Life of Late ~ 10.9.15

What’s new in your neck of the woods?  Well, out in the good ‘ol NYC, we’ve had some solid fall weather – perfectly crisp (yes, some humidity in there), making me want to walk around the city or at least Central Park.  I did decide last week to pick up a bib for the Grete’s Gallop 1/2 Marathon in Central Park, but two intense laps of the park isn’t quite nearly as relaxing as a lovely stroll.

IMG_2703^^ Here’s the crew that made it through.  Those two gals on either side of me CRUSHED their race and BOTH qualified for the New York Marathon (meaning they ran sub 1:32ish).  Amazing, right?

I admit that running after having the flu last week probably wasn’t my best idea buuuuut I bought the bib, wanted to have at least one killer Central Park 1/2 under my belt, had told people I was going to run, and well just because.


^^ Thank goodness for my Pandora stations to provide this little tune.  If I could play it on repeat, I certainly would.  There are some races that I try to run sans music, but lately it’s been the only thing to keep my legs moving along.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing myself to run when I don’t want to, but my speedwork could always use a little party tunes.  Also notice that the battery is at 41% at it’s only 9:30am?  Granted I was using Pandora + Strava, so that might part of the problem.

IMG_2739^^ Dad (aka TFred) was in town this week for work and that meant catching up over dinner!  We tested out NYY Steak up by Rockefeller Center and split a delicious meal of steak + salmon combo.  We even splurged on a piece of NY Cheesecake, because when in New York, right?  Magnolia banana pudding would have been another viable option, but we wanted to watch a tad bit more of the wild card game.

kate spade magnolia

Speaking of Magnolias, here’s an announcement: Kate Spade has created a line as an homage to Magnolia Bakery. Because who wouldn’t feel dashing with a clutch that looks like banana pudding?

~ Weekly Link Love ~

Career Girl Daily ~ “6 Easy Habits When Your Work on Your Computer All Day” (strategy for walking – use a bathroom on another floor or set alarms in your calendar for stretch breaks…yes, this may be weird but hey, health is wealth)

Hello Natural ~ “Fight Inflammation with these 9 Foods” (Done, done, done x 3.  As sad as I am to say bye-bye to peanut butter and coffee, I want to see if these methods will help reduce some leg pain. Worth a shot)

Career Daily ~ “7 Hard Truths About Life Nobody Likes to Admit” (#6 – the “right” time doesn’t exist…what are we waiting for then?)

Peanut Butter is My Boyfriend ~ “Are You That Girl?” (One of my friend’s blogs and an excellent perspective on comparison)

My Healthyish Life ~ “Keeping Perspective” (Been taking some things for granted and love how Emily listed this post out)

Full of Life ~ “Accepting Yourself” (Yes, comparison. I’ve been in one of those moods or funks and reading these have brought great perspective.)

Getting’ My Healthy On ~ “30 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

Martha Stewart ~ “20 Signs You Are Totally the Martha Stewart of Your Friends” (I don’t have the chance to have people over often but have been known to bring in baked goods and been able to fix my friends clothes)


^^ Nothing like throwback pictures, especially during the holidays.

Tonight I’m meeting up with some girlfriends from November Project for a full pumpkin-filled-festive dinner.  From pumpkin macaroni and cheese to a broiled butternut squash kale salad, we’ve got fall foods covered.  On Saturday I’m volunteering the last long run for the New York Marathon and handing out water to some of my friends along the route.  Maybe a trip to Chobani SOHO and maybe a little massage treat prior to running Sunday’s Staten Island Half Marathon.

There’s about 40 of us leaving Manhattan (and Brooklyn) for the 1/2 or 5k race and maybe some pumpkin or Oktoberfest festivities afterwards.  One of my goals this year was to run a sub 1:40 half marathon and if I wasn’t able to make it happen in Sweden, I was hoping to do it this weekend.  Well, Sweden was a success and my purposeful training fell by the wayside, so this weekend will be more of a fun jaunt 🙂

Other than that, it’s a whole lot of football and I LOVE IT!  Oh, and shout out to all the peeps running Chicago Marathon Sunday!! We’ve got a few November Project New York folks who are going to just crush it!

What’s on tap for your weekend?

IMG_2675 “To play it safe is not to play.”
– Robert Altman

Rabbit Rabbit…IT’S THE HOLIDAYS!

Something my mom taught us when we were young, was the tradition of saying “Rabbit Rabbit” on the first of every month.  I’m not sure if she meant to ingrain it in our brains or not, but it seemed like a fun habit, one which I continue to this day.  Sometimes I say it to myself and others I text to my sister with a funny bunny emoji.  Sometimes she responds with another emoji (simply because emojis make the day better) and sometimes she just lets me continue my twitter feed through our message chain.

Well, one day I stumbled upon a blog also featuring a title “Rabbit Rabbit”.  Through the glories of blog-hopping, I found these two bloggers (Corley May and Peace and Pizza) doing the same thing!

The great thing about the first of the month is that it’s like a clean slate.  I try to pick out a few goals for each month because you don’t have to wait around until January to make resolutions.  This can be along the lines of being more creative in terms of my meals, not snacking as much, or keeping a better sleep schedule.  However, there are a few other goals I want to set for this month because IT’S THE START OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON 🙂

Kate Spade created a fabulous list of things to do during the month of December, many of which I will be trying out. This will be my first season of living in SNOW, so of course a snowman is necessary, testing out various marshmallow recipes, ice-skating, and so on.


1. trim the tree. add tinsel.
2. put a twinkle in someone’s eye.
3. treat yourself to a new shade of lipstick.
4. sit by a roaring fireplace surrounded by s’mores-in-progress.
5. go ice skating.
6. drink a hot chocolate. (well, more than one.)
7. make your january 1st resolutions. now break them while you have the chance.
8. decide what your favorite champagne cocktail is.
9. spend a rainy or snowy day writing your holiday cards.
10. organize dinner with old friends.
11. fall in love with a party dress.
12. fill your apartment with fresh flowers.
13. get a glitter french manicure—try rose gold glitter polish with black glitter tips.
14. then, get a glitter pedicure.
15. leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
16. make a new playlist of re-mixed holiday tunes.
17. master your mom’s mashed potato recipe.
18. host an arm party: stack on the sparkly bangles for a night out.
19. sneak a kiss under the mistletoe.
20. see the lighting of the christmas tree at the metropolitan museum. (it’s in the medieval wing.)
21. pick this year’s wrapping paper: black and white stripe paper with metallic bows…shades of pink…shade of metallic…
mixed metallics…matte paper with glitter ribbon…
22. try something new. glitter tennis shoes?
23. host a cocktail party and don’t even think about cleaning up till the next day.
24. make time for a little dancing during your pre-party prep.
25. take a stroll (or drive) through your favorite neighborhood after dark and enjoy the twinkling lights.
26. dazzle everyone at the office holiday party.
27. go somewhere you can wear a fabulous masquerade ball mask.
28. take the long way home from a party, just to wear your dress a little bit longer.
29. make a snow angel.
30. open one present early. (it’s totally ok.)
31. dance till dawn.
Many more fun Pinterest ideas to come.  🙂 Thank goodness for Pinterest and all it’s holiday and crafting glory.  How did we used to function? 😉