Cultivating Inspiration

Every now and then we need a little dose of perspective and a little dose of inspiration to get our engines moving.   Not everything is sunshine and rainbows BUT we also need to give ourselves a bit more credit.  I have found social media to help push us forward and build us up, but I have also found that it brings us down.  Why can’t I look like that, travel there, be crafty and successful?  No one (or the majority of people) do not share the negatives and down moments, the fails and frustrations.  We are all human and what works for one person may not work for another.  What’s the theme of the year? You do you.


Here are a few links about or from people that I happen to know that are pretty darn inspiring.

BYU Olympian Teaches Optimism

I’m not claiming that I know a celebrity buuuut I did go to school with Kate.  I vividly remember in junior high choir asking for her signature in my yearbook and telling her “for when you are famous”.

Anyways, Kate made it to the Olympics as one of the top luge competitors in the world but is more or less remembered for is her personality and her dance moves.  In her BYU Ted Talk, she talks about the effort she put into training, only to get knocked down before qualifiers.  We know now that she made it to the Olympics, but it’s her attitude that really helped separate her from the crowd.

Again, I can’t say that I know her too well anymore (or really did) but I do follow her social media accounts and have to say she always is trying something new, pushing the boundaries, and it is pretty darn inspiring (especially when I sit behind a computer at a desk all day…) Check out the blog/instagram she has set up with her sister about their travels.

(photo credit)

ESPN ~ Chris Mosier Breaking Barriers

The only reason I know Chris Mosier is through November Project.  He was one of the speedsters that would push each workout to the max.  Over time I learned his story (podcast here + Buzzfeed Article) and how much of a leader he is for the transgender community.  I cannot do any of his story justice, so I please implore you to read this article.  In his own words, “there are certainly parts of our country that are really struggling with understanding that they should treat all people with dignity and respect.”  Chris has made leaps and bounds to break the barriers and is now a history maker.



November Project NYC Blog ~ “Stuck in a Rut” By Jeanie 

This is the latest post by our newest co-leader who is quite possibly the most badass and groovy of women in our tribe.  Let’s take a step back.  We knew that there had to be a change coming down the pipeline for NP_NYC.  Our leaders, as awesome as they are, needed a female in the mix.  Who would it be?  How would the dynamic change?  Questions galore.  Well, for months I think we all were thinking it – “Damn Jeanie would be amazing.  She is nice to everyone, has amazing charisma, awesome dance moves and is fit and fast AF”.  Turns out it was so spot on it came true.  Catch her first blog post here.

Now moving up to the  present.  Her blog post from Wednesday was about being stuck in a rut.  We’ve all been there.  Heck, there are some days every.single.week that I feel stuck in the muck.  But finding a group to push you outside of that zone, encourage you to shine your true colors and not pretend to be someone else – it’s golden and it’s what we all need.  I’m not saying you need to go to November Project.  I’m just saying, find a group of people who appreciate you for who you are and don’t expect you to change to fit their ideals.  But also a bit of sweat always helps.

*November Project NYC Information Here

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts [and surround yourself with positive people], your life will start to change”

Powering Through the Week

I know, my usual go-to hodge-podge of a post comes on Fridays.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have just enough energy and creativity to wow you with a back to back post.  Throwback to days where I posted 5 or even 7 days a week!  No, the 7 was only when I was abroad, but still.  Goodness knows what I even talked about 🙂  For now, let’s get the day rolling with some good links and facts about life.

In honor of the Masters Tournament starting today, here’s the latest ad staring Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.  Like McIlroy, I grew up watching Tiger.  He’s had upsa nd downs and from what I can see, he has it together.  Let’s see what happens this weekend.  I’m rooting for them both.

 After being involved with November Project for over eight months, I’ve picked up a bad case of FOMO.  I want to be involved in everything and that’s a bit unrealistic.  I love pushing myself and have to realize that sometimes sleep and rest trumps an early alarm clock.  I just barely missed Wednesday’s workout but thank goodness for double alarms and New York City taxis.

If you happen to follow November Project happenings, posts, blogs, and news, you would know that they have partnered with North Face (an epic company in itself and now it’s a beyond epic partnership).   NP members have been attending a number of the North Face Endurance challenges (last year’s summit in Madison) and have made the upcoming September Challenge in Utah, the NP Summit.  Boy oh boy would it be cool to attend.  I already missed the ball on the DC and New York challenge. Utah would be awesome, and so many cool people.  I also want to do a half marathon the weekend or so before with my friend and then have the Staten Island half the month after.  Let’s just say I work to spend money on races.  Let it also be known that I am not the best saver in my family.  That award goes to my sister.  We joke that when I move back, we can live together and she can help me save money 🙂

Speaking of saving.  We need to save water.  That is California needs to save water.  Here’s how races and race administrators are doing their part, but are you?  Buzzfeed featured an article a few weeks ago about the disaster that is starting to occur.  So sad.  So sad.

