Life of Late ~ 1.8. 16

Welcome back to the grind!  Who is already sick of winter? Well, I guess it’s tough luck and we have to suck it up and be #weatherproof.  My chilly arrival into JFK on Tuesday morning was not exactly ideal.  Hm, -6F?  Please send me on a plane to Hawaii where I can braid hair, be a dolphin trainer, and somehow start and organization business.  #lifegoals.

But really, speaking of life goals, what are some of your dream jobs?  I’ve been brainstorming and there are so many elements of roles that I would love to do but can’t exactly pinpoint which role or company would be “the dream”.  So until then, we keep calm and carry on.

IMG_4319 ^^ Thought I would recap a little bit since I left you with just a recap of 2015.  NYE was uneventful to say the least – watching college football at home (aka a blowout) and then battling for the remote to watch CNN’s ball drop at 9pm (working on a east coast new year’s time).  Then it was into bed so Meghan and I could wake up and make it to NP_LAX >> the BEST way to start of a new year.

Of course Meghan was crushing it as she ran along with one of the former co-leaders Orrin and another speedy girl (I say speedy because she runs a 3:03 marathon…yep) and I don’t think the girl was all too pleased that Meghan could keep up.


^^ Brunching on New Year’s Day.  A bunch of NP folks were headed to breakfast but Madre and Bodie were waiting back at home to watch the Rose Parade and we couldn’t bail last minute.  So, it was gourmet waffles made by the Megnan and photo by yours truly.  Yes, this might have been filtered but it looks good and tasted even better, so there.

IMG_4335^^ How about that Pasadena Spanish architecture??

I met up with a friend for a yoga class at the Valley Hunt Club and after 90 minutes of semi-torture (I really haven’t been stretching and it showed during class), we continued our outing at Corner Bakery, sitting and catching up for almost two hours!  It’s the absolute best feeling when you may not see friends for awhile but when you meet up, it’s like nothing ever changed.

Young and Rungry ~ “TOL – Body shaming, diets, and you do you” ~ Truth.  Even adore the part of the title >> “You do you”

Well + Good ~ “10 Foods for Happiness” ~ Because who doesn’t want to be happy? (slowly learning to like beets…)

Medium ~ “Stop Rushing Life” ~ Read again and again and again.

AdAge ~ “Super Bowl Top 50 Ad Countdown” ~ With February 7th right around the corner, AdAge took a look at some of the top creatives that have aired.  Boy, there are some brilliant minds out there!

Greatist ~ “Expectation Hangover” ~ Because I sometimes feel like every day has to be the best day ever and I always have to love everything that I do and that I have my dream job.  Spoiler, that’s setting yourself up for disappointment.  Instead, take things in stride and enjoy little accomplishments as well as the big ones.


^^ One last meal before the Whole30 begins…emphasis on as much cheese as possible.  This was a lovely sister trip to Lemonade at the Americana in Glendale before we saw the movie Sisters.  I’d say it was funny but not exactly worth $15.  They definitely used all the funny scenes in the previews.  What we should have done was go and see Star Wars again.


^^ Oh hey! It’s me!  A bunch of us went to intervals in the park prior to the holidays and we managed to make the NYRR homepage.  Anyone care for an autograph? 😉  But really in terms of running, I have a few races this year and while I’d love to set personal records, I am instead throwing out a goal to stay healthy, not get injured, and successfully finish the New York Marathon this November.  Running with my friends at November Project and intervals in Central Park or the track should help with speed, but hopefully this Whole30 trial will provide some assistance and insight into recovery as well.

Well, that’s all for now.  Look like it’s going to be a low key weekend with running (run cheer the NYRR 10K), yoga, food exploration, and Sunday’s warm rain (in the 60’s woohoo!).  Food prep is also a big priority since eating out in the cafeteria (despite being discounted) isn’t exactly budget friendly.


(photo creds to Brian H. from NP)

What’s on tap for your weekend?  Do you usually relax or try to fill up your schedule?

Summer Vacation Love

My oh my oh my. After a complete week off of work, blogging, and most organized exercise, I’m not sure where to begin. Honestly I’m torn between having so much to say and not having anything at all.  There sure are a ton of jokes and stories encountered over the last few days but without sufficient processing, it’ll probably just come out as jibberish so until I find the right moment to share, we’ll leave it at that.

Over the past 10 or so days, I tried to cut myself off from technology and work, which is something I’ve never been able to do before.  It was my own mini-digital-detox and it enabled me to stay focused and fully enjoy vacation.  By any means, it was just the right amount of time with friends and family to keep me sane and also ready to get back to NYC city life.

IMG_5454_Fotor_CollageFriday was spent between appointments, lunch with the family at Lemonade (1 – they do support my blogging but love to make fun of my pictures 😉 and 2 – see my thoughts on the delicious eatery here), and an outdoor country concert! I swear, outdoor concerts are oodles better than indoor concerts.  There really is no comparison, especially when it’s as beautiful as Griffith Park.

Dierks Bently Concert

This time at home also helped me realize a few things about myself.  Like everyone, I’m a work in progress and as countless articles and bloggers and writers have pointed out – growing up is tough.  It’s been over a year since I graduated college and yet I’m still trapped in this confusing world of living on my own, creating my own rules and schedule and then looking back on my hometown, my family, and the life I used to lead.  It’s time to figure out how much I can allow myself to rely on my parents, the familiarity of home, and how much I can accomplish on my own as an adult.


Sometimes I wish I were closer so that I could play golf, watch a sports game, take Bodie for a walk after work, or make dinner with them.  I worry that I’m not making the most of the time in New York or even if what I’m doing makes a difference in the world.  Whatever it may be, I know that my childhood was an influential part of my life but that life is in the past.  I know that if I were at home, I’d probably be isolated (there aren’t many young people in our town) and I definitely wouldn’t have the opportunities as I do in New York. Yet at the same time, it’s human nature to reminisce and consider how the grass might be greener.

Got to love the mixed-up 20’s

101 Things 20 Somethings Realizes in Their 20’s

Things We Obsess Over in Our 20’s

20 Things to Let Go of In Your 20’s

Guide To Saying Awesome in Your 20’s

I really only was at home for a hot second but it truly was a marvelous California trip. From morning runs and hikes with friends to a trip the Getty Villa, catching up with grandparents and extended family and a jaunt up to Mammoth, we did it all.  We even embarked on a 2 day white-water rafting trip down the Tuolumne River, just outside of Yosemite!


We finished off the trip with a visit to Laguna Beach and a full-on family reunion.  I had a blast in the ocean (Pacific > Atlantic for sure) and chatting and joking with my cousins, all of whom are in junior high, high school, or entering college.  Such a strange time to look back on!

Continue on here if you are In the mood for more marvelous in your Monday! 

“Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure.”
– Jack Lemmon

Sunny Birthday Getaway

A quick little getaway always does the mind and body good.  This is especially true when it means heading home to sunny Southern California.

The trip was somewhat impromptu and oh so wonderful.  I forgot how much I enjoy my hometown in the spring, or really just enjoy spring in general.  There wasn’t much time to fit in a run around town but I did get to pick up a Horchata latte from Porto’s with my mom as well as wander one of my favorite grocery stores – Sprouts.

IMG_4735The afternoon was spent by my friend’s pool, taking a way around town, and capped off with a birthday dinner.  Today’s the actual day, so in a sense, it was a nice birthday gift to fly home for some time.  I practically hadn’t seen any family since Christmas, so it was quite overdue.

Dinner was at Roy’s, which is my own little version of Hawaii in Pasadena.  I adore the preparation of the mahi-mahi (macadamia nut crusted of course) and they always know how to welcome you into their ohana.

Roy's Birthday Dinner

From there, it was down to Claremont where I spent the rest of the weekend jogging around town (attempting to be like the track team 😉 … slight fail/definitely would be left in the dust on their runs), soaking up free meals in the dining halls, pondering the purpose of campus parties (or just curious how they expected to manage the heat + day drinking), and then watching my sister and her team race at SCIAACs, their league meet.

IMG_4174_Fotor_CollageExploring the best parts of the Claremont Village…I spy CBTL 🙂



Ok, so I have heard through the grapevine (aka my sister) that a quick dining hall review would be nice. First off, for a girl who went to a school with only one dining hall, having over 5 places to choose from is mindblowing.  The kids can seriously plan their meals based on which dining hall has better variety of granolas or soups or the types of paninis they can get pre-practice or pre-race.

I thoroughly enjoyed Frary, which looks like a mini-Hogwarts dining hall, for breakfast, and one of the Pomona halls for lunch.  Unlike most cafeterias, they served actual Greek yogurt, delicious granola, and endless bowls of fresh fruit.  None of that wilted watermelon sort.  Meghan pointed out that the Ponoma hall has a panini press, which enables one to press any type of sandwich, even a pita sandwich.  Take that Santa Clara Benson.

Claremont 1Funny enough, this is the first time I’ve picked up a New York Times in ages (ever?)  Got to love those liberal arts schools. 

Going back to Meghan’s college, I realized I had a lot of “what if” questions.  What if I considered other schools?  What if I had not been afraid to have a dining hall that was unlimited food?  What if I decided to explore other schools in order to participate in team athletics?  Well, these are all great questions, to which I will never know the answer.  Life is too short to keep ruminating over the past and it’s time to move on.


There happened to be some free time over the two days, something I didn’t really plan for, but made the most out of.  Luckily I had a car to transport myself to and from the meet (thank goodness there was no traffic) and managed to schedule even more time to hang out with my friend Lindsay.

I took her to my favorite joint in Pasadena – Lemonade.  Known for it’s fresh and innovative dishes, Lemonade is one of the budding hotspots in Los Angeles.  It operates somewhat like a cafeteria where customers order from a variety of salad combinations, entrees from the land or the sea, or classic dishes like stew, brisket, and mac & cheese.

IMG_4185Butternut squash salad w/ grapes & brussels sprouts + Arugula w/ strawberries and feta (maybe?) + split brisket/mac & cheese + Guava lemonade (mmmmmmmmm)

A race is never complete without a trip to frozen yogurt.  When Meghan and I ran together back in high school, we would celebrate or socialize post-race with self-serve frozen yogurt.  Those were the days when we really didn’t speak to one another, mainly because I was so competitive and afraid she would beat me.  We’ve moved past that and she has begun to run circles around me, but such is life.  We still like to indulge in our favorite treat of 21 Choices every now and then.

IMG_4198This photo does not do it justice but I swear the Animal Cookies + Almond Roca w/ coconut was scrumptious. If you haven’t experienced a 21 Choices in California, I do declare you go.

IMG_4184And of course we have the aTRACKtive athlete.  It was neat to see her interact with her team and I loved finally being able to meet everyone.  Leaving on Sunday was a bit tough, not to mention about 12 hours of travel ahead of me.  But, it’s good to be back in the city and I’m looking forward to the next adventure.

“We must live as we think, otherwise we shall end up by thinking as we have lived.” – Paul Bourget

My Beverage of Choice

This is not your average lemonade my friends.  A recent discovery by my sister, Meghan, is this fabulous restaurant located in Pasadena, Downtown, MOCA, Beverly, Venice, Brentwood, USC, and soon Westlake Village and Manhattan Beach.  Lemonade is its name and it is known for its daily fresh and unique lemonade flavors, as well as its fresh and gourmet foods.  Continue reading