Fifth Avenue’s Holiday Glitz and Glamour

The next four or so weeks are bound to be the busiest time of year for the city of Manhattan.  There are lights adorning every street and garlands galore.  The Rockefeller tree has been decorated and lit and you can battle your way for a skating spot at either the Bryant Park bazar or 30 Rock rink.  My friend Lindsay and I adore all the glitz and glamour as much as the next and felt like taking our own little tour of all the festive decorations along 5th Avenue and throughout Manhattan.

IMG_8245We took the subway up to 59th and started inside of Bloomingdales, winding upstairs and through the various booths, out and down the street until we reached  out to Central Park and past the Plaza Hotel (Fairmont) and onto 5th avenue.

IMG_8249 IMG_8251IMG_8253 Can you believe the vast amount of people on the street?  It was quite the scene to move from one window to the next, but well worth the view.


IMG_8258 ^^ From Tiffany to Harry, Manhattan has your diamond needs covered.  I love that each of these stores decks out their window displays with seasonal stories, bedazzled mannequins, and so much sparkly garland.

IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8270IMG_8274 IMG_8276 IMG_8277 IMG_8286 IMG_8287 IMG_8289 IMG_8294 IMG_8300

^^ Smiling but just about ready to be out of the Rockefeller zoo.

While I certainly love my city, I certainly don’t care for the overload of tourists and ultimately avoid most of these areas.  🙂  But, having lived here a little while, I’ve picked up on some tips and tricks to enjoy the holidays my way.  Try waking up early and taking a jaunt along 5th avenue before people have eaten breakfast or even woken up.  Then you can catch a glimpse of all the gorgeous displays sans crowds.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


“May your holiday be as bright as your spirits are light”