2015 Resolutions & Some Favorites

Ah New Years.  Where really to begin? I may have missed the boat on the 2014 recap but it certainly was a year to remember.  From traveling around the country to making it my first year in the city, I really have a lot to be grateful for.   I’m making a little twist on this edition of today’s post – a few favorites and a few resolutions.  Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

>> The Tournament of Roses – Seeing as I grew up right around the Rose Bowl, it was a no brainer to celebrate the New Years with the parade and bowl game.  My dad has been a white suiter (volunteer) for over 20 years and my sister and I both volunteered at the parade as Student Ambassadors when we were seniors in high school.  These days I have the opportunity to create my own traditions, but sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s.

Yesterday, after going for a run along the westside Highline, I worked on finances (good way to start off 2015, right?), made breakfast for the apartment, and then sat down to watch the entire Rose Parade.  Lindsay and I did some ab workouts, picked up snacks for the Rose Bowl game and sat down to watch some football.  I’m already loving 2015.

>> Frozen Frozen Everywhere – I know people are saying “let it go”, but anytime I’m feeling down, I listen to a little bit of Olaf and my day is made.


>> The Well Traveled Wife – I cannot get over how adorable this video and recap that she put together for 2014.  Just browsing these posts inspire me to be happy and travel more.

>> November Project – Slowly but surely I am making friends at NP.   The more I attend, the more faces (and names…hopefully) I start to recognize.  Not to mention, the consistency of working out helps me stay sane at work.


This was the BEST way to end 2014.  A workout with tons of people full of energy (despite the 20F temps)


Definitely loved checking out the LA Tribe and taking my family along.  News flash – my dog is now a tribe member 🙂 My mom took him to the Hollywood Bowl to run the steps.  It might not have been the ideal morning for a 10year old lab but he probably got lots of attention afterwards.  Oh, and he made the Facebook album.  Not bad.

>> Resolutions

  • Confidence – In me, in others, in the future.
  • Move MoreGet my booty up and out of my desk chair more than 2 or 3x a day. It’s scary that I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of working through lunch but this needs to change.  I only have so many years to live in New York, so I need to really soak it up.  I would never want to leave the city and regret not taking those walks through Central Park or breaks with coworkers, all in the name of getting that last e-mail sent out.
  • Budget – 2014 was a trial year.  This year is meant for traveling, friends, family, and fun.  That also means cutting a few spending habits (daily coffees, kombuchas, baking every week for the coworkers – sorry guys, it adds up!) and actually checking my mint.com account more than once a year.


  • Running – I’ve been feeling oodles better since wearing my sexy plantar faciitis boot, but I’m in no place to go race a marathon.  Stretching, strength training, and revamping some of my eating habits will certainly help.  Of course, attending more NP workouts and races will increase my motivation.
  • Be Kind – Need I say More?

maya angelou

  • Test out the Juice Cleanse – Probably only one day.  I’m somewhat serious and somewhat kidding.  Mostly an inside joke with my family.
  • Unplug and Live in the Moment – More and more I see our society drifting into a constant obsession with technology.  Sure, it’s fun to connect, to stay up to date, and document everything but did you know the average person spends 16 hours consuming some type of media?  No wonder our society is so stressed out.
  • Make/Keep Friends who Care



  • Leave Regret & Comparison Behind –  There are only so many days and hours that we are blessed with, so why would use them up on negative activities?  We must also remember that everyone leads different lives and while their lives may seem like sunshine and daisies, everyone has their own pressures.  This year, let’s keep things “glass half full”.
  • Pursue Activities I Enjoy – Maybe it’s a new craft, hobby, or workout class.  Maybe it’s a way to make friends or be social.  Whatever it is, I want it to bring out the best of me and help me stay happy.


~ Let’s make this year the best year yet.  Cheers to 2015 ~

Friday Favorites…I’m Going to BLEND!

You know that feeling when you get to the end of the week and it’s pure bliss?  Yeah, that moment has arrived.  🙂

photo (1)Casual round of musical chairs in Bryant Park.  Let’s just say things got real!  There was some cheating and hip checking by my fellow participants.  Not to mention we had the most wonderful spring/summer weather.  Ah if it could stay like this all year…oops, that’s California.

Getting Mail

Or sending mail 🙂 I put together a couple care packages this week and cannot wait to hear the reactions!  Do you like to send snail mail?