But, with global warming spring weather around the corner (or HERE!!) we can do much more of the following:

ice cream in hot weather.

Is it weird that I prefer eating ice cream in cold weather?  I don’t like it melting…

Get ready for a ramble.  I’m sure you’ve read how some bloggers go through phases with writing – loving it, hating it, sharing their life stories, and then despising how they feel trapped or obligated to post.  Well I won’t go into that right now but let’s just say my brain feels pretty darn fried right now.  From staring at a computer at work to the TV and computer at home and my phone in between (the latter totally my fault and self-imposed), it feels as though my ability to concentrate has plummeted and my creativity dipped.  What I really need is a full break from technology but I’m not quite sure where that will come from.  The constant desire to be in the know, included in get-togethers, setting up outings, or just making sure your voice is heard (texting, calling, IG, or other social media).  Oh technology.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

Piggybacking on the above concept, it can be tough to stay positive every single moment of the day and week.  That’s normal.  What I try to remind myself is that life is a blessing.  Hear me out – there are so many difficult situations in the world, so many things that people around us are going through.  Never judge a situation and never think that you aren’t loved.  I have to remind myself of this all the time because in a world that is constantly moving at a million miles a minute (ok maybe I’m over-aware because I live in the city that never sleeps), each one of us is valued.

IMG_3073~ feeling wanted works too ~

You may not be a Nobel Prize winner and you may not get a perfect score on your SATs.  Heck, you may never start your own company, but the value you bring to your friends, family, and job/school/activities is totally unique to you and that’s more powerful than anything.  The phrase of the year – “you do you.”

let things happen

Good Online Reads of Late

About time to share some of my favorite articles of late


“20 Resolutions for 20-Somethings” (Sometimes Always Never Blogsome of my favorites below

* Get out of bad relationships & pursue relationships that fill you up – Supposedly when you find your future spouse, you just know.  Well, finding those good friends can feel somewhat the same.  They accept your best (and maybe your not so great) qualities and embrace your quirks.

* Stop hating your body  ~ Just like life, you only have one body so treat it well.  Lots of veggies, protein, and sweet treat every now and then will do the body and soul well.

* Explore your city

* Break free of social media and be present – Facebook, email, and Instagram will be there in a couple hours.  There’s no need to have your nose buried in your phone for all hours of the day.  You may very well ruin relationships by doing this, so beware.

* Keeping Perspective with life – Check out Katie Kempner’s blog — fittingly called Perspectives with Katie — which highlights women’s path to finding balance in life.


“What Deleting  A Person From Social Media Really Means” (Elite Daily) – Just another way of breaking free from bad relationships and living in the moment.  There will be people who come in and out of your lives but that doesn’t mean you have to let them define who you are or who you want to be.


“Work Life Balance is Going to Be Dead” (LinkedIn)

Are you working to live or living to work?  Is there a happy medium?  Oh isn’t that the golden questions my friends.  How much of our lives are based upon what we want to do rather than what we think we should do or what we think others want us to do?

This article discusses the idea of creating a work life balance or rather work life integration.  Like many others, I would love to merge my passions in life with the work I do on a daily basis.  The problem is, how long do I have to wait to do this?  Sure, it may not be my first job out of college, or even my second.  But those jobs have helped me learn key skills and helped expose me to other jobs and opportunities.

There are days where I stay for 9 to 10 hours to finish my work.  There are days where I leave right at 5:30 in order to have dinner with my friends.  I make sure that I have enough social time to keep me motivated and happy, but enough focus at work to make a good impression and gain the respect of my peers and bosses.  If you aren’t happy with your life, don’t complain because you have just as much ability to change it as you do to sit and complain.  Remember, you have just this one life, make it count.


Tuesday Truths – A 2015 First

Truth is that life has been a bit crazy.  I may not nose-deep in homework and I’m not running a family, but there’s a lot of life-pondering right now.  I float between thinking about the future and living in the moment.  I balance my life and my interests against those of society.  I stream through social media to see what’s going on in the world and of course pair it against my own life.  Typical 20-year old right here.


Truth is…I’m studying book after book about fun places to explore in New York City.  I’m looking for ways to give back.  I’m looking for more ways to soak in the east coast charm.

Truth is…I don’t fill my nights with educational documentaries (except one on the Eagles band, which was AWESOME) or long novels, but rather college football (well until next year) and Netflix binges of “Heart of Dixie”.  Slightly obsessed.

IMG_7976Truth is…I miss this guy.  Who wouldn’t?

Truth is…I don’t always like staring at the computer at all at the end of the day.   My type of work requires me to be glued to the screen and sadly that’s where our industry and generations are going.  So I have to thank posts like Nutty About Health’s that remind me to get up and MOVE!

Sit Less, Stand More: Your Health Depends On It

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation

Sitting All Day Is Really, Really Bad For You (Infographic)

Truth is…I miss blogging.  I miss the creative outlet and sharing the sights and sounds of the city.  I find myself dictating posts to myself as I run or walk to the gym.  I stumble upon an article or podcast and am hit with a wave of inspiration.  Now if I could extend the day by a few hours (and pretty much figure out how to become Superwoman)

Truth is…I do love my apartment, roommates, and location in the city.  We have finally decorated our apartment to feel like home away from home.  We usually have shows that we watch together and some nights we even make dinner together.  It’s sort of a different experience from college and is lots of fun.


Truth is…I’m proud of myself for running in 17F this last weekend.  It was my first long run/race in a long while and I felt strong.  Maybe it wasn’t a PR but hey, it was a personal best in such frigid temperatures.  Oh, and while I took a rare selfie with earbuds, my phone died five minutes into the 10k.

IMG_8003Let me introduce the full on dairy, gluten, meat lovers post-race breakfast.  Not to mention 4 or 5 cups of diner coffee. Goes against all diets out there but well worth it. 

Truth is…I think I might start an Etsy account.  I’m working my way I make my own personal photo cards and think it might be a neat outlet.  I’m not looking to make a profit (yet) but it would be a neat outlet and good business experience.

Truth is…life isn’t that bad so get out there and seize the day!


Thoughts for those Mid-20’s

Another round up of random thoughts and bits of advice for those of you in your 20’s and any point of your life


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
– Theodore Seuss Giesel

  • First impressions matter, but never lose sight of who you are.  You will make more friends (the real kind who will do anything for you) with your true personality rather than trying to be someone else.


“29 People on the Hardest Things they Had to Learn In Their 20s” (Thought Catalog)

That feeling that you can do anything in the world.  You can eat what you want, say what you want, and be who you want.  Ok, the last part is true forever, but the first two points will certainly bite you in the rear (literally and figuratively)

  • Humility – Learn what it means to be wrong and make mistakes. Defining what is important to you in terms of friends, work/life balance, work, etc.  The searching is tough and you may feel that you are the only one struggling to figure this out.  Don’t worry, we are all there with you.  Some just have it figured out faster or are excellent at hiding their insecurities.

b45aa44c53ef3ff3bee3e9eecdfd555d (source)

  • Health – I can’t say it enough.  Appreciate your body for what it can do and not what it can’t.  (If only I could listen to my own advice…)  Eat good to feel good ~ make sure to get enough sleep ~ drink plenty of water.
  • Perseverance – Everyone makes mistakes and everyone will fail in life.  If you are normal, it will happen more than once.  Just pick yourself up and keep moving.

(Tips from Arjuna Perkin)



  • Even the worst job you will ever work at has something to teach you – so stop complaining and pay attention” (Thea Pilarczyk)
  • Network, network, network.  You never know who you will meet and where potential opportunities will lead you.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
– Mark Twain

Marveling in the Easter Weekend

The best way to beat the Sunday night blues and even Monday blues is to look back at some good memories, right?  That and then plan ahead for the next fun adventure.

IMG_4033 Spent the weekend with this guy.  Would have looked adorable (and probably annoyed) dressed as a bunny or lamb, don’t you think?

IMG_4036First time eating key lime pie and boy I’m hooked. A nice recovery meal from my hot yoga 😉

IMG_4039 Spring flowers.  Enough Said.

IMG_4015 Got to love me some water ice.  I first tested out the east coast trend when they opened a Rita’s in my home town.  While I wasn’t exactly a fan of the custard at first, I soon found its appeal and couldn’t wait to test out this branch in Jersey.  Black cherry + vanilla custard = mmmmm goodness.

IMG_4649Strangely enough, the lights of the city are kind of welcoming.  The Empire State building acts as a lighthouse, welcoming me, and whoever else calls this concrete island, home.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs