KQRR – Toomey’s, Mammoth Lakes

I’d like to consider myself a Mammoth “Old-Timer” and I think this is given the fact that our family has been making the trip to Mammoth for years and long before the town even considered building the Village down by Canyon Lodge.  We have our favorite spots, our favorite hikes, ski routes and have most definitely seen the rise and fall of a number of motels, stores, restaurants, and bars. Continue reading

Taking on the Challenge of Altitude

In order to reap the benefit of altitude training, you really need to be in the mountains for a solid month.  While that would be nice, we don’t seem to have the time to make that happen, so I just make myself believe that what exercise we do in such high elevation is making a difference. You will often hear of and see cross country teams spending a week in the mountains, running the streets and trails, soaking their legs in the creeks, and roaming the shops.  Last weekend we were up in the mountains and competed in a 10k. This weekend I decided to sign up for a triathlon.  Per our usual Mammoth trips, we completed various hikes, bikes, and runs. Continue reading

A Race in the Mountains

Not just any ‘ol race, but California’s highest road run. A wonderful thing about the sport of running is that you can compete or participate in races around the state, nation, and world and will be instantly connected with those around you.   I have found it to be a wonderful way to explore the areas you live in or travel in, as well as immerse yourself in each city’s culture.  While I was studying abroad in Barcelona, I made sure to participate in three different races.  Just by putting myself out there, I gained a bit more respect by the locals. Continue reading

Mammoth Getaway

Is there a place where you can escape to and feel completely relaxed?  For our family, this place is Mammoth Lakes.  If you know our family or can understand from some of my stories, we are a very active family and usually are constantly on the move.  I’ve learned over time that a little R&R is necessary and Mammoth is my favorite place to make this happen.  I absolutely ADORE the mountains in the summer its sun, clean and crisp air, beautiful trails and trees, a simply wonderful area to hike, bike, fish, run, or just sit and read a book. Continue reading