IMG_4619You would think I had snapped this picture at Hearst Castle in California.  Nope, this little gem was taken in Central Park right by the Boathouse.

Some random finds and new favorite blogs:
~ The College Prepster : Recent grad living in NYC.  Some fabulous posts about time management, body image and fashion, and places to go and eat in the city!

30 Lessons to Excel in Life in Your 30s and Beyond

~ 9 Cities You Must Visit in Spain! (Checked off 1, 2, 3, and 5)

IMG_4535Posting throwback pictures on Instagram and then having the lu’au dancer find the picture.  Must have been my excellent (overuse) of hash tags.  Oh how technology creates such a small world.

IMG_4587 Reliving last week’s Jake Owen concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom.  We stood for 4.5 hours and it was worth every moment!  I had been listening to Jake Owen on Spotify all week and couldn’t wait for some of my favorite songs – “Beachin'”, “Days of Gold”, “The One That Got Away”, and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”.  Can I just say all of them?

It’s BLEND TIME!  In a few short hours I’ll be mixing it up with some wonderful bloggers and non-bloggers and soaking in the gorgeous Park City views.

Ask Yourself(source)

Friday Favorites

By the time this posts, I will have been soaking up the wonderful California sun.  I will have spent a day at home, caught up with some family, hiked with one of my best friends, and celebrated an early birthday dinner.  Now it’s off to spend the weekend with my sister and her cross country buddies.

photo (9)

 Free tickets to see Rob Reiner honored at the Lincoln Center

photo 1Escaping this weather

photo 2For sunny Southern California

101 Promises for Your Best Friends … Too much true stuff here 🙂

IMG_4106Loving my May flowers and springtime beauties


Friday Favorites…THEY’VE ARRIVED!

We may have been graced with April showers last week, but they sure do bring gorgeous flowers.  Not to mention a little Theta love in New York City.

photo 2 (3) I’ve been in an exploring mood lately and while I can’t pinpoint every restaurant or meal I want to try, I’m very good about making impulse snacks and drinks. Got to love my green tea + boba

photo 1 (2)

Who doesn’t love emojis?  Actually don’t answer that because it would just burst my happiness bubble.


Really though.  My mother has the emoji app on her iPhone and let’s just say her texts with the new found emoji icons make my day.



Here’s to the next three days of gallivanting about the city, consuming as much coffee and chocolate as possible, and oh yeah…running a half marathon.

“The be-all and end-all of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world.”
– Bertie Charles Forbes

Dreaming of Sunshine

Today we celebrate the end of the week, the last Friday of March, and the continuation of spring.  Spring is probably my favorite month, but I’m not such a fan of the whole “April showers deal.”  Although, it does bring May flowers along with my birthday, so I can’t complain too much 😉


Oh what I would give to be running along these waves and soaking up the sunshine.  I think my hair could really use a good bought of sun and maybe some lemon or sun-in.  I’ve never dyed my hair but with all the time I’ve spent in the office and not to mention NYC winter, it’s been getting a bit dark at the roots.  Not that I’m vain or anything, I just love my blonde hair and would like to keep it that way (but without spending huge amounts) Not too difficult to ask.

IMG_5945This wonderful friend of mine has become a pretty close pen-pal and we enjoy sending one another goodies through snail mail.  Usually I send some of my latest and greatest baked goods and she sends me some fabulous treats from Hawaii where she goes to school.  When I arrived home from work and the gym last night I had a box sitting on our doorstep with all of this fabulousness.


I’ve always had a love for anything and everything Hawaiian.  My family used to joke that I would just uproot myself and move there but the cost of living and the fact that I’m an ocean away from any family sort of deterred me.  Of course that’s essentially me in NY except 2,000+ miles of land in between me and any family.  Well, I guess I have a cousin on the east coast but we still haven’t met up.

It was brought to my attention that two weeks from this Sunday I will be running my next half marathon.  Um, excuse me?  That crept up on me.  But, no matter because I am beyond excited for my best friends to arrive and spend the weekend exploring my favorite spots and show them my town. 🙂  We may not break any records, but we are going to have a blast and enjoy every moment of our girl’s weekend.


Any Frozen fans out there?  Found this on Pinterest and was in love.  But really.

Lastly, I’ve been in the market for a pair of sunglasses.  It must be all that summer dreaming and it can’t hurt to start looking early, especially because I’m so picky about how the frames look on my face.  Been blessed with cheekbones and some chipmunk cheeks, which aren’t the best to carry off some of the popular frames (at least in my picky point of view).  I’ve heard of various frames – Ray Ban, Hobie, Kate Spade, etc.  and more recently heard about Warby Parker.

Spectrum Sun

From what I have researched and seen from some of my coworker’s frames, they are classy, crisp, and fresh. This perfectly fits my style, or what I think is my style.  As a matter of fact, they recently launched a new collection called the “Spectrum Sun Collection” just in time for the sunshine months.


I’m thinking these would be perfect for lounging on the beach somewhere, no? It exudes spring and summer with flowers, and freshly cut grass (if that exists in the city), and iced coffee.


These are just a couple examples from Warby Parker because to me, that’s the epitome of spring.  I’m a personal fan of everything Tortoise related, so I’ll be on the hunt to find a store in order to test them out.  What are some of your favorites?


“I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.”
– Julia Cameron

Friday Highlights when Spring has Sprung

Guuuuuueesss what? IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING FOLKS!  A great deal has been going on in my neck of the woods.  So much that I’ve been lacking on my blog reading and commenting.  Not the biggest issue in the world but I love connecting with people and even checking in on what others are up to.

IMG_3394Spring means time for BRIGHT COLORS and that means all day every day.  None of this “New York black” nonsense. No, no, no.  This California girl is bringing some bright punch to the northeast

Anyways, I’m making it through the week despite the long hours with March Madness and the fact that my accounts are in full swing.  I think it might be the thrill of the moment and the oodles of coffee my coworkers and I have been consuming.  There have been a few days where I’ve entered the office around 7:30 and a couple days where I’ve left way past 7.  I find it easier to roll out of bed, into the shower, and into the office before the crowd.  This time also allows me to accomplish screenshots, reporting, and various tasks without people bombarding my inbox.

But, since you probably aren’t here to listen to my work life, let’s move onto something more fun. How about some Friday Favorites and some exciting things about spring?


I’m a special fan of this Alex & Ani bracelet as it reminds me that I am a Taurus child, through and through – bold, brave, and strong.  Astrological signs aren’t for everyone but I find the Taurus fits my personality dead on.  Get to know me and you will agree.

Yes, I am a child of the consumerist movement.  I’ve got a job, I don’t have any kids to care for, thankfully no mortgage to worry about, so right now I’m just living in the moment.  I’m pretty thrifty about my spending – utilizing free meals at the office, finding the deals on manicures ($7? yes please!), and exploring New York by foot.

photo (7)

I’ve been eyeing this specific jar of nut butter for ages.  Sure, almond butter and coconut sound divine but $12.99?  Ooph, I don’t know if I could spot that (says the girl who goes out and impulse buys a purse) but this is because I pretty much consume an entire jar of nut butter in a week.  I figured with my overtime paycheck I could test out a jar and boy am I hooked.  It’s honestly DELICIOUS and I really need to pace myself.  With banana, with oatmeal, on ice cream, on a spoon.

I’m not much of a binge-TV watcher but I just discovered Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu and oh yes, this will be devoured.  It was one of my favorite shows growing up and I love her sarcasm.


Speaking of binge watching – I was talking with my friends about being in our 20’s – the routine of going to work, going to the gym, watching tv, going to bed and repeating the process.  Is this fulfilling?  How do we break the monotony or what does it mean to lead a fulfilling life? That’s an entire matter (and oooo blog post possibly) in itself. But let’s keep Friday light.

IMG_3246 Getting excited for a lot more of these days 🙂 So long snow, hello sun.  There’s something about a warm breeze, the sight of people running and walking, the smell of water and the distinct sound of water hitting against the side of the dock or wall that is soothing to me.


Yeah, that thing about about being a part of the consumerist movement?  It’s a real thing and while money doesn’t always buy happiness, it buys experiences and I think I’ll have quite a lot of experiences with this bright baby.  Doesn’t that blue color just make you smile?

Anyone have any tips for sunglasses?  My last pair bonked out and I’m in the market for a new pair before the warm season really hits.


“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
– E. E. Cummings