Charleston and meeting up with one of our best friends who is flying out from the west coast!  We already have an itinerary in mind, but I’ll just look at some more food places and pick out a route for my long run (9 mi on the books) that weekend.  The goal for the next couple weeks is to save as MUCH as possible so I can just eat and walk my way through that city without any guilt.

IMG_1730^^ Wednesday I went to Tavern on the Green for the first time with Linsday and her fabulous coworker Jenn.  We had a blast out on the patio and more to come on the food 🙂

I learned something about myself the other day.  I don’t have a very long attention span.  I decided to attend a PDC or Personal Development Course at work that was 3 hours long.  This seemed reasonable since some courses were all day affairs.  No, it’s not the “all-day where they feed you and you get to go outside for a bit”.  It’s the “all-day in a windowless conference room where you are thinking ‘why did I do this?’ “.  Well, the course was on communication and understanding personalities in the workforce – helpful, no?  I enjoyed the first 2 hours.  TWO HOURS.  Then I was finished.  Tip #1 – Eat a sufficient lunch.  I can’t do that whole starve yourself during lunch thing.  I end up hangry and annoyed.  Tip #2 – Don’t sign up for things that last longer than your patience.  (Note, my patience is relatively high, I just can’t stand sitting in one spot that long) Tip #3 – Avoid things that drive you up the wall – like when people repeat themselves over and over and over.  Ok, rant finished.

~ Link (and link-up) Love ~

Wanderlust.com ~ “Why You Should Slow Down and Soak Up the NowMaybe not easy in the city, but good thoughts to remember.

Inc.com ~ “3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired” – Looks like millennials are relying too much on the employer for happiness, direction, and yet don’t want to put in the time or effort to learn or advance their career.  They prefer to do the minimal work and somehow still reap the benefits.  Not so fast my friends.  Maybe it’s time for finding an internal motivation for work. 

Purewow.com ~ “34 Ways to Know You Are a New Yorker”  >> #4, #12, and #15 truth.


 ^^ Speaking of New York.  Good ‘ol Brownstones.  This is what I see on my walk to the gym every morning and I love it.  Soon the mornings will be darker and I won’t see the glorious colors of the buildings and plants around me 😦

IMG_1552 ^^ Last minute invite to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game!  $20 ticket and $24 worth of food later, this was one happy camper.  I could have easily eaten prior or taken food inside, but where’s the fun in that?  Oh yes, you would save money 😉

IMG_1553 IMG_1557 ^^ These were two of the first two people I met at November Project last year!  (1 year ago tomorrow!!)

I shared with everyone how I spent my Friday, but on Saturday, I attended a workout class at the nearest Equinox (fancy club worth the money – I’m addicted and sadly a gym snob now), then headed out to a good-bye bar crawl for one of the NP guys.  Basically a typical NP social event.

IMG_1637 ^^ Welcome to McSorley’s, the Oldest Irish Tavern in New York.  Famous for the fact that it was one of the last “Men Only” pubs, admitting women in 1970 because they were forced to do so.  Cool.

15 East 7th Street
New York

IMG_1638 ^^ From the sawdust on the floor to the old fashioned menu, it’s quite an experience


IMG_1642 ^^ Perspective in size.  Double-fisting?  Well, not entirely.  That’s actually 1 beer, but in a very very tiny glass.  Here you order “light” or “dark”.  None of this IPA or other nonsense.  (though the beer tastes very basic.  Historic, but basic…maybe you shouldn’t have the non-beer drinker review it) #diditfortheblog

IMG_1643 ^^ A few of us took a break from bar shenanigans to grab some BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s.  The line was wrapped out the door and around the building but well worth the wait.  (Someone should introduce them to Chipotle efficiency).  I went with the brisket and sweet potato mash.  Folks, the brisket is HANDS DOWN the best brisket I have ever had in my entire life.  Must.go.back.  I didn’t even add that much BBQ sauce because it had so much flavor.  Unheard of from this girl, queen of the sauce.

Mighty Quinn’s
103 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-3733|
~ About ~ Menu ~ Delivery ~ Catering ~

IMG_1647^^ What a good looking crowd.  There I am in the middle with the orange necklace!

Well + Good ~ “Bread-Free Cauliflower Grilled Cheese” (Noms)

The Kitchn ~ “What Kind of Friend Are You?  Food Pairings Will Tell

EliteDaily.com ~ “Keep It Low-Key: 4 Smart Reasons Why We Become More Private with Age” (I apparently love to share my life with the world but looks like we all aren’t like that.  There is however some wisdom to being open as well as being private)

Women’s Running ~ “A Healthy Excuse to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

Sometimes Always Never Blog ~ CONGRATS to Whitney and her fiance Chris!  I’ve posted about her blog before and it’s true that sometimes you start to feel as if you know a person through blogging.  I know that I would adore to have a friend like Whitney.  She is such an inspiration and her posts make me feel like there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Plus, the two of them are just so un believably adorable.

Purewow.com ~ “Living By Trees Makes Your Feel Physically Younger

IMG_1646 ^^ How’s that for a sunset?  Honestly I don’t want these to end!  I know the fall will be fun – lots of activities and things to look forward to but please don’t let the weather change!!

 “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt