Tuesday Truths – A 2015 First

Truth is that life has been a bit crazy.  I may not nose-deep in homework and I’m not running a family, but there’s a lot of life-pondering right now.  I float between thinking about the future and living in the moment.  I balance my life and my interests against those of society.  I stream through social media to see what’s going on in the world and of course pair it against my own life.  Typical 20-year old right here.


Truth is…I’m studying book after book about fun places to explore in New York City.  I’m looking for ways to give back.  I’m looking for more ways to soak in the east coast charm.

Truth is…I don’t fill my nights with educational documentaries (except one on the Eagles band, which was AWESOME) or long novels, but rather college football (well until next year) and Netflix binges of “Heart of Dixie”.  Slightly obsessed.

IMG_7976Truth is…I miss this guy.  Who wouldn’t?

Truth is…I don’t always like staring at the computer at all at the end of the day.   My type of work requires me to be glued to the screen and sadly that’s where our industry and generations are going.  So I have to thank posts like Nutty About Health’s that remind me to get up and MOVE!

Sit Less, Stand More: Your Health Depends On It

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation

Sitting All Day Is Really, Really Bad For You (Infographic)

Truth is…I miss blogging.  I miss the creative outlet and sharing the sights and sounds of the city.  I find myself dictating posts to myself as I run or walk to the gym.  I stumble upon an article or podcast and am hit with a wave of inspiration.  Now if I could extend the day by a few hours (and pretty much figure out how to become Superwoman)

Truth is…I do love my apartment, roommates, and location in the city.  We have finally decorated our apartment to feel like home away from home.  We usually have shows that we watch together and some nights we even make dinner together.  It’s sort of a different experience from college and is lots of fun.


Truth is…I’m proud of myself for running in 17F this last weekend.  It was my first long run/race in a long while and I felt strong.  Maybe it wasn’t a PR but hey, it was a personal best in such frigid temperatures.  Oh, and while I took a rare selfie with earbuds, my phone died five minutes into the 10k.

IMG_8003Let me introduce the full on dairy, gluten, meat lovers post-race breakfast.  Not to mention 4 or 5 cups of diner coffee. Goes against all diets out there but well worth it. 

Truth is…I think I might start an Etsy account.  I’m working my way I make my own personal photo cards and think it might be a neat outlet.  I’m not looking to make a profit (yet) but it would be a neat outlet and good business experience.

Truth is…life isn’t that bad so get out there and seize the day!


2015 Resolutions & Some Favorites

Ah New Years.  Where really to begin? I may have missed the boat on the 2014 recap but it certainly was a year to remember.  From traveling around the country to making it my first year in the city, I really have a lot to be grateful for.   I’m making a little twist on this edition of today’s post – a few favorites and a few resolutions.  Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

>> The Tournament of Roses – Seeing as I grew up right around the Rose Bowl, it was a no brainer to celebrate the New Years with the parade and bowl game.  My dad has been a white suiter (volunteer) for over 20 years and my sister and I both volunteered at the parade as Student Ambassadors when we were seniors in high school.  These days I have the opportunity to create my own traditions, but sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s.

Yesterday, after going for a run along the westside Highline, I worked on finances (good way to start off 2015, right?), made breakfast for the apartment, and then sat down to watch the entire Rose Parade.  Lindsay and I did some ab workouts, picked up snacks for the Rose Bowl game and sat down to watch some football.  I’m already loving 2015.

>> Frozen Frozen Everywhere – I know people are saying “let it go”, but anytime I’m feeling down, I listen to a little bit of Olaf and my day is made.


>> The Well Traveled Wife – I cannot get over how adorable this video and recap that she put together for 2014.  Just browsing these posts inspire me to be happy and travel more.

>> November Project – Slowly but surely I am making friends at NP.   The more I attend, the more faces (and names…hopefully) I start to recognize.  Not to mention, the consistency of working out helps me stay sane at work.


This was the BEST way to end 2014.  A workout with tons of people full of energy (despite the 20F temps)


Definitely loved checking out the LA Tribe and taking my family along.  News flash – my dog is now a tribe member 🙂 My mom took him to the Hollywood Bowl to run the steps.  It might not have been the ideal morning for a 10year old lab but he probably got lots of attention afterwards.  Oh, and he made the Facebook album.  Not bad.

>> Resolutions

  • Confidence – In me, in others, in the future.
  • Move MoreGet my booty up and out of my desk chair more than 2 or 3x a day. It’s scary that I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of working through lunch but this needs to change.  I only have so many years to live in New York, so I need to really soak it up.  I would never want to leave the city and regret not taking those walks through Central Park or breaks with coworkers, all in the name of getting that last e-mail sent out.
  • Budget – 2014 was a trial year.  This year is meant for traveling, friends, family, and fun.  That also means cutting a few spending habits (daily coffees, kombuchas, baking every week for the coworkers – sorry guys, it adds up!) and actually checking my mint.com account more than once a year.


  • Running – I’ve been feeling oodles better since wearing my sexy plantar faciitis boot, but I’m in no place to go race a marathon.  Stretching, strength training, and revamping some of my eating habits will certainly help.  Of course, attending more NP workouts and races will increase my motivation.
  • Be Kind – Need I say More?

maya angelou

  • Test out the Juice Cleanse – Probably only one day.  I’m somewhat serious and somewhat kidding.  Mostly an inside joke with my family.
  • Unplug and Live in the Moment – More and more I see our society drifting into a constant obsession with technology.  Sure, it’s fun to connect, to stay up to date, and document everything but did you know the average person spends 16 hours consuming some type of media?  No wonder our society is so stressed out.
  • Make/Keep Friends who Care



  • Leave Regret & Comparison Behind –  There are only so many days and hours that we are blessed with, so why would use them up on negative activities?  We must also remember that everyone leads different lives and while their lives may seem like sunshine and daisies, everyone has their own pressures.  This year, let’s keep things “glass half full”.
  • Pursue Activities I Enjoy – Maybe it’s a new craft, hobby, or workout class.  Maybe it’s a way to make friends or be social.  Whatever it is, I want it to bring out the best of me and help me stay happy.


~ Let’s make this year the best year yet.  Cheers to 2015 ~

Challenge Yourself

For my last birthday, one of my best friends sent me a 3-month Birchbox subscription.  So it really was the gift that just kept giving 🙂 I was able to select the areas in which I was interested in – perfumes, snacks, hair products, etc. – and they included itty-bitty trial products in each box.  As a part of my last Birchbox, I found a booklet of challenges, which seemed pretty inspiring, so I here I am to share some with you.


1. Write It Down – Keeping a workout log, eating log, or “list for success” can make type A personalities such as myself happy 🙂 It also is a way to recommit to your routine and keep pushing for more!  I usually have 10 random post-its among my planner and iPhone calendar.  Enough to keep me sane, don’t you think?

2. Part Ways – Whether it’s with some bad habits or maybe just changing your hair part, why not try something new?  I took a big leap and had my hair trimmed about three-four inches.  Part Your Hair Differently – Changing the part could help add volume! – Right now my hair is too short for my liking (not that you usually see it down anyways) but maybe changing my part will help make me feel better about it.

3. Eat Veggies For Breakfast – We all know how tough it can be to consume the recommended 2.5 cups of vegetables.  Sure, a salad for breakfast may not be the most appealing, but there are ways around this and will certainly get you pumped up for the day.

avocado toast(source)

~ Green juices (find one with some veggies and maybe an apple for sweetness) ~ Kale/spinach in your smoothies ~ Farmer’s market frittata/omelette ~  avocado atop toast with some arugula/tomato ~

fall outfits (source)

4. Get Out of Your Color Comfort Zone – Did you know women used to have their colors done?  As in find out which color palate worked best for their complexion and hair?  It’s also almost time to bring out the fall weather gear so get excited and maybe re-organize your closet!

~ Adding blue to your weekly wardrobe or makeup (try eyeliner) will help to tone down redness and make the whites of your eyes even brighter ~

5. Sit Smarter – Slouching can zap your energy and your mood – this could lead to muscle fatigue, pain and possibly injury.  No bueno and yes, I’m GUILTY as charged.  My posture is absolutely atrocious and I know this.

– Sit towards the front of your chair with your hips tilted forward
– Plant both feet on the ground, hip-width apart, and toes pointed straight ahead
– Keep your chin parallel to the floor, with your eyes over your shoulders, and shoulders over your hips

6. Skip the Mirror – Yes, from bathroom mirrors to those sneaky windows in stores.  They are everywhere.  A study found that staring at your reflection for up to 10 minutes increases anxiety.  So, try to focus more on how you feel rather than how you look.  And remember, confidence is sexy.

make yourself shine(source)

7. Sleep More – Oh boy, this NEEDS to happen in my life.  Ready for total-body wellbeing?  Add a few more shut-eye hours and it could help turn your day around.  Plus it might help clear up any acne or skin/digestive issues! Fancy that!

~ Try setting your alarm 5 minutes early each week.  If you want to start working out in the morning, test this method here as well! ~
~ Skip caffeine in the afternoon and evenings as it will last in your system for over 12 hours ~
~ Keep your bedroom clear of any bright gadgets and turn the temp to 65-70F~

Sweet Dreams 🙂

8. Take a Cold Shower –  Gradually turning the temp can help with  circulation, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism.  Plus, turning down the temp can help stimulate parts of your brain that are associated with mood.  Just like setting your alarm, test the water gradually.  For an added bonus, taking a cold shower post-sweat can help prevent muscle fatigue and soreness.

*Information based from July’s Birchbox challenge guide

What are some of your challenges?

Odds and Ends of New York

Once again, I’ve been busy so my post comes out half-mangled. Well, here we are again…

So I didn’t make it to Boston and I didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch; two things that I had previously considered doing this past weekend.  However, there was a plethora of other activities I engaged in to fill my time and recuperate from the week.  Along with a few motivational pieces, this should make for a wonderful Monday. Enjoy.


  • I’m in love with the pumpkin body butter created by Trader Joes and sent by my grandparents.  Paired with pumpkin spice candles, we are all set to infuse the apartment with fall goodness.
  • The majority of Saturday was spent exploring lower Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. I wandered by myself and absolutely ok with it.  To change up the thoughts in my head, I plugged in my earbuds and listened to ESPN’s College GameDay.  Something about listening to that type of commentary made it feel like I was at home getting ready to tailgate.  From midtown I made my way down to Washington Square Park, picked up a snack from Chobani SOHO, and walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  I sat in a park while talking on the phone to a college girlfriend, walked into an uber sketchy part of Brooklyn and decided to walk back to the bridge and take the subway home to Union Square.
  • Oh Trader Joe’s.  So there used to be days where I was feeling down or bored and would go wander the local Trader Joe’s.  Yeah, to actually have adequate space is a luxury.  There was even a line to get INTO Trader Joe’s as well as a 30 minute line to check out of Trader Joe’s.  I was not impressed but desperate to do some shopping.  Long gone are the days where I can jump in my car and roam (no really, spend like 20 minutes looking at all the different products) the aisles of TJ’s leisurely.  “Shopping” has turned into a down-right sport or maybe I should say battle.


  • Last week a coworker challenged me to create a healthy dessert.  She is totally into clean eating or eating well and so it’s always fun bouncing ideas of meals off of her.  She also is going to run the New York marathon in a couple of weeks and is the most in shape person I know.  Anyways, I accepted the challenge and experimented with a new brownie recipe, which included cauliflower.  Don’t gag just yet, it’s strangely addicting and may be better after sticking it in the freezer.
  • New York sinks don’t have disposals, which is extremely annoying.  However, this is made up by the fact that we have garbage chutes – closets on each floor where you drop your bags of trash.  So much fun. 🙂


  • I have television commitment issues.  There are a few shows that I watch religiously but other than that, I’m lost. If I’m not super entranced with what is on, even if I selected the movie, I’ll go back and select something else.  In the course of two nights, I started about 6 or 8 movies, only to finish 2 – “As Good As It Gets” and “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”  The later is a documentary about street artists and featuring Banksy, the ever so elusive London street artist.  I had seen it a few years ago but with Banksy doing his daily art projects in the city, I thought it would be neat to watch it again.
  • I love watching sports.  It was sad to see the Dodgers lose, but they had a solid run. I usually I like watching baseball or football in the background, especially when I’m cooking or blogging.  I don’t have to really pay attention to the commentary, but still have some noise in the apartment.


  • A crazy late, but fun, night Friday (90’s music at it’s best) led to a relaxing night in on Saturday. The 90’s themed bar was great because everyone was screaming the lyrics to every song.  I find the concerts and bars where I know the music tends to be  much more fun.
  • Sunday morning runs in Central Park are the highlight of my weekend.  We went for 7 on Sunday and the magic of the city truly comes alive.  Sure you have to jump around the tourists and often have to weave through various other runners and walkers, but it’s such an amazing feeling to be out in the park with crisp fall air, doing something you love.