Trending Tuesday – SB & Julia Child Edition

Who doesn’t love Julia Child?  I’m sure at one time or another we’ve been enamored by her creativity, her dedication to cooking, and maybe even her outspokenness.  I’ve watched the movie Julie & Julia a few times and browsed her cookbooks, savoring the recipes and wondering how she created such extravagant affairs.  In time I’d like to test out a few, but don’t really have any occasions to do so just yet.  Maybe once I’m settled in New York and stumble across some foodies.  Maybe when I’m back at home during the holidays.  Who knows? Continue reading

ChoBerry Banana Breakfast Bread

You can never have too much alliteration going on. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and shazaam, we have breakfast, snack, and dessert  for the week!  I swear I could eat it at every meal too. Got to love California and its produce because just looking at all the berries in my fridge makes me yearn for summer.  I had been thinking about making something with bananas since there were four overly ripe ones just sitting on our counter.

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