A Trip to Governor’s Island

Oh the days that I used to spend walking the streets of Barcelona and traveling around Europe.  History seemed to flow from every nook and cranny, even beyond the confines of the museums.  How there were so many museums, I really don’t know.

Anyhoo, what if I told you that you could find just as many (or maybe a bit less) bits of history right here in New York?  As one of the first and certainly largest melting pots, New York plays host to countless cultures and characters.  There are certain areas of the city that are seasonal and well, only open for a few more weeks.  Rooftop bars are a favorite for my age group and while I did make it to one last week, I was left very unimpressed.  It was for a networking event, so probably not the best choice of locations, but $3 for club soda?  Yeah no.  I’d probably have a better view at the Met or somewhere in Brooklyn and an even better time if that drink was free 🙂  Any suggestions?

 But really, the history is out there if you look closely enough.  Just the other afternoon, I was walking home from Union Square and saw something about Peter Stuyvesant’s Pear Tree.  Sure it wasn’t the Eiffel Tower but it must have been significant as there was a bronze plaque on the wall commemorating it.  There was another morning where I found Teddy Roosevelt’s birth place as I walked home from Trader Joe’s.  This too had a bronze plaque on the nearby wall and converted museum.


Another spot on my list of places to go was Governor’s Island.


Seeing as the east coast is into this whole “season” thing, the island is only open during the summer months – from May 24th – September 28th and I was running out of time. There are tons of programs held every day including various concerts and cultural events held monthly.  We happened to be visiting the very same day s the “Jazz Age Lawn Party“.  While we did not participate that weekend, we loved watching all the folks dressed up in their authentic prohibition outfits.

IMG_5741Goal – find the perfect flapper outfit so that I’m set and ready for next year’s jazz fest or any other event that requires a costume.  That would be a dream come true, but requires some serious thrift store shopping.

IMG_5744 Can you believe how small this island is and yet how much stuff is on it?  I’m sure it was an entirely different picture back in 1776 when it was used in the American Revolutionary War and later as a US Army Post.

IMG_5748My friend Marnie and I taking an obligatory tourist photo 🙂 Why hello Manhattan!

IMG_5751 There she is!  Sweet ‘ol Statue of Liberty.  While I have made the trip to the monument back on our first trip to the city in ’06, I would love to climb to the top of the crown.  One day…

IMG_5752Ready for a blonde moment?  There were a few months when I had no understanding of New York City’s geography.  I thought that Governor’s Island was actually Staten Island.  Oh my friend, far from it.  But good try.

IMG_5772And all that jazz indeed! Just look at the marvelous outfits and picnics set up in the middle of the island.  There were booths selling jewelry, hats, unique cocktails and more.

IMG_5780Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of dancing, right?  Look at all those gals getting ready to learn the Charleston, Fox Trot and more.

IMG_5783Oh to imagine living in a different time period.

IMG_5787Long gone are the days of guns and fortresses.  Now it’s home to countless parks, playgrounds, and hipster art studios.

IMG_5790 We found ourselves walking in and out of various art shops with homemade t-shirts, cute pieces of jewelry, and various household goods.

New York Magazine’s Take on Governor’s Island

IMG_5798When we grew tired of window-shopping, we went for a stroll on the southern side of the island and found ourselves in the hammock groves.  I couldn’t believe how sitting there felt like we had been transported to some beach along the coast.  It was so quiet and the air felt so clean, a stark contrast to lower Manhattan or Times Square.  But all adventures must come to an end at some point and so it was back to Manhattan, my main island home.


Governor’s Island
May 24th – September 28th
Accessible via ferry ~

I tend to think that most NYC destinations can be enjoyed year-round, but that might be my California mentality (there is no winter…).  So, with one last official summer weekend to go, take a trip and go explore